Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 75

See Your Friends

Vincent? What was he doing here? Had he come to pick me up?

I looked through my phone, only to find no messages from Vincent at all.

Had he come to check in on me, with no warning?

“Vincent’s getting out of his car and heading over here. If you don’t hide, you’ll have to confront him.”
Aaron raised his eyebrows at me. He didn’t look distressed at all; in fact, he looked excited to watch the

I rolled my eyes at him. I’d been planning for so long to get back at Vincent for cheating on me, but if he
caught me with Aaron, I knew he’d try to play the victim.

I caught a glimpse of someone approaching, and it was too late for me to get out of the car. I hesitated
for only a split second before I crouched down and folded my entire body into the space beneath the
passenger seat.

I was fortunate that Aaron was driving his SUV today, since it was s*acious enough for a grown woman
like me to hide in. If he’d been driving the convertible, I would have had to pray that Vincent was
severely nearsighted.

I heard Aaron let out a soft laugh above my head. Hearing him laughing at me, I realized how ridiculous
I was acting. Had that ice cream really turned me into a kid again? I glared daggers at Aaron, silently
ordering him to stop laughing.

Immediately something soft swept over my head, cloaking me

in darkness, and I smelled the faint scent of amber. I knew it must be his suit jacket. The fabric covered
me completely, and I felt a wave of relief. I was glad the light in the parking lot. was dim. Without a
flashlight, it would be impossible for anyone outside of the car to see me hiding beneath the passenger

A few seconds later, there was a knock at the car window, and Aaron rolled the window down. Vincent
peered around the interior of the car, then gave a phony smile. “Aaron, what are you doing here? Didn’t
I see you in this neighborhood last night, too?”

“Oh, I’m just here to pick up my girlfriend.”

I heard everything clearly from my hiding place, and my heart s*ipped a beat at Aaron’s boldness.

Vincent frowned thoughtfully. “You’re picking up Molly? But- Molly doesn’t live in this area, does she?”

“Who said Molly was my girlfriend?” Aaron retorted.

Vincent was stunned into silence for a moment, then quickly came to his senses. He said with a smile,
“Well, whoever your girlfriend is, I’m sure she’s lucky to have you. Bring her along to a party sometime,
so we can all meet her.”

“Oh, trust me, I’ll be sure to do that.” Aaron’s confident promise caught Vincent off guard.

From my hiding spot, I heard Vincent ask hesitantly, “Are you serious? I never thought a player like you
would settle down with just one girl.”

“Well, when you meet the right person, it’s like you can’t even look at anyone else. Isn’t that right,

I clutched Aaron’s coat with both hands. His words stung me, a series of small pinpricks like thorns
under my skin. The right person? I thought I’d met the right person, but now it all seemed like a big

fantasy, an impossible dream that would never come true.

“Ha, well, congratulations to you then,” Vincent drawled. “When you bring your girlfriend around for
everyone to meet, I’ll bring Olive, too. Maybe we can have dinner together or something.”

“Are you taking Olive or Emily?”

“Olive, of course! Emily’s just for fun, it’s not serious.”

“Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, though. Your neck is pretty scratched up.”

“Yeah, she’s a little wildcat, all right. She loves to scratch.”

I couldn’t believe the bragging tone in Vincent’s voice. What was he doing, boasting about cheating on
me? Did he think it was something to be proud of?

As I hid under the car seat, I felt my cheeks heating up with rage. I wished I could jump out and punch
Vincent right in the


After he left, Aaron patted my head through the coat. “He’s gone now, you can come out.”

I immediately lifted the suit jacket and crawled out from under the seat, taking a few deep breaths to try
to calm down.

“Vincent already went upstairs. You…” Aaron paused for a moment, his eyes sweeping over me
analytically. “Do you still want to go home?”

Go home? Home to what? Just to see the marks Emily left on


“No, I can’t go back. Take me to…”

My mind started spinning, and I realized I didn’t have many options. My life seemed to revolve around
the lab and Vincent in equal parts. But I couldn’t go to the lab right now, that would be too pathetic.

“Take me to Cinder’s.”

I’d been about to suggest he take me to a random hotel, but just in time, I remembered my friend

“Are you sure?” Aaron put his hands on the steering wheel and asked me with a smirk, “Are you sure
you want me…” He pointed to himself, “…A strange man, to drive you to your friend’s house?”

He was reminding me that we were only f*ck buddies, and Vincent was my real boyfriend. In a secret
relationship like ours, it was probably best to avoid each other’s social circles.

“Forget it, if you don’t want to.” I opened the car door and started to get out. Of course Aaron wouldn’t
want to meet my friends. After all, we were nothing serious. “I’ll just take a cab.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Aaron reached over and grabbed my hand, holding me firmly in my seat. “I’m glad
you’re willing to let me meet your friend.”

I looked into Aaron’s sparkling blue eyes and swallowed the words Cinder already knew about us

Whatever, I might as well make him happy.

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