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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Aren’t I the man you love?

“Do you like this view? Look, there’s the Jungfraujoch.” Aaron put his arm around my waist and pointed
out the heli- copter window to the snow-capped mountains outside. “Do you want me to take your
picture now? Or do you want one of you standing on top of the mountain?”

“It’s so beautiful… And no, thanks.” I stared, entranced, at the picturesque snowy scenery beneath us.
The mountains were breathtaking, like nothing I’d ever seen before, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell
which one was the Jungfraujoch. Every peak looked about the same to me.

And when I said I wanted to see the Alps, this wasn’t ex- actly what I had in mind. I’d pictured holding
hands and chat- ting with Aaron outside as we scaled the mountain trails, not staring down at the
distant peaks from a helicopter like we

were now.

“Huh? Do you want to go back now? It’s still early, we have plenty of time to do other things…” Aaron
put his arm around me and bumped me with his side.

“Hey, you planned this on purpose!”

“No, I didn’t…” Aaron nuzzled his face into my neck. “…Well, maybe. I just don’t think these snowy
mountains are very exciting. I’d rather spend my time looking at your ‘snowy mountains’, baby. Maybe I
can even climb them with my mouth…”

“Stop it!” Even though there was no one around and I knew the pilot couldn’t hear us, I still blushed.
“Hey, look, there’s a town over there. Let’s go see it!”

I happily pointed toward a splash of color nestled be- tween the white-capped mountains. The town
was a cluster of

wooden houses in a small valley, surrounded by the majestic Alps. The buildings were quaint and old-
fashioned, their rooftops covered with fresh white powder.

On one side was the warm sunshine, and on the other was a layer of unmelted ice and snow. Aaron
and I found a place to sit on wooden chairs together, breathing in the refreshing scent of the mountain
air. In Aaron’s company, surrounded by incredible scenery, I felt my heart swelling up with joy.

I took off my gloves and threaded my fingers through Aaron’s, seeking out the comforting heat of his
hand in mine. I leaned my head on his broad shoulders, squinting my eyes to stare out at the rolling
mountaintops in the distance.

There weren’t many people in the town, and Aaron and I sat there for nearly 20 minutes without seeing
another living soul. At the foot of the endless, majestic mountains, I almost felt like Aaron and I were
the only two people in the universe.

Now that we were holding hands, I could feel his pulse thrumming against mine, our two hearts beating
as one. Even though the temperature out here was well below freezing, my heart felt as warm and
comfortable as a c*ackling fire.

“The scenery here is so nice. It must be a great place to live.” By now, I had already started to fantasize
about moving to this little town. Herding cows in a green meadow during the summer, building
snowmen during the winter, and com- ing home to a cozy fireplace whenever I got tired.

It was a completely different life from New York. Was this what my parents’ life was like in Antarctica?

Aaron took my hand, pulled me into his warm embrace, and squeezed my shoulders tightly. “If that’s
what you want,

you can have it.”

“…Oh, put away your credit card, I wasn’t serious.” I rolled my eyes at that d*mn rich guy. When you’re
dating a billion- aire, even the most casual fantasy can become reality at a moment’s notice.

“I’d still rather live in New York,” I explained to him.

The slow pace of life here in Switzerland was nice for a va- cation, but it wasn’t a good fit for me and
Aaron. It was fun to dream, but I knew neither myself nor Aaron could give up our careers and lives in
New York to move to Switzerland.

Aaron frowned, a little confused. “But why?”

What did he mean, why? How could I drop everything and come to Switzerland when my career and
friends were all in New York? Maybe when I was old and retired, I would consid- er living here, but…

“Baby, you know you can have whatever you want, right? If you want to move to Switzerland, I’ll make
it happen.” Aaron’s blue eyes pierced deep into mine, more beautiful than the bright mountain sky, and
I started to believe he wasn’t kidding. He really did want to make my every wish come true.

“No… I still choose New York.” I shook my head.


“Maybe because… the man I love lives in New York.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, Aaron’s grip on my hand became almost crushing.


He leaned closer to me, his nose brushing against mine,

nd whispered breathily into my ear, “I’m glad to hear that.”

I tilted my head, my eyes sweeping from Aaron’s beautiful lips to his perfect jawline to the tantalizing
knot of his Adam’s apple. Just looking at him like this, I couldn’t help picturing the way he looked with
no clothes on. His s*xy six-pack abs, his long, thick c*ck, the way he held me down on the bed, his
sweat dripping down onto my body between thrusts… Oh my g*d, what was I thinking?

This was all Aaron’s fault. The more time I spent with him, the dirtier my thoughts became.

I coughed lightly, returning to my senses to find that Aaron was still staring at me with burning eyes. I
bit my lip and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. “Maybe I’ m talking about someone
else,” I said coyly.

After lying to me and then f*cking me until I could barely get out of bed last night, I figured Aaron
deserved a little teasing.

Aaron was really upset at that. His lips pursed into a flat line, and all the warmth drained from his eyes
until he was staring at me with an expression as frigid as the winter snow. “Isn’t it me?”

Before I could answer, he had already leaned in to kiss me. His lips were as forceful as a hurricane,
descending on me relentlessly, but I was determined to weather the storm.

I dodged nimbly out of his reach. “Hey, stop that…”

“So who’s the guy you love? Is it Vincent?” His eyes didn’t leave mine for a second, determined to drag
an answer out of


I was surprised to realize that Aaron’s insecurity seemed genuine. “Why the hell are you bringing up
Vincent again? I’ve told you, there’s no way I would fall for an a*shole like him.”

“Then who is it?” Aaron nipped at the base of my neck, his voice urgent, almost frenzied. “Who’s the
person you love? Tell me the answer right now.”

I really couldn’t take any more of his bossiness. Finally, I threw my hands up in surrender. “It’s you,
Aaron! The only person I love is you. The billionaire, the bad boy, the tomcat Aaron Morris. Is that good
enough for you?”

After getting the answer he wanted, Aaron finally calmed down. He kissed my face again and buried his
face into my neck like a big, pathetic dog. He said in a m*ffled voice, “Olive, from now on, I want to be
the only person in your heart. You can only love me, and no one else, okay?”

“Okay, I promise. I only love you. No one else.” I raised my hand and ran my fingers through his soft
curls, feeling my heart melt a little. Why did Aaron have to be so cute? He was completely irresistible.

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