Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Mercy

“Wait, wait. Aaron, I’m hungry, let’s grab something to eat.” I blinked innocently, and reached out to
point to the table which was located not far away.

Hopefully this would save me from sex on jet. Sorry, I was not well prepared for that.

“Well, I’m starving as well, but…” Aaron put me down on the bed, his eyes filled with lust and danger,
“before that, I’d like to do something more interesting.”

Aaron came in between my legs hard and pressed me onto the bed. His wide and gentle hand was
caressing my thighs, keeping going up, and finally, his long and slender fingers hovered over my p*ssy.

It seemed like he would hit a home run with me today, and what else I could do except lying down and
enjoyed it? I gave Aaron a curtly smiling, wishing he would give me some mercy, and let me walk out of
the jet.

I don’t plan to spend the whole Christmas vocation on bed.

Wait, suddenly something came to my mind.

Is that gonner be the first sex ever since I dumped Vincent?

I mean, I myself is quite confused what are we. But one thing for sure, I love Aaron right now, and
Aaron love me.

And thinking of that’s the sex between lovers made me sensitive and nervous, as if the first time…

Aaron’s curved blue eyes showed that he was pleased with this.

He ravaged my lips fiercely, and I stretched out my tongue, flirting with his. I even nibbled on his lips
from time to time.

He was turned on, which seemed like he was madly in love with me. I was delight over it, so I just let
him do whatever he wanted.

Aaron held my waist down and said in a h**rse voice, “Cutie, you won’t refuse me today, will you?”

I h*oked my legs around his waist and moved my body slightly, trying to roll over.

Aaron didn’t allow it, so he could only kiss me harder again, then he asked, “What do you want to do?”

I frowned and said, “You’re too strong to let me stand, so I want to be on the top…”

The words were like the most stimulating aphrodisiac for Aaron, I could tell his c*ck instantly got hard. I
suddenly felt that I was a m*ron. Why did I get to be dumb? It was so thick, was it possible for me to go
down on him?

Aaron said wickedly with hot breathing in my ear, “Just hang in here… I will take you to the paradise
later, I promise.”

He pulled one of my legs around his waist, and another one directly over his shoulder, and this made
me a little bit shy. He wouldn’t miss any tiny reaction in this position, so I wanted to cover my private
place, but he grinned wickedly, pulled my hand away, and looked at my p*ssy. “Don’t cover it, it’s
beautiful…I do like it.”

My face was burning, and I felt like I was a cooked pawn now.

Aaron undid his robe, and it instantly slid to the floor. In the next moment, his hot and hard d*ck
pressed against my


I suddenly felt that it was hard to breathe smoothly, but he did not rush in, instead, he leaned down and
kept kissing me from my forehead to my collarbone. He pulled the neckline of my robe and lowered his
head. My breast was closed around. He sucked and licked it very gently. At the same time, another
hand kneaded my boob at will, scraping my nipple with his fingertips from time to time.

Under his teasing, my nipple immediately erected. I groaned, “Oh…G*d…Aaron…please…”

+ wanted to push him away, which made him a little bit upset. So he grabbed both hands above my
head while lifting my robe, in the next moment, I was totally naked. He could take a good look at it.

Nothing existed between us…my smooth skin pressed against his strong abs. Two bodies were clung
together, one was cold, and the other was hot, this difference made me crazy.

His breathing became extra heavy, he couldn’t help but nibble harder on my lips, followed by my slim
chin…long neck… s*xy collarbone…and shoulders.

I couldn’t do anything but moan as a reply.

Aaron had already said that he really enjoyed my moans. Since he saw me like this, he became even
more excited and kissed me even harder. He had my lips in his mouth, and murmured h**rsely,
“Olive…your voice kept seducing me, I just want to f*ck you to the death.”

My face turned scarlet while gritting my teeth fiercely. I vowed in my heart that I would never ever make
any sound!

As saw, Aaron was so displeased that he grabbed my lips instantly, his large hand controlled my chin,
and the tip of his tongue pushed against my teeth, licking every corner of my mouth, even close around
my tongue tightly.

He slid up from my waist to my belly…he didn’t stop but kept going…keep going…until that incredibly
soft boobs, he couldn’t help but instantly grabbed them, and ravaged them at will.

Under Aaron’s teasing, I was curious that why my body became so sensitive…I almost couldn’t hold on
when he caressed my body. Every moment, it seemed like his hands had faint currents touching all
over my body. I had to moan in disgrace, begged him, staring at him with panic,


Aaron knew what did I want, but he didn’t let me go. Instead, when I almost couldn’t make it, he
suddenly took a bite of my left breast. My voice became broken as I trembled.

He quickly slid into my p*ssy, I was shocked. But, in the next moment, his palm was rubbing my bikini
area, bringing a tingling sensation, I could only get my legs closed to stop him from doing so.

While Aaron prize my legs apart.

I drew back as I shrank back into the corner, trying to grab the quilts to wrap myself up. But Aaron
moved faster than I did, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pinned me under him!

I could only curl up, I knew I was like a little shrimp now.

At the moment, I was stripped naked, my glistening skin was glowing pink, my full puffy boobs were
standing out with two red cherries that he bit slightly, my waist was soft and supple, and my hips got
plump and perky, especially those long slender legs were incredible…which made me tastier than

Aaron grabbed a pillow and put it under my little buttocks. It made a position that was more comfortable
and allowed his d*ck to poke deeper, then, he slid to the base of my leg, and smoothly caressed the
p*ssy that would drive him crazy.

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