Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 112

Chapter 112. So Who’s in Your Bed?

“Vincent, I think there’s nothing to discuss,” I said so glancing at Vincent angrily.

“Olive, we do have some misunderstandings, come with me.”

Vincent said, dragging me out of the lobby. Oh g*d, he looked like an angry buffalo and did not listen to
me at all. When I was about to refuse him, Aaron directly blocked us and said, “Vincent, there’s nothing
to do with Olive. I’m the one you should talk with.”

Vincent growled at Aaron in annoyance, like a raging hound, “F*ck off, Aaron! It’s none of your
business, don’t step in!”

Oh, g*d. Now I know the punishment of cheating. That’s so humilating to be the centre of drama. Even
in my high school, I would not like st*pid romantic dramas like that: two men fight for a woman. Come

Fortunately, at this moment, not many people stayed in the lobby, and Vincent’s rude behavior only
bothered the receptionist.

I frowned. I knew that I had to face it one day. Even if I ignored it today, he would keep bothering me
the other day. I did not want my Christmas holiday to become an idoit game called: Escape From Your

I couldn’t go away all the time, so I gently tugged on Aaron’s cuff, “Aaron, go back first, I’ll talk to him.”

Aaron glanced at me, apparently, he didn’t want to leave now.

I had to quietly tickle his palm winking at him. I wanted to say something to comfort him. But finally, I
said nothing because

Vincent stood behind us, and the least thing I wanted now was irritating this buffalo.

Fortunately, Aaron compromised, though relectantly. He raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly,
“Okay, just call me when you need me. I will rescue you immediately”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the word ‘rescue’, but Vincent got even grumpier, “Aaron, Olive is
my girlfriend, are you worried that I will hurt my girl? It’s ridiculous, you’re poking into our business!”

“Let me remind you, you already hurt her.” Aaron sneered, saying in the provocation, “Otherwise, Olive
won’t be my girlfriend now.”

As said, I immediately sensed that the surroundings had become extremely cold…or heated, because
Vincent seemed at the edge of exploding.

I sighed helplessly. Now I had to deal with two childish boys. What did they think they are? Teenager
boys? Didn’t they feel embarrassed?

If I didn’t stop them now, I was afraid they would fight in the next second, so I gently poked Aaron,
“Don’t worry, go back first, Aaron.”

Aaron looked at me firmly, then gave a warning glance at Vincent before leaving.

Ok, got one.

Now came to the other one.

I turned around relectantly, and said in a cold voice

impatiently, “What do you want to say? I don’t have much time.”

Honestly, I did not realize what else could be discussed between me and Vincent.

Come on, I caught him and Emily in the face! And even the blind would see that I was dating Aaron
right now.

We were over! I wanted everything stopped in a decent way, like a mature, cool adult. I wanted him just
disappear from my life because when I looked at Vincent’s face, I couldn’t help but think that he
cheated on me, sleeping around with other b*tches, and at the same time, even kept saying those
sweet nothings to me. Hell, it was gross.

As Vincent saw my cold eyes, he seemed to be irritated and grabbed both my shoulders with such
force that he almost crushed them.

He pressed me with some humiliating words, “Olive, is it true that you slept with Aaron? Such a sl*t,
Aaron f*cks you every night, right?”


I broke Vincent’s grip slapping him, “Vincent, you aren’t respecting me, shut up!”

Seemed someone never understood Decent!

I got p*ssed off by his words. My brain was overwhelmed by enormous anger and I felt my rationality
had faded away.

“If you want to know my relationship with Aaron, why don’t

we talk about Emily first?” I have to say that I felt really relieved when I saw he was in quite pain. I
couldn’t help but smile slightly, looking at Vincent in contempt.

Vincent’s angry face suddenly changed, and although the dodge in his eyes flashed quickly, I still
caught it.

“I…Emily…she and I aren’t…you cannot…” Vincent avoided looking at him, he even couldn’t give me a
reasonable explanation.

He still refused to admit it. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. His attitude really ruined my patience.

“We will talk about it when you make up a ‘perfect’ excuse.”

After that, I walked away without looking back.

“Wait, Olive, let me… Let me at least send you back!” Vincent rushed, as if suddenly found his tongue

But I did not reply. At that moment, I actually began to miss Aaron’s solid embrace. I couldn’t help but
speed up.

Vincent and I kept a relative distance from each other so that we wouldn’t be embarrassed. When I
reached the room door and was about to knock on it, Vincent suddenly grabbed my hands and forced
me to look at him.

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