Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 79

Baby, Your Panties Are Soaking Wet

I was stunned as I looked at his expression, and I felt as if he wasn’t being serious.

“No, I’m not interested,” I replied coldly. But inwardly, I was panicking. Aaron’s offer was insane, and I
was that close to accepting it. But with what was left of my sanity, I held back. I can’t trust the words of
a p*ayboy.

Silence fell over the car. I asked him where he was taking me as I looked at the roadside.

Aaron smirked. “Why don’t you guess?”

I licked my dry lips, not bothered about where we were heading. I’d made plans to go to Aaron’s house
the moment I met up with him anyway.

Eventually, his car pulled up to his house. I wasn’t surprised.

Aaron led me upstairs, but I almost tripped over myself, so he pressed my whole body against him:

Once we were inside, he pinned me against the wall and tipped my chin up with his hand. “Darling,
you’re so stunning right now. If any man saw you, they wouldn’t dare let you go. So, I can’t send you
home tonight.”

“That’s a load of c*ap.”

I gave him a blank look, took off my jacket, and grabbed his shirt collar to kiss him. Aaron kissed me
back, his hands restlessly reaching into my shirt and kneading my breasts. Moans spilled out of my
mouth, and they did nothing but give him more stimulation.

He grabbed my breasts and sucked my neck until I was weak

and could only hang on to him. He was so hot and breathless that I couldn’t help but moan again. But
he let me go with a gasp and buried his face in my neck.

“I want to f*ck you so badly.”

I wove my fingers through his brown curls. “Really? When else are you planning to f*ck me?”

He smiled and cupped my cheeks. “For the rest of your life.”

My heart stuttered. What did he mean?

Aaron didn’t give me a chance to think as he slapped my a*s. I felt his large, warm hand skimming over
my waist and his long, slender fingers placing themselves between my legs.

Then I heard him chuckle softly in my ear, “Baby, your panties are soaking wet.”

I bit my lower lip in shame. My body was so sensitive when it came to Aaron, but it was beyond my

Aaron teased me as he removed my clothes, picked me up, and threw me onto the bed. He pressed
against me, his warm chest pressing against my breasts.

I lowered my head in ecstasy, watching him lick my nipple. With each lick, he locked eyes with me, and
an indescribable pleasure grew in me that I could hardly contain.

He kissed me passionately without any rules, one moment on my breasts, the next on my belly. Then
he moved up to kiss my lips, then trailed his mouth over my jaw. I couldn’t tell where his lips would be
next, and the excitement made heat pool within my core.

He took off his underwear, and his c*ck popped free of its restraints just between my legs, hard as

I gasped as he grabbed my wrists and put my arms over my head. The fire of desire in his eyes nearly
burned me to the ground.

“Relax,” he coaxed. “Don’t try to resist.”

His hard d*ck squeezed and stretched my p*ssy so hard that I arched like a prawn at the pain. Aaron
tried to hide his amusement, but I glared at him.

“That hurts.”

I clenched my legs together, every cell in my body aching for him. I felt the strong contractions of my
p*ssy pushing him in and out, and sweat started to bead on my forehead.

He withdrew his c*ck a little, that second of friction and pleasure making him groan. He buried his face
in my chest, and he gently licked my skin. My sensitive body shuddered, and he sensed it.


“Shh, baby.”

He started to lick my entire upper body, and all my attention was focused on the feel of his tongue on
my nipples and breasts. My legs slackened, and he covered my mouth with his hand and thrust inside

My eyes widened, and I melted into his touch.

His hips rose and fell as he felt the tightness of my p*ssy.

Aaron let out a low growl and thrust inside me again and again. He was so big that I could feel pleasure
and pain all at


I pushed his hand away and dug my nails into his shoulders. “You’re an a*shole. That hurts!” I seethed
at him.

He was stunned at my exclamation, but all he did was smile.

“Is the little baby satisfied? I know you like it.”

I was so disoriented at the pleasure. But I bit my lip as he pounded me with everything he had. I felt his
legs shake as he tried to contain himself, but I arched my back and felt him rock back and forth, his
rock-s*lid d*ck grinding against my G-spot.

My moans intermixed with his low growls. I felt my body soften under his touch, and I surrendered to
my desire, falling into his world of pleasure.

Aaron’s hands wrapped around the back of my neck, and he kissed me hard on the lips. Then, he
pressed his naked chest against me, and I could feel his strong heartbeat. At that moment, I was
deluded into thinking that his heart was beating just for me.

Aaron switched positions, and he held my a*s to help me onto his c*ck, his voice husky.

“Sit on me.”

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