Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 126

Chapter 126. Punishment On Bed

“Who says I’m scared!” I knew that Aaron was trying to provoke me, but my pride caused me to defend
myself. As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted what I said. Es- pecially when I saw a glimmer
of triumph in Aaron’s eyes. Once again, I had fallen into Aaron’s trap.

“Well since you’re not scared, why don’t you go ahead and take it all off? Don’t worry Olive; no matter
which piece you choose to remove, I will happily admire the beauty under- neath.”

I glared at Aaron when he made those remarks, and the sight of him still wearing all of his pristine
clothes made me grind my teeth harder.

After we made the bet, Aaron only lost the very first race. After that, I lost every single one. While
Aaron had only taken off his hoodie, I was left in just my underwear.

“You’re definitely doing this on purpose.” I pretended to be angry and pouted at him.

But Aaron didn’t buy my feigned anger. He was persistent and kept reminding me that I had agreed to
the bet. He even offered to remove my clothing for me if I had a hard time choosing what to remove!
His hand slowly glided up my thigh and toward my underwear.

“Hmph! I don’t need your help; I can do it myself!” I slapped Aaron’s hand away from my thighs and
moved my hands behind me to unclasp my bra. I gingerly placed it on the rug beside me.

The moment I unhooked it, I felt my breasts suddenly pop out of the confines of the bra. They bounced
slightly with my movements, and Aaron couldn’t help but salivate at the sight.

I tried to mask my embarrassment and looked back at Aaron with confidence. “Are you satisfied now?”

“I would be if I could touch them!” Aaron subconsciously licked his lips as he stared at my chest.

In a burst of conviction, I crawled forward to hug Aaron from behind. My chest rubbed against his back
through his shirt, and his controller dropped to the floor.

“Olive, what do you want to do?” Aaron asked as he sat straight up. My teasing had definitely paid off.

“Aaron, let’s play another round,” I suggested. As I contin- ued to rub my chest against him, my lips
drew close to his neck and gave a long lick.

I continued to lick and kiss down his spine through his


Aaron took a deep breath and closed his eyes before let- ting out a soft laugh. “Well, who’s the cheater

I gave a hard bite to his shoulder in response. “What, don’t you like it?”

I felt like some shameless sl*t chasing after pleasure, but I didn’t feel bad about it. My heart was racing
with excitement.

“Babe, you’re being really aggressive.” Aaron gritted his teeth and gasped as I continued. I could tell he
was holding back.

I couldn’t help but give a devilish grin. I knew aroused he was because of my actions “Cut the c*ap, do
you want to take off my panties or not?”

“You little minx! You’re being so aggressive today and I f*cking love it. You know how I get when you’re
like this, but there’s a price to pay for playing with fire.”

Aaron turned around in an instant, pulling me onto the bed and yanking my body into his lap. I cried out
in surprise and rested all my weight on him.

Aaron’s arms encircled my waist. By the time I had regis- tered what just happened, his fingers had
already pushed my panties to the side and shoved inside of me.

“Ah!” The sudden stimulation startled me, making me

scream out right away.

Aaron’s free hand circled behind me and slapped my a*s, just enough to sting. Although it didn’t hurt, I
couldn’t help but blush when Aaron sp*nked me like that. My p*ssy clenched around his fingers in

“Baby, please touch it… I can’t wait any longer.” Aaron gave me a desperate look and grabbed my
hand. He clumsily guided it to his c*otch.

As soon as I pressed on it, he groaned and I could feel his arousal growing by the second.

“G*d, it’s so thick!” I gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Even though my heart yearned for it to be inside
me, I was re- ally exhausted from the day.

Aaron didn’t give me a chance to back away. He added more fingers until four were pumping in and out
of me, with his thumb kneading against my cl*t.

“Aaron…” I gasped.

Aaron weaved his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, resting his chin on my shoulder. With his
mouth right by my ear, he whispered, “Babe, you’re soaked again.”

He suddenly flipped my body around, forcing me to my hands and knees. He entered me without any
warning, f*ck- ing into me like an animal.

I could feel his c*ck hitting deep inside me over and over. I was so aroused that I relaxed completely
around him, allow- ing him to go even deeper.

“Ah, it’s so thick…!” I was driven crazy by Aaron’s sudden entry. Usually, he was careful with me, but
right now he was in a frenzy of pure lust and passion.

I could only clutch onto the sheets, trying to use that grip to yank myself forward for a moment of relief
from Aaron’s brutal thrusting.

“Olive, you’ll be punished if you don’t let me f*ck you. Be a good girl for me.” As I heard Aaron’s
magnetic voice, I felt his hands wrap around my waist and hold me in place.

My desire for relief was completely replaced by the plea- sure of penetration.

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