Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 103

Aaron’s POV III

After seeing Olive with Vincent, I was back to being the pl*yboy I once was. Once again, I was a
familiar face in the club.

Jake slapped a hand over my shoulder. “Welcome back, Aaron. Heartbreak is what separates boys
from men.”

“Oh, yeah? Not d*ck size?”

“F*ck off.”

I was grateful Jake didn’t press me with st*pid questions like ‘What happened to you and the redhead?’
I probably would’ve grabbed a bottle and smashed it over his head if he’d asked.

But at that moment, I was inclined to smash it over my own head.

I wanted to sleep with Olive, but I couldn’t. That was that. Love had nothing to do with it.

I thought I would quickly forget about her.

Whenever I got drunk, I always saw her face in the reflection of the glass. She started to appear in my
dreams, where I saw her on my bed-where I saw her under me-but whenever I made love to her in my
dreams, she called Vincent’s name. Then everything became a nightmare.

Fine. Maybe I did care a little bit.

Maybe I was just upset that for once, I couldn’t have the woman I was interested in.

But there was more to life than just women. There was my career, my education, and my family. A
woman was just the

spice of life.

I remembered it clearly. It was 5pm on a Thursday, and after six months of negotiation, some geeky
CEO of a tech startup signed a contract with me. I poured myself a glass of whiskey even though it was
still early in the evening because I was over it. I spent the past months trying to get this freak out of his
house, and now I could finally relax.

I needed to get drunk and I needed to get laid.

I pulled out my phone and was about to contact a woman I met a week ago. She had beautiful breasts
and a s*xy, smoky voice. I imagined that she would’ve sounded like a wild cat in bed.

What was her name…? Doris? Christine?

While I was looking for her on social media, I received a friend


My friend requests were always full of notifications from women, but amongst the avatars of beauty
filters and cleavage shots, there was a pitch-black icon.

Usually, I ignored such requests from bland accounts like these.

But not that day. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the new business deal. In any case, I was in a
good enough mood to indulge my curious side.

Then, I was stunned.

The black figure in the profile picture was a silhouette. No matter how hard I squinted, I could only
make out red-tinted

edges around the figure’s head and shoulders. Typically, a picture like that meant ‘leave me alone, but I
knew better.

It was Olive.

So I accepted her request.

In the dead of the night, when I couldn’t sleep, I would open her account and go through her posts. My
personal favorite was one of her at the beach in the most enticing bikini…

I never expected I’d end up messaging her.

heyOlive: busy?

Oh, sh*t. Was she really talking to me?

I stared at the message in awe. With a deep breath, I swapped my glass of whiskey for vintage
champagne from my cellar. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but I couldn’t care less. I poured myself a glass
and enjoyed the bubbly sensation in my mouth.

After just one glass, I was already feeling dizzy.

Amorris: ?

heyOlive: are you busy?

Amorris: No it’s cool. What’s up?

I waited for a while-a long while-but she eventually responded.

heyOlive: are you single?

My blood froze when I saw that sentence. What did she mean? Was she just curious?

I was no stranger to such questions, but I felt uneasy when she was the one asking. My palms began
to sweat and I couldn’t seem to get a solid grip on the champagne glass.

I was nervous.

‘Come on!’ I told myself. ‘Don’t look st*pid in front of her!’

Amorris: What do you think?

The moment I sent that out, I regretted it. G*d, this was so st*pid. That wasn’t cool, that was lame!
What could I say to fix that?!

But in the next second, Olive’s next message came.

heyOlive: i booked a hotel room. do you wanna come over…?

Thank G*d.

I raised my champagne glass in a toast, even though I was alone. What was I celebrating? Fate?

But the game couldn’t stop here. I needed to take advantage of this opportunity, but I wanted to avoid
exposing myself so easily…

Amorris: Oh darling

Amorris: I don’t sleep with my brother’s women

Her replies slowed. Was she feeling guilty? Did I scare her off?

heyOlive: i won’t be his woman soon.


Cheers to Fate, then.

After this, there was no way I was letting her go…

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