Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 65

Are You In Love With Me?

I ignored Aaron’s text message about wanting to

see me.

I couldn’t imagine the audacity he had to want to see me again. And after noticing that I wasn’t
responding to his messages at all, he started calling.

I blocked him. On everything. Phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

I never wanted to see that man ever again.

I quit. I didn’t want to play this game anymore.

Aaron’s promised sofa arrived and I simply made the lab my home.

Men have hurt me, men have cheated on me, but science would never lay a finger on me.

One day at noon, Nick kicked me out of the lab to help him ‘buy a cup of coffee!

“Why don’t you get your boyfriend to run errands?” I asked him while taking off my lab coat and
heading out the door.

To my surprise, a bouquet of bright red roses suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, blocking my view.

I froze when a familiar voice came from behind the bouquet. “Do you like them?”

The bouquet slowly descended to reveal Vincent’s face as he

smiled at me. I tried to force a smile, but inside I felt like he was a complete stranger.

I forgot how long it’s been since I’ve seen him.

“Vincent, how did you-” I tried to ask him why he was here, but he suddenly leaned forward and kissed
me passionately on the lips. It was like he was trying to say how much he missed me.

Just as I was about to push him away, he enveloped me in his arms again.

“Olive, I’ve been thinking about you every day. Did you miss


“Well….” I trailed off with my chin resting on his shoulder and my eyes suddenly widened. I was
suddenly distracted because I saw Aaron.

Aaron was wearing a black pullover and ripped jeans. He was wearing that outfit the first time I went to
his house to meet him. He was so handsome that I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster. He was
standing under the big tree across the street, silently looking in my direction. I kissed Vincent and he
saw it all.

Because of the distance, I couldn’t see his expression. But I saw him hang his head and look a little bit
lonely. At that moment, I felt like I had been stabbed in the chest.

Maybe I was seeing things. How could he look so depressed? He was a playboy who was always on
the prowl in nightclubs.

I didn’t know what Vincent whispered in my ear because I

kept looking at Aaron. It was as if he was waiting. Waiting for me to push Vincent away and run toward

Of course, my sanity was still intact, and I knew I couldn’t.

“Olive? Are you listening to me?” Vincent, suddenly let go and stared into my eyes inquisitively.

Looking at him calmly, I drew my eyes away and said, “Hmm?” What’s wrong? Say it again, I didn’t
hear you.”

“I asked what you wanted to eat tonight?”

“You choose for me,” I said casually. Now that I didn’t have the heart to eat, it didn’t matter what I ate.

“Okay, let’s get in the car. It’s too cold outside.”

Vincent held the flowers in one hand and took my hand in the other and walked towards the parking lot.
I glanced in the direction of the big tree. Aaron was gone.

I looked around and didn’t see him anywhere.

During dinner, I was distracted by the image of Aaron’s lonely figure standing under the tree. But
Vincent didn’t notice because his phone kept ringing.

I guess it was Emily who sent him something because he always sneaks a look at me and then
messages back like he’s trying not to get caught.

Imagine a teacher standing at the podium, watching the students below cheat on the exam. I was the
teacher in this situation right now.

I was used to Vincent doing this, though. After dinner, Vincent stammered about taking me home first
and then going to have a little get-together with his friends.

I tried so hard not to roll my eyes at his poor acting skills, but I didn’t stop him.

“I’ll take a taxi back on my own. You shouldn’t leave your friends hanging.”

Vincent kissed me and left immediately, finally leaving me alone to relax.

When I came out of the restaurant, the cold wind hit me and I wrapped my jacket tightly around my
shoulders. I suddenly regretted sending Vincent away. I should’ve asked Vincent to take me home first,
but it was too late now.

All I could do was walk along the curb in an attempt to get to a location where I could easily get a taxi.

As I walked, a car suddenly caught up with me and drove slowly beside me. I turned my head in
surprise and the car window rolled down, revealing Aaron’s handsome face.

He was back to his p*ayboy self, one hand on the window, one hand on the steering wheel, and a smirk
on his face.

“He left you behind again? If I’d known, you should’ve come with me. At least I wouldn’t have left you

I was speechless at his teasing and didn’t really want to pay attention to him, so I sulked and continued
to walk forward.

Yet, Aaron still drove next to me. “How long do you plan to walk?”

I ignored him and continued on my way. The cold wind hurt my cheeks, and I rubbed my face with my
hands and I started to shiver. Aaron suddenly stopped the car and gave me an expectant look.

“Get in the car,” He sighed. “Do you really want to have your picture all over the news again?”

“You’re an a*s,” I replied.

The last time I was photographed, Molly posted that picture

to admit that it was her who had dinner with Aaron.

Aaron smiled.

“Get in the car, I don’t want to have to find Molly again.”

“How did you get her to admit it was her?”

“Get in the car and I’ll tell you.”

I weighed my options and opened the passenger door and got in. The car smelled of amber and it was

“Okay, tell me.”

“Well, quite easy actually. Molly’s father is preparing to run for Congress, and it would be very beneficial
for her father’s election to get involved with me, the second son of a well- known company.”

“So don’t worry about it, Olive. We’re just taking what we can get.”

I was speechless. He started the car and drove on the highway. I looked out the window and another

popped up.

“How did you get here?”

“Would you believe me if I said it was a coincidence?”

“No,” I said without hesitation. Only a d*mba*s would believe


Aaron laughed softly. “I was just waiting for you.”

I froze and wanted to ask him why he was waiting for me. Aaron knew I was with Vincent, so why
would he wait for me?

I stared hard at the side of Aaron’s face, trying to see through him and waiting for him to come forward
with the truth.

I didn’t expect Aaron to look at me, his signature smirk hanging from the corner of his mouth. “If you
keep staring, I might think you’re in love with me.”

I rolled my eyes, “Then you’re overthinking. I couldn’t possibly love you.”

After saying that, I saw the smile on his face disappear. But before I could see it, he twisted his head
and gave me a sad look, with a hurt look in his eyes.

“Olive, you really know how to stab me in the heart.”

As I looked into his eyes, my heart stopped, and then it started to pound. I hurriedly averted my gaze.

“Don’t look at me like that. I thought you were in love with me too. But your acting skills are great. You’ll
win an Oscar for sure.”

I said this because I understood that he was looking at my face and missing the person he had a crush
on years ago.

Aaron froze for a second, then let out a low laugh and said nothing more. I didn’t initiate another
conversation and kept looking out the car window in silence.

Then I noticed what was wrong.

“Aaron, this isn’t the way back to my house.”

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