Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 146

Chapter 146. Admit it, You Like It

“Ah, Aaron!” I screamed softly. Aaron’s fingers were still chilly from the outdoors, and the feeling of
those cool fingers stroking my p*ssy felt so good that I couldn’t hold back my


I remembered that Cinder and Eliott were downstairs and could probably hear me. I grabbed Aaron’s
hand to stop him. “Let’s head to the bedroom before we continue.”

Aaron must’ve been waiting for me to suggest that, because as soon as I finished speaking, he
scooped me up and carried me to the bedroom.


As soon as the door closed, Aaron shoved me against it and continued kissing me aggressively.

I let his tongue ravage my mouth as it pried open my lips. I was so enraptured by the kiss that I forgot
to breathe. As soon as I pulled back I began to pant heavily, gasping for air.

“Is something wrong?”


I said Aaron’s name in a sigh, calling out to no one but myself.

I clasped my arms around his neck and took the initiative. I moved forward to kiss him and tease him
with my tongue before wrapping my legs around his waist.

My chest was pressed directly against his, so I gently rubbed my breasts against Aaron’s pecs.

Aaron was utterly enthralled by me, and he swallowed down the saliva that had gathered in his mouth. I
couldn’t help but

move my lips down to plant a kiss right on his Adam’s apple.

“Mmm…” Aaron was overwhelmed by my sudden teasing, and couldn’t help but let out a low groan
from deep in his throat.

“Olive, you’re like a little demon… It’s so easy for me to feel addicted to you.” Aaron wrapped his arms
around my waist for more leverage, then carried me to the bed and sat down with me on his lap.

In an instant, Aaron changed our position from me pinned against the wall to me straddling him like
some sort of desperate sl*t.

“Do you like when I’m on top of you like this?” I smiled devilishly and ground myself against Aaron’s

“Why don’t we go to the rooftop bath?” Aaron suggested with a devious t*inkle in his eyes.

“No way, don’t even think about it!” I never want to do it in that bath.” I didn’t dare to imagine being with
Aaron in that bath. Anybody would be able to spot us. I would be

completely at his mercy in a place where we could be caught at any moment…

I felt my face warm up at the thought, and I looked nervously toward the ground.

“Olive, what are you thinking about?” I was lost in my own little world and didn’t even hear Aaron calling
out my name. I was too absorbed in the fantasy of making love to Aaron in that bath.

When did I become such a p*rvert? I didn’t even care about

Aaron at first, and now I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I finally raised my gaze to meet Aaron,
who was staring at me with an evil smile. I gently stroked Aaron’s cheek with my hand.

I continued to slowly caress his cheek as my other hand traveled across his chest until it reached his
c*otch, and began to stroke his c*ck. It had been hard for a while without being touched.

“Olive!” Aaron shuttered at the sensation. I heard him call out my name urgently, and saw a wild look of
desire in his eyes. My mind began to race, full of thoughts of what was to come.

The only thing I wanted was for Aaron to be inside of me, and my p*ssy tingled at the thought. I could
feel the wetness begin to drip onto my panties. Even though his d*ck was so huge, it was still able to
make me feel so good when it was inside of me.

I licked my lips and undid the zipper of Aaron’s pants. His c*ck sprung out of his underwear, hitting my
hand with a slap.

“Babe?” Aaron’s lust-filled gaze showed a hint of surprise.

“Don’t you like it when I take the initiative?” I tilted my head and gave him a playful wink.

“Of course baby, how could I not?” Aaron was growing impatient and swallowed again.

“Then from now on, don’t worry about doing anything. Just leave it all to me,” I commanded as I pinned
Aaron to the bed. My legs rested on either side of his hips.

I raised my head to give him a s*ductive look, and he looked back at me with unconditional love.

He let me remove both of our clothes. Once I was done, I perched over his naked body and kissed
from his pecks all the way down to his d*ck. Aaron couldn’t help but shiver in anticipation.

I gave a small smile before sitting up and positioning his c*ck at my hole. Even though I acted bold
tonight, I could still feel myself blush under his unwavering gaze.

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