Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 127

Chapter 127. Emily’s Words

I felt like Aaron was going to f*ck right through me, and he didn’t care how I reacted. His entire body
was like a jack- hammer.

Each stroke felt impossibly deep and hard, rocking me to my core.


Aaron was like a starving wolf devouring his hard-earned

Since the beginning, I was just asking for trouble by pro- voking Aaron. If I hadn’t seduced him at first, I
wouldn’t have ended up like this. My thoughts drifted off while I climaxed, Aaron’s c*m releasing into
me at the same moment.

I thought he would let go of me after that, but he held on. After another moment, I felt his arousal grow
once again in- side of me.

Aaron flipped me over again so that I rested on my back with my legs pulled high into the air. A finally
had a chance to catch my breath.

I spotted Aaron give a devilish smile above me before he began to plow into me again. I was so startled
that I wrapped my arms around his neck, my body trembling beneath him.

After the second round, my entire body was weak. I of- fered Aaron some gentle kisses in the hope that
he would leave me alone. Instead, Aaron pulled out, mixing my wetness with his c*m, and thrust into
me once again.

“Aaron, I can’t go again, I’m so tired… let me go…”

I felt like Aaron was going to f*ck me to death until I com- pletely passed out.

When I woke up, I found myself in Aaron’s arms. All of that sex must’ve finally depleted his energy. He
was sleeping soundly like he didn’t have a care in the world.

My body was clean and fresh, so Aaron must’ve washed me up. My heart warmed at the thought.

After stretching, I felt a little hungry. I gave Aaron a final glance before getting out of bed and ordering
room service.

When the doorbell rang, I dragged myself on my shaky legs to the door.

But when I opened the door, it wasn’t hotel staff standing there, but a woman squatting in the hallway.
Her back was turned towards me, and she looked absolutely pitiful

When she turned her head to look at me, I was surprised. What was Emily doing here?

I had a bad feeling about this. My eyebrows furrowed as I instantly forgot all about my hunger.

“Emily, why are you here?” My expression turned even sourer when I remembered Emily disturbing me
and Aaron a few days ago.

Emily spoke softly. “Olive, I promise I don’t want to bother you this time. I just want to talk.”

“What?” I nearly doubted my ears.

After hearing Emily’s humble and pitiful request, I made the split-second decision to agree to talk to her.

I myself had no idea why I followed her. I meant, this woman had cheated on my boyfriend, and now I
will go out

with her rather than enjoy a s*xy hot night with Aaron. D*mn, I must be crazy.

I cursed at myself.

On the other hand, I asked Emily to wait for me for a while. I dressed hurriedly, left my room, and met
with her at the hotel rooftop.

Because it was the middle of the night, Emily and I were the only people on the rooftop.

Well, perfect. Starry night, mild breeze, empty hall, me and my love rival. What else could I expect for a
perfect night? I mocked at myself inside.

The two of us leaned against the guardrail side by side, gazing out at the distant lights. For a long time,
Emily didn’t say a word.

What the hell? She asked me out to enjoy the scenery?

Just when I thought she was trying to psych me out, Emily suddenly spoke. “Vincent isn’t doing well.”

I was glad she finally said something. If she kept silence for the whole night, I would mistake it as a
date maybe, not the most wired one. I have once dated a boy in my high school, and he was just
silence, for the whole three hours.

My mind was filled with those trashes. I did it on purpose, since otherwise, I would not know how to
respond to her words.

I was surprised that Emily even dared to talk to me about Vincent. I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of
irritation, and I

snapped, “Why should I care how Vincent is doing?”

Or you wanted to show off your close connection with Vincent? You wanted to say you are the girl next
to him now?

“He’s locked himself in his room for a long time now… I sent him all his favorite foods, but he doesn’t
really eat any of it, and he doesn’t want to talk. He’s heartbroken…” Emily’s voice was a small whisper,
and I could tell she was deeply dis- tressed and worried about Vincent.

But I didn’t understand what she was trying to tell me. Ev- erything she said made me felt ridiculous.

Vincent put himself in this position, and everything that happened was his fault. He was the one who
cheated on me, so why was he pretending to care about me now? Or why Emily asked me to care
about him now?

“This was a choice Vincent made for himself. We’re all adults here. He should take responsibility for
what he did, and you and I should do the same. Vincent got what he deserved,” I told Emily with a

Emily took a deep breath, suppressing her emotions be- fore she said, “Olive, don’t you know how
much he loves you?”

I dramatically rolled my eyes and snorted in exasperation. “Emily, don’t you know how ridiculous that

If Vincent really loved me, he wouldn’t have betrayed me as he did. Did he cheat on me with Emily
because he loved me? Why should I have to pay the price of their affair?

“No, I’m serious. Vincent really loves you, and only you.” Emily clenched her fists and gritted the words
out between

her teeth.

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