Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Helpless

I bit my lower lip hard, looking at his huge d*ck against my p*ssy, I couldn’t help but tremble. Perhaps it
was because he had held it in for too long, his d*ck swelled and became even bigger. I was really afraid
that he would f*ck me until I pass


“Aaron, you know, there’s only one Olive in this world.”

“Of course, my Olive is unique.” Aaron looked at me confusedly, “But what are you trying to say?”

I looked at his d*ck and swallowed slightly, “I don’t want to die on the plane.”

Aaron followed the direction of my eyes, and his eyes rested on his lower back. He suddenly burst out
laughing, “My

sweetheart, are you praising me?”

Aaron was really happy, but I…Aaron could tell my panic, so he leaned down to kiss my eyes, softly
soothing me, “Good girl, it won’t hurt.”

As said, he didn’t stop but slid into my p*ssy little by little…it was not painful at all but a little bit of
discomfort, his fingers were too cool while my body was too hot.

I didn’t say anything again, instead, hummed in a low voice from time to time, as if I was moaning.

Aaron’s d*ck became extremely hard, and a fine sweat emerged on his forehead. It made me ache to
see that, I was not that scared, so I held his head, caressed his brown curls, and whispered, “Aaron,
I’m ready…”

When he knew I was almost ready, Aaron held his d*ck, and

slowly probed in, I shrank back, and my thighs shook constantly as Aaron kissed my lips…

chin…neck…collarbone…and my boobs, he bit slightly my nipples, which attracted all my attention.

Just as my attention was successfully distracted, Aaron jerked his back and pushed in further. In the
next moment, I grabbed his hair violently.

He kept pushing in, it hurt…my p*ssy was almost ripped out, and I couldn’t help but scream. “Aaron,
stop…please…it hurt…really…”

As heard, Aaron stopped, he was holding back with all his might, kissing me eagerly but gently. His
back was tense from holding back. His body stiffed like a piece of steel. He had held back for a long
time, he wanted to release now, but he was afraid that I couldn’t take it, so he had to stop.

“How’s that…does it still hurt?”

I huffed: “Yes… don’t move…”

“Okay, don’t worry.”

“Can you get out?” I pleaded in a small voice.

Aaron smiled bitterly, “Cutie…seriously?”

He almost couldn’t hold back, the pleasure was gradually pounding his head, and rationality would
soon disappear.

I looked up at him with scarlet eyes, at this moment, his forehead was covered with sweat. At this
moment, his hot sweat dropped from his forehead fell to the corner of my eye, then slid down from my
face, it almost burned me,

Suddenly, a voice rang in my head…it was worth it if that one was Aaron.

I bit my lips, straightened my back, and took the initiative to move forward.

Aaron noticed that and kissed my forehead gently, then pushed his d*ck into my p*ssy little by little.

It was very long, and the pain was getting stronger and stronger, I bit my lips, and my hands clenched
his back. It really hurt, so I couldn’t help but bit his shoulders hard.

At this moment, Aaron pushed his d*ck all in….all in…

My toes even curled up, and a faint taste of blood emerged in my mouth.

“It hurts…Aaron…no…” I hugged him, and tears soaked the corners of my eyes. Aaron tentatively
pulled back.

Such sliding made me feel even more painful, I couldn’t help but tighten my arms around him again:

To my surprise, he did stop…after a moment, I felt that…. couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted to be
occupied, so I twist my waist as if I was inviting him.

Aaron noticed that and whispered in my ear. I began to flush again.

He started pumping slowly, let me get used to this. After a while, it was not that painful and I began to
relax. It was weird that something was rising in my body. I loosened my teeth, and moaned with
difficulty, tilting my head back.

Aaron arched his back and lowered his head to nibble on my neck, but his waist was getting harder and
harder, it was getting heavier and heavier.

“Aaron…ah…” I scratched down moaning, he f*cked so heavily that it almost toppled my entire body

But his heavy body pressed me tightly, and every time when I was pushed out, I was pulled back under
him even tighter than before, my little p*ssy was completely occupied.

I couldn’t help but moan constantly and brokenly, my rationality seemed to fade gradually…I knew I
should get lost in the lust but I failed…

He gradually accelerated, and after violently going in and out, he suddenly stopped and coiled my legs
around his waist.

This position allowed him to f*ck deeper, he just pounded me mightily, and every time, his d*ck could
reach my uterus easily. This was the first time I experienced such great pleasure, I didn’t know how to
cope with it. My legs couldn’t help but wrap around his lean waist, even my toes curled up. I had no
choice but contracted my p*ssy hard…

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