Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 143

Chapter 143. Cinder’s New Boy

It was dark by the time our plane landed at the Bern airport in Switzerland.

A cool wind whipped across the runway as we left the plane, chilling me to the bone, and I shivered.

“Let’s just book a flight back now.” When he saw me shiver, Aaron opened his arms and pulled me into
his warm embrace. “This isn’t a good day for skiing anyway.”

“I think it’s a perfect day for skiing!” I didn’t want to tell Aaron that I had only insisted on leaving the
beach because I was annoyed with Emily.

That was when my phone started to blow up with calls from Cinder.

Last night I told Cinder about my decision to come to Switzerland for a vacation, and she told me
enthusiastically that she would bring her brand-new boyfriend to pick me up.

I was curious about Cinder’s latest boy toy, so I eagerly agreed to her invitation.

The moment I pressed “answer,” I heard Cinder’s voice over the phone. “I see you, honey, I’m right
here! Left, left, left, look to your left!”

I turned my head and saw Cinder’s unmistakable figure, jumping up and down like a little monkey with
her phone still pressed to her ear.

Just beside her was a tall man in a long black trench coat. It was dark outside, and they were standing
far away, so I couldn’t see exactly what he looked like.

Cinder sprinted toward me excitedly, grabbing me in a big hug. “Olive! I haven’t seen you in so long, oh
my g*d!”

Huh? Had it really been that long?

After Cinder finally let go of me, she said hello to Aaron and then grabbed my hand and tugged me
over to her boyfriend to introduce us.

“Hi, I’m Olive Woods,” I said, holding out my hand.

“Nice to meet you.” He reached out and shook my hand with a firm grasp. “My name is Eliott Dubois.”

This whole time, I’d been curious to get a look at the new guy who had Cinder singing his praises every
time we talked. Now I could see with my own eyes how handsome he was. He had dark eyebrows and
big, soft eyes, and a relaxed, easy-going demeanor.

Cinder opened the back door of her nearby car and threw Aaron a casual wink. “Aaron, you don’t mind
if I borrow Olive for an hour, right?”

I thought Aaron probably would mind.

Sure enough, Aaron didn’t even pretend to go along with Cinder’s request. He walked straight over to
me, pushed me into the back seat, and immediately climbed in after me. “Close the door for me,

I put my hands over my eyes, thinking Cinder would probably be p*ssed at Aaron.

Cinder froze, and her smile disappeared instantly. She stared at Aaron for a long time before slamming
the door shut

behind him with a bang.

But instead of getting into the passenger seat, she pulled open the door on the other side of me and
squeezed in next to me, while Eliott got into the driver’s seat.

Now I was packed in between them like a sardine, completely unable to move, with both my arms
pressed against my sides.

Cinder whispered in my ear, “He’s so bossy!”

I snorted, thinking, you haven’t seen him when he’s really bossy.

Cinder seemed to read my thoughts from my expression, and she suddenly reached out and laid a
hand over my chest. “Has he been keeping you busy for the past few days? I noticed you haven’t been
picking up any of my calls.”

Aaron glanced over at Cinder, and she immediately retracted,

her hand.

Aaron grabbed my hand, the one Cinder’s boyfriend had just shaken, and rubbed it between his own
hands vigorously, like he was trying to scrub away any trace of the other man.

I ignored Aaron; I was more interested to hear about Cinder’s new boyfriend.

“So, Cinder tells me you got your PhD at Columbia University, and now you’re researching cancer
bioinformatics?” After chatting for a while, Eliott brought the topic to my school. Cinder must have told
him a lot about me, for him to know exactly what field of study I was in.

When I nodded, Cinder butted into the conversation eagerly.

“Eliott is a medical student at Harvard! I bet you guys have a lot in common.”

This was a bit of a surprise. I looked over at the striking side profile of Cinder’s boy toy of the week.
With his high, straight nose and thick eyebrows, he looked like he should be on the cover of a
magazine. “I thought he was a model,” I said honestly.

He had such a great body and a handsome face to match. I didn’t expect someone like him to be a
medical student. With a doctor like that, every woman in town would be running to the hospital.

Eliott kept his hands on the wheel and explained with a good- natured grin, “You guessed right. I
actually work part-time as a model, shooting commercials and advertisements.”

That made sense; it would be a waste for a face like that to be kept away from the big screen.

But as a busy medical student, how could he find the time to shoot commercials and work on his career
as a model? I guessed, “Is it to pay off your student loans?”

He smiled and shook his head.

I asked him again, “So did you meet Cinder while you were filming commercials?”

Eliott glanced up at the rearview mirror like he was trying to lock eyes with Cinder in the reflection.

But Cinder was clinging to my side like a koala, her face completely buried against the seat back, and
Eliott couldn’t

see her at all.

After trying and failing to make eye contact for a while, he had no choice but to answer my question.

I thought Cinder had good taste in picking her boyfriend this time. Eliott was polite enough, and he
seemed very reliable.

Cinder also nodded in agreement. “No, actually, I chose Eliott from thousands of people.”

“So how did you meet?” I was getting more and more curious


Cinder poked my waist teasingly and cupped her hand over my ear. “You remember that annoying
client, the one who wanted to have penguins in Malibu?”

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