Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 93

Never Have I Ever

“Who’s there?” Vincent asked nervously. Obviously, he didn’t want this fiasco to be seen by a fourth

Immediately, Vincent glanced at me suspiciously. “Didn’t you just come out of there? What’s going on?
Why were you with…”

“Aaron?!” Vincent stared in disbelief, then he turned to me angrily. “Why is Aaron here? What the f*ck
were you doing with him?!”

“I…” I hurried to come up with an excuse to explain myself. Even though I was ready to break up, I
didn’t want to be the one singled out for cheating. I couldn’t have Vincent slander me to the rest of the
world. Imagine if he went around saying we broke up just because I slept with Aaron!

Aaron stepped forward and pushed Vincent away from me. “Why don’t you ask me yourself?”

Vincent’s eyes turned red and he clenched his fists. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Aaron raised his eyebrows and glanced at me, then he put one hand in his pocket and shrugged. “I
was just passing by.”

His answer only made Vincent more irritated. His knuckles turned white, and I was worried that he’d
throw a punch, but Aaron just looked at Vincent with a smile. It was like he was sure that Vincent
wouldn’t do it.

“I was!” Aaron smiled mockingly. “You think I came to eavesdrop on your soap opera on purpose? I
don’t care why Emily’s behind the curtain.”

Then he looked at me coldly and continued, “I am interested in your uncle hunting crocodiles in Burma.
You’re going to Vincent’s reunion for Christmas, Olive?”

I felt guilty. The last time Aaron and I spoke, I rejected his Christmas invitation. What I said about
Vincent’s party just now was just a joke, but Aaron didn’t know that… He thought I chose Vincent over

Vincent was livid. Aaron’s snide comment implied he’d heard everything since then! Vincent stepped
forward and grabbed Aaron by the collar.

“I was talking about the bathroom! You were in there with Olive just now! What were you doing?!”

Aaron brushed Vincent’s hand off and glanced at me.

“The same thing you were doing out here with Emily.” His blue eyes narrowed at Vincent, and his body
language became domineering. “Are you satisfied with that answer?”

“You…” Vincent’s face contorted with anger, and he raised his fist at Aaron as if he was actually going
to hit him. “Say that again! I dare you!”

I nearly fainted because of my hyperventilating. I couldn’t tell if I was stressed because of what Aaron
said, or because Vincent almost hurt him.

But Aaron didn’t flinch at all. In fact, he tilted his face slightly to give Vincent a better angle.

“Go ahead. Hit me.”

“You f*cking-! You think I won’t?!” Vincent snarled, but he dropped his hand.

Aaron stood up straighter and fixed his collar. Either he didn’t care about Vincent hitting him, or he
knew he wouldn’t really do it.


Vincent slammed his fist into the window frame with a scoff.

Then he turned and left.

“You’re walking away from the only chance you’ll ever get to hit me. Sure you wanna waste it?” Aaron
called after him.

I wanted to slap my hand over his mouth. Did he want to be punched that badly?

And why was he willing to let Vincent treat him like this? He wasn’t a pushover. In fact, he was in great
shape! I knew his toned muscles weren’t just for show. He had power behind them.

I’ve seen him practice muay thai. His muscles move like gears in a well-oiled machine, full of
synchronized power. G*d, and when that body was on top of mine…

“Hmph-” Vincent angrily kicked over a trash can as he walked by, but he didn’t look back. He simply
picked up the pace and left.

Did he just left?

Though I was happy Aaron did not get hurt, I could not lie to myself that what Vincent had done was

He was a coward! A weak man who did not dare to defend his girl.

“Wait for me!” Emily chased after him after giving me and Aaron one final glance.

“You…” I trailed off as I looked up at Aaron. There were millions of words in my mind, but I couldn’t say
a single one.

This was happening too fast. I never imagined things would turn out this way, and I was totally

I have been troubled with the whole thing for such a long time. And now, everything’s gone?

Is that all?

I have to say that’s really beyond my plan.

As a scientist, I am used to plan everything well. But now, Aaron just messed up with all my plans and
made everything lose control.

Yet, I found myself could not mad at him.

“Let’s go. The party’s starting soon. Let’s just have fun.” Aaron straightened out his clothes and pulled
me out of the hallway.

In the club’s main area, the DJ was yelling over the ear- piercing music. The smells of cigarettes,
marijuana, and vape pens floated through the air.

I involuntarily took a step back, trying to hide in the calm hallway, but I crashed into Aaron’s arms.

“What’s wrong?” He hugged me and lowered his head onto

my shoulder.

With him beside me, I immediately calmed down.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said to him. “I don’t want to celebrate with a bunch of strangers. I just want to
be with you.”

I only came here to break up with Vincent and tell Aaron how I felt. Now that I’ve accomplished both
those things, I didn’t need to waste any more time here.

I felt the vibrations of Aaron’s laughter.

What was he laughing at? Was I being too forward? Too naive? Did he not take me seriously?

“Alright, princess.” Aaron took my hand. “Let’s go.”

In the next moment, a dazzling spotlight shone on the two of us, and I felt like a criminal who was just
caught on camera.

“Up next! Here’s the lucky couple who’s been chosen to play our surprise game: Never Have I Ever!”

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