Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 56

Where’s The Ring

The moment I saw Vincent, I got nervous and thought about. what had happened last night. Soon, I
calmed down and looked at him coldly, waiting for him to speak first.

“Olive, have you eaten yet? I bought you breakfast.” Vincent shook the breakfast bag in his hand, not
mentioning anything about last night.

I saw the name of the cafe printed on the bag, and that wasn’t nearby. The nearest one was under
Emily’s house.

Last night he was called away by the company boss, and this morning he bought breakfast near
Emily’s house. Of course, he probably finished f*cking her and then went to the cafe.

“I’m done eating; you can keep it for yourself.” I forced out a smile.

Vincent kept his face neutral. “Are you going to the lab? I’ll give you a ride,” He said eagerly.

I nodded, closed the door, and walked downstairs with him.

I was a bit surprised when Vincent didn’t say anything about last night, but since he didn’t mention it, I
wouldn’t take the initiative to get myself into trouble.

When I got into the car, he opened the door for me and fastened my seat belt. As he drove, he told me
about his boss playing a drinking game with him. It seemed like he had gotten so drunk last night and
ran straight to Emily’s house.

I didn’t want to care, so I closed my eyes and pretended to


Last night’s sleep wasn’t enough, so I began to drift off. But

just when I was about to fall asleep, Vincent slammed the brakes, and my body lurched forward. If I
hadn’t been wearing a seat belt, I could have flown out of the car.

I looked at Vincent with wide eyes, ready to ask what had happened. But I found him staring angrily at
my hand. It was like he was staring a hole through my hand, and I looked down and found nothing.

Then, “Olive, where’s the diamond ring I gave you?”

I froze. I had completely forgotten about it, and Aaron had thrown it out the g*dda*n window.

I turned my head to look at Vincent, and my mind was racing, looking for a reasonable excuse. “I was
afraid I’d lose it or break it, so I took it off and put it away. When we get married, I’ll take it out and put it
back on.”

“Is that true?” There was doubt in his voice.

“You don’t believe me?” I c*cked my head and sounded a little impatient. In fact, my heart was beating,
but I couldn’t let him see through my lie.

“I believe you! I believe whatever you say.” Vincent

immediately started to panic. “I thought it was because you didn’t like that ring. But honey, wear it when
you get home. Don’t be afraid to lose it or break it. I’ll just buy you a new one.”

I nodded, ending the conversation. I’ll find a suitable time to say I lost the ring in a few days.

It was literally our engagement ring. Aaron threw it out the

window, so there was no way to break the news to Vincent. I couldn’t break up with him without
returning the ring, but I needed to find a way.

I started having a headache when my phone suddenly pinged with a text. I took a look at it and saw
that it was from Aaron.

I glanced at Vincent and found that he was trying to look at my phone screen, but he couldn’t see it
because of the sunlight reflecting on the glass.

“It’s Nick asking why I’m not at the lab yet,” I blurted out, prompting him to focus on the road and refrain
from asking further questions.

Vincent let out an ‘Oh’ and, sure enough, didn’t press the issue any further.

I didn’t know what Aaron’s message said, and I didn’t want to know. When I thought of Aaron, my head
started to hurt even more. I thought I would cut off all contact with him last night, but I couldn’t bring
myself to do it.

But a f*ck buddy was just a f*ck buddy. It wasn’t healthy for anyone, and being caught in the middle of
Aaron and Vincent made me feel so unbelievably tired. Maybe I needed time to calm my thoughts and
plan for the future.

Olive, what the hell is wrong with you?

I felt terrified when I realized how s*upid I was. So, for the next few days, I locked myself in the lab. I
changed the status of all my social media pages to ‘Do Not Disturb’ and let Aaron and Vincent know
that I was busy.


My life got quiet again.

No parties, no alcohol, no drama. I even forgot to wash my face one day when I rushed to the lab.

This is why I became a neuroscientist.

This is what I wanted to do.

When I got back home, I felt unreasonably uncomfortable. So,

I checked my messages and found no new texts.

No message from Aaron.

I knew that I couldn’t blame Aaron. After all, I turned him down when he asked me out a few days ago.
That day, I had forgotten to eat lunch so I tried to call the nearest pizza place when I saw Aaron’s
message pop up.

My brain was still debating whether to click on it or just delete the conversation, but my fingers had
already pressed it.

Amorris: Let’s meet up. I miss you.

Amorris: I’m in front of your lab.

I can’t deny that my heart leaped when I saw his text, but then I berated myself for reacting like that.
What I was doing was wrong, and I needed to cut ties.

I stared at his message for a long time, but I finally mustered up the courage to tell him to stop
contacting me. The message was sent within ten seconds, and his phone call came. Of course, I didn’t
hesitate to end the call. But then he sent another message.

Amorris: You’re the most insensitive woman I’ve ever met.

itsOlive: Thanks, i’ll take that as a compliment

Amorris: You’ll regret this.

No, I wouldn’t.

I forced myself to block him.

It was clear that this was what I wanted, but I still felt empty inside.

It was just withdrawal. I was too dependent on him and it was just the brain releasing hormones. I’ll get
over it in three to six months.

I was a neuroscientist. I knew how the brain functions.

It was just a matter of enduring those three to six months. Then, my brain would forget about that man
and start a whole new relationship.

I was fully committed to my work. But there was more drama.

One day, as I was writing my lab report, Nick suddenly came up to me with a surprised look on his face.

“Olive, you’re getting married! Congratulations!”

“What?” I was so surprised that I almost jumped up.

“Your test tube! Don’t pour it in there!” Nick yelled, his screams sounding like a chicken caught in a

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