Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 119

Chapter 119. Wanner Talk?

Then I laughed at myself.

This ring meant nothing at all. Diamond meant loyalty, meant promise, but what about him? This ring
was cheating.

Well, it was my fault that I lost the ring he gave to me. But when I recalled that he slept with other
women in the first place and lied to me with those sweet nothings, I didn’t feel guilty anymore.

Over the years, he had done whatever he wanted just because he knew I loved him so much. He had
treated me as if I were his maid lying to me with those f*cking excuses as if I were a fool. He even
judged my dress in such insulting words. I had already been sick of his arrogance.

Although everything had already deviated from my plan, I was still happy when I saw Vincent’s furious
face. Well, in the beginning, I was angrier than him when I knew that Vincent cheated on me.

So I walked up and squatted in front of Vincent, showing him the shiny diamond ring on my hand,
“Yeah, it’s true. Can’t you see that? Aaron bought a bigger diamond ring for me.”

He suddenly lurched. As if he had suffered a great blow, he helplessly collapsed on the ground.
Gradually, his eyes became dusty looking at me, as if I had broken his heart.

After all, I did love him before. So when I saw him like that, I actually felt a little bit of pity for him.
However, this was all he asked for. if he didn’t cheat on me, we would have a different

picture today..

I got up to take Aaron’s arm without looking at Vincent’s disheveled face, “Aaron, let’s go.”

It was really enjoyable playing on the beach freely. After a long time, Aaron and I boarded the cruise
ship and lounged on the deck watching the sunset in the salty sea breeze.

He picked up a strand of my red hair and curled it relentlessly in his hands as if he was playing a fun

If it weren’t for some person passing nearby, I did believe that he would do another thing to me… Well,
it was not me who was h*rny thinking about those things all the time, his hand touched my boobs from
time to time, and no one would believe that he did it by accident.

I was lying on his strong and toned lap. From my angle, I could just see his blue eyes, which were
deeper than the ocean. He was looking at me as well with a passionate stare. Seemingly, he was
gazing at my…boobs…

His hot stare made me think of Vincent. I instantly got up and stared at him firmly. I had to say
Vincent…he had looked at me with such affectionate eyes too as if I were the only one he loved in his

To be honest, I didn’t expect Vincent would have such a desperate expression when he found out that
Aaron and I were together. At that moment, I even thought that…he still cared about me.

It was really ridiculous. If he really cared about me, why would he cheat on me?

I had to admit that I was hit pretty hard when I found out that Vincent cheated on me. It hurt indeed.

It was Aaron who comforted me all the time and encouraged me to forget those terrible things.

Suddenly, a hand poked me on my nose. His handsome face came up to me, “What’s on your mind?
Baby, it seems like you’re not happy.”

He asked while handing over a plate of salmon. It was freshly


Instead of taking the salmon, he handed me, I looked at this handsome face. He had a good-looking
face that I really wouldn’t get tired of watching it. I confessed to him, “I’m…thinking of Vin-cent.”

I didn’t know if I was mistaken, I felt that the warmth in his eyes suddenly got cold. He was unhappy. I
blinked and checked it again, but at this moment, Aaron smiled gently, as if nothing happened.

He pinched my earlobe, raised eyebrows, and suddenly asked me seriously, “Olive, can we talk?”

We talked about…About Vincent, or about my relationship with him?

I frowned and pursed my lips. No matter what he wanted to talk about, I didn’t know how to answer it.
In fact, I couldn’t see through Aaron. I knew that he liked me. But I didn’t know if he liked me because
of my nice body or the pure love he had for me. And I didn’t know how deep his love would be for


With his blunt gaze, I just wanted to escape from this beach. I was afraid I would hear an answer I
didn’t like. Perhaps, it was Vincent who affected me.

Okay, I had to admit that I was a coward.

So I shook my head slightly and hesitated, “Maybe… another day? I’m a little bit tired.”

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