Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 121

Chapter 121. You Ask For It

She was quite annoying as if I stepped on a chewing gun. She sat opposite me, sat down, and stared
at me with that

smirking look.

I was a little disturbed by this b*tch. I couldn’t help but ask her indifferently, “What do you want?”

“I think…this cruise ship is open for the public, right? There are many unoccupied seats. Am I not
allowed to sit here and enjoy the sea view?” She raised her eyebrows and retorted. When I saw her
slightly lifted head and her eyes in disdain…l couldn’t help but rolled up my eyes.

It’s true that she could sit everywhere including the seat across from me. But it’s really disgusting to
see her here.

Well, forget it, I didn’t want to ruin this beautiful day, especially since Aaron accompanied me today.
After taking a few deep breaths, I tried so hard to compress myself.

At this moment, Aaron came back. I got up and took the food from him, “Let’s go to that table.”

I pointed to the other side of the window.

Aaron could tell my weird expression. His thin lips instantly pursed. He paused in place and was about
to quarrel with Emily.

I tugged on his arm, “Forget it. She’s crazy.”

I didn’t want to be bothered by a crazier. Most importantly, I wanted to spend a sweet date with Aaron.

When Aaron saw I insisted, he could only follow me to the other side of the window.

Although we couldn’t see the slowly sinking sunset from this side, we could see the golden light that
sc*ttered across the whole sea.

I couldn’t help but get lost in it, “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s not as beautiful as you.” Aaron came up to my ear while his tongue bit my earlobe. His soft rolling
tongue licked the top of my ear, “For me, you are the most beautiful girl in this world.”

With such a handsome face, it was a pleasant experience to hear these sweet nothings.

I laughed while pushing him away. Instead, he wrapped his arms around my waist, aggressively,
arched my neck with his head, and pulled my hand towards his little brother, “Baby, let’s go back after
having these. Touch it. Could you feel it? It’s really hard…”

Before he finished, a woman’s shrill cry came into my ear, “I ordered the Thai curry crab. Bring this
away from me! I want Thai food!”

Well, my good mood was again ruined by this b*tch. When I took a look at her, I found, somehow, she
chose a table, which was close to us. At this moment, she was pointing at a waiter yelling at him.

It’s funny…this was a French restaurant. But she asked for Thai food. It seemed like there was
something wrong both for her eyes and brain, right?

I could tell she was deliberately making things difficult for the waiter, mainly because she saw what we
did just now.

It was too obvious that Aaron could see through it as I did. His smile disappeared as he heavily set
aside the knife and fork and got up to look at Emily, “Get out of this restaurant. I don’t want to see you

“Am I getting in your way? Even so, I’m also the guest here. I won’t leave!” Emily almost yelled at
Aaron, as if she was provoking us.

Aaron smiled coldly, “Go to Vincent if you want to get mad. I think he’d love to serve you well!”

But I didn’t expect that Emily suddenly got angry after hear- ing” Vincent”. She flipped the plate on the
table and glared at me and Aaron, “Are you deaf? I also paid for it. Now these f*cking waiters should
serve me! That’s what I deserve. If you don’t like it, you can leave anyway. Don’t forget taking that b*tch
with you!”

The word ‘b*tch’ made Aaron get instantly furious. He pushed back his chair getting closer to Emily. He
said in an extremely cold voice, “Say it again!”

It was hard to tell whether was Aaron’s powerful aura that scared Emily or not. She stammered for a
while and didn’t dare to say that again.

She was such a coward. It was really funny to see her reaction. How could this st*pid b*tch survive in
this world, by yelling at the waiters only?

Before that, I was so confused…why Emily would choose Vincent, this ducking b*stard? But now, I was
more curious about why did Vincent fall in love with Emily? Was it too easy to get his criteria? Would he
sleep with any woman, as long as

they had big boobs?

I walked over and pointed at Emily’s brain, “Go to the hospital soon and have it checked out here. I feel
sorry for you. You must suffer a lot, after all, the brain is the most important part. But it seems like

After all, normal people wouldn’t do what she did.

When s Emily he heard that, she got furious. I could tell that her face turned red, and even her eyes
widened to the extreme. But when Aaron glanced at her, it was weird that she became normal again.

“It’s really boring. Let’s go back.” I didn’t want to waste the time in this crazier again. Obviously, it was
humiliating, even if she was defeated. Come on, she was a person with a brain problem…poor girl…
We should protect her!

When Emily realized we were leaving, she still came after us, “Hmph, as long as you two come out, I
will accompany you all day long. Olive, you ask for it!”

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