Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 60

I Need To Get In Line Now?

I quickly averted my eyes and walked back down the hall to wait for him in his office.

It wasn’t until a while later that my heart finally calmed-l attributed my excitement to the embarrassment
of being caught staring at him. Not because I was attracted to him, in that moment.

I knew he was everyone’s Prince Charming, but the way he looked with his plain shirt and unkempt hair
was much more enchanting than when he’d show up to the club all dressed


Another half hour passed in the office, and Aaron still wasn’t back. Eventually, I started to drift off.

Aaron seems very focused on creating a comfortable environment for his staff, and besides, he was a
generous boss. Each office had a soft couch, lavender-scented air fresheners, and large floor-to-ceiling
windows that let in generous amounts of sunlight. It was far better than the working conditions in my

Maybe I could do something rather than stand here st*pidly and waited him as if I was his girlfriend.
Run away, Olive. It’s too dangerous.

As I lay on the sofa, I forgot my research materials waiting to be read immediately, instead, I started to
get drowsy as I basked in the sun. Since I was so busy with my research lately, Thadn’t been getting
enough sleep. I couldn’t remember the

last time I relaxed… I fell asleep without realizing it!

When I woke up, I smelled the familiar scent of amber.

“Aaron…” I moaned unconsciously.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself covered in a suit jacket. Aaron’s jacket.

How did that get there?

Still unconscious, I heard Aaron’s voice behind me. “Awake?”

With raised eyebrows, Aaron sat in his office chair with a thick book in his hand. I took a quick glimpse
of it–G*d! Why he was reading some neuroscience? What the hell? Am I woke up in another world that
Aaron was not a billionaire but a


I hurriedly got up and looked at the time. I’d been asleep for another half hour. Oh my g*d, it’s so

“Aaron? When did your meeting end?” And why did you read


“Twenty minutes ago.”

Twenty minutes ago? So he spent the last few minutes quietly waiting for me to wake up?! The more I
thought about it, the more miserable I felt.Oh god, I must be the worst, the most unprofessional
researcher who fell asleep in sponsor’s sofa.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

He shrugged. “You looked like you needed sleep. When was the last time you got some rest?”

“I’ve been working on more experimental research, and it’s kept me up for a few days. Luckily, it was
actually worth something. We made new progress-Julian should’ve told you

about it-and I’m here with the report.” I quickly steered the conversation to business. That was the
reason I was here, after all.

I took out the copy of the information I had prepared and placed it on the desk in front of Aaron, then I
began to explain our findings.

Aaron listened thoughtfully as he looked through the paperwork.

I thought he’d quickly lose patience since most of the report was numerical data. It wasn’t exactly
layman-friendly, yet Aaron followed along and even asked questions here and there.

His questions were so professional that I began to wonder if he spent his undergraduate years studying
biology instead of computer science. Or I have just traveled to another universe where Aaron was a
neuroscientist during my nap.

This man was difficult to figure out. It was like he was a chameleon, and I couldn’t tell which one of his
faces was the real one.

When I was finished with the presentation, Aaron nodded.

“Good work,” he said.

I waited for him to say something else. He acted very professionally, so I thought he’d offer advice or
suggest the next step for our research.

I ended up waiting longer than I thought.

“Did you expect me to say something else?”

“No.” I shook my head.

He patted my head and smiled. “Good girl.”

“I… Alright.”


“No, not at all.” I denied it immediately, but my true thoughts followed shortly afterward. “I… I just
thought you might know what direction we should go next, or how we can apply our discovery. You
know, since you seem like you know a lot about the subject.”

“I’m not almighty.” He shrugged: “To be honest, I only understood half of what you said.”

“But you looked so engaged…” I was surprised.

“Well, I spent the other half of the presentation staring at you.” His tone was casual as if he was
commenting on the weather. “Nothing can distract me from you.”

Oh, hell no.

That was definitely a flirt, and it left me blushing.

“Mr. Morris, we really should focus on work.” I turned away to avoid his ocean-blue eyes.

“Okay.” He smirked. “Let’s talk about what you said in the lobby this morning. Daisy told me that you
said I have to get in line if I wanna see you?”

That was the most embarrassing thing he could have said.

“I… I just…” I stammered, struggling to find an excuse.

“So, Miss Woods, might I ask where I am on that list? How long until I’m at the front?”

Aaron smiled at me and leaned in. His deep blue eyes looked straight at me. They were like whirlpools
in the open sea that pulled my entire being into them.

My heart started pounding.

That was just because he suddenly moved in. I was startled, nothing more.


I pointedly ignored the tiny waves in my heart and reassured myself that these were the sweet nothings
of a p*ayboy. I couldn’t tell what made him say something like that. All I knew was that if I took him
seriously, that would make me the biggest idiot.

So I smirked back and said, “Just wait. I’ll let you know when it’s your turn.”

Then I put away the file and added, “That concludes my report. If you have no other comments or
concerns, then I’ll be off now.”

I had to get out of here.

This man was too dangerous. No matter what he said, I couldn’t let myself fall for it. The best way to
resist was to stay away.

I counted my steps as I turned and left.




Just as I was about to push the door open, Aaron spoke up.

“Do you like the sofa?”

What? Why would he bring that up?

Yes?” I answered warily. “That one’s really nice.”

“Do you want one for your lab?” He whispered devilishly.

I couldn’t help but think of those heavenly c*shions. It was like sleeping on a cloud. If I had one of those
in my lab, I could…

I thought of the countless days and nights I spent going without sleep.

“What do you want from me?” I turned back to face him.

“Nothing much.” He grinned.

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