Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 98

Exposing Vincent


No one expected that, especially not Emily. She looked up, shocked that he’d chosen her.

Vincent stood up and slammed his hand on the table again. “No!”

“What’s the problem?” Aaron asked coldly. “Who is Emily to you?”

“I… She’s… She was my classmate back in university.” Vincent frowned and started to sweat.

“Oh, so she’s a schoolgirl. I’m sure you had fun being her senior.”

Jack made a gagging noise.

“Look,” Vincent tried to explain himself. “I invited her to this party, so I’m responsible for her.”

“She’s an adult woman,” Jack shot back. “Shouldn’t you be more worried about your fiancé?”

“Why, you-” Vincent balled his hands into fists.

His immature behavior made me feel embarrassed to be called his fiance in front of everyone.

The women around me offered both words of sympathy and snide remarks, which made me felt as if
naked sitting in this room. And when they finally quieted down, the second round of the game began.

Since Aaron lost the last game, he got to start things off.

“Never have I ever… messed around with my cousin.”

D*mn. Which unlucky person was about to be publicly shamed? I was almost forgot my wired situation
and laughed out loudly.

Did he do that to amuse me?

No one put their finger down, and when Aaron glanced around the room, he cleared his throat and
added, “I knew a cousin, whose name is Losian. In my third year of high


Losian? How did I know that name…?

Then Vincent nervously put down one finger, and my smile faded.

Did he really mess up with his cousin? That cousin named


G*d! Did I really date such a p*rvert? Oh my g*d. Now I no longer care about other’s people now, I
myself felt disgusting.

Now it was my turn. I didn’t know what to say, but after thinking for a long time, I closed my eyes and
said, “Never have I ever cheated on… an…

“Exam.” I bit my lip, stopping myself from saying what I really wanted to say.

“Aw, what?!” The other players complained as most of them put a finger down, but when I looked
around, I was surprised to see that Aaron wasn’t one of them. He’d never cheated on a test?

Next was a man with black hair. He gave Aaron a knowing nod and said, “Never have I ever slept with
a woman after seeing her once at the gym.”

Again, Vincent put a finger down.

Aaron was gunning for Vincent this round.

By now, everyone seemed to have caught on to Aaron’s plan, and each turn made Vincent’s face turn
even redder.

“Never have I ever passed a class by sleeping with the TA.”

“Never have I ever been in a relationship with two women at the same time.”

“Never have I ever peeked on girls in the shower.”

Every time, he put a finger down, and I was finding myself becoming more and more disgusted with
him. If it wasn’t for this st*pid game, I never would’ve known how awful he was! I felt dizzy just thinking
about it.

How bad was I at reading people?

On top of that, everyone saw me as the pathetic girl who was engaged to this man!

Finally, it was Aaron’s turn again. “So I get the final nail in the coffin,” he mused.

“No!” Vincent shook his head and slapped the table. “This is going too far!”

“I don’t know… How about everyone else? Do you guys wanna stop here?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“I quit. I’m done.” Vincent pushed away from the table and got up to leave.

“Aw, don’t be like that. I accepted my punishment, didn’t I? Are you a coward or are you Vincent
Raymond?” Aaron raised an eyebrow, and the room went silent. Everyone knew the weight of those

Vincent’s face turned from an enraged red to an anxious pale, and he sat back down helplessly.

“Good,” Aaron smiled. “Never have I ever slept with two of the women at this party.”

No one could’ve imagined that Aaron would cross that line. Given his reputation as a pl*yboy, everyone
assumed that he would’ve been the one to put a finger down this time. If you chose ten famous
actresses at random, Aaron’s probably slept with eight of them.

But if Aaron wasn’t the one he was calling out, then who was it?

“I didn’t-” Vincent stammered.

“You know the cost of dishonesty, right?” Aaron narrowed his


The vein on Vincent’s forehead bulged, and he slowly put down his last finger.

“That’s it.”

The room was quiet with the exception of Aaron’s applause,

and no one said a word.

I stared at Vincent while I felt everyone’s eyes fall on me.

I wasn’t sure if it was out of pity or silent laughter.

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