Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Swimming Competition

When I’d finished laughing, I tapped Aaron’s shoulder. “Hey, do you wanna go swimming?”

Aaron’s face was still a bit red from embarrassment. He glared at me before nodding his head and
gritting his teeth. “Sure!”

After listening to my explanation about the snowmen, Cinder doubled over in a fit of laughter. “I was
planning to build a snowman with Eliott this afternoon, but I’m not sure if I want to anymore. I bet
Eliott’s creation would be just as bad as Aaron’s!”

After that, I didn’t have the slightest expectation of Aaron’s creative skills either.

We left the river and headed over to the indoor pool. There were several hot springs around here, and
Eliott was very proud of the fact that he turned one into an indoor swimming pool.

After changing in the changing room, Cinder looked me up and down. “You look good in that swimsuit; I
bet Aaron won’t be able to hold back when he sees you.”

I was wearing a black two-piece bikini hat Aaron picked out for me yesterday at the mall.

The swimsuits weren’t selling well in winter, so one store held a couples’ kissing contest to drive sales.

The couples lined up and whoever kissed the longest while in a princess carry won two free swimsuits
from the store.

I was infected by the atmosphere, so I dragged Aaron up on stage. We easily won the contest.

When deciding on a swimsuit, Aaron instantly chose the one

with the least fabric. When I saw his choice, I didn’t hesitate to find a pair of speedos for him.

I was looking forward to seeing Aaron in them.

Aaron did not disappoint. Just as Cinder and I exited our changing room, Eliott and Aaron exited theirs.

Eliott was wearing a medium-length dark gray pair of swim trunks, while Aaron was wearing the
speedos I picked out for him.

I ignored Eliott and stared at Aaron, whose bulging c*otch was more eye-catching than his well-defined
muscles. I couldn’t seem to peel my eyes away from him.

When he noticed me staring, Aaron raised his eyebrows, walked up to me, and wrapped his hands
around my waist. “Are you happy with what you see?”

Aaron was very confident in his figure. I looked down and admired the curve of his bulging d*ck above
the thick muscles of his thighs.

Aaron was a very fit man; he was the kind of guy any woman would want to sleep with at first glance. I
suppressed the desire in my heart and smirked instead. “Nope, it’s too small,” L teased.

As soon as I finished my sentence, Aaron’s grip on my waist tightened.

Aaron sneered and leaned in close to my ear. “Small? We’ll see if you still think that tonight. You’d
better not beg for mercy.”

I shouldn’t have tried to tease Aaron; I was just asking for it at this point.

I blushed and was about to push him away when he scooped me up and jumped into the water in one
large leap.

Cinder and Eliott hopped in after us, and before I had a chance to gather my bearings, Cinder tried to
splash water right in my face.

I was caught off guard and ducked behind Aaron, who blocked the water.

Cinder didn’t give up there. “Eliott, help me splash them!”

Eliott smiled and immediately joined the fray.

I spit out a mouthful of water and began a counterattack with Aaron.

After splashing each other for a while, Cinder threw her arms up in defeat. “You guys are too fierce, I’m
not playing anymore!”

She let out a breath and wiped the water from her face. “Even if I surrendered this time, it doesn’t mean
I’ve lost! Why don’t the guys try an 800-meter freestyle race?”

Cinder once told me that Eliott won a national swimming competition in high school.

I kept that information to myself and looked at Aaron, ready to watch an entertaining show.

Maybe I tooked too excited, because Aaron swam over to me and gave me a sly look. “If I win, do I get
a reward?”

His eyes were glued to my chest. I hummed and blinked innocently, pretending to not understand
Aaron’s intentions. “What kind of thing would you want as a reward?”

He surged forward and kissed me hard on the lips. “You know exactly what I want,” he whispered.

He seemed pretty confident about winning. I kissed his forehead. “There you go, a kiss for good luck.
Now go for it!”

He carried me to the poolside with a grin on his face. He plopped me down and gave the top of my foot
a reverent kiss. “I’ll win it just for you, my Lady Luck.”

My heart sk*pped a beat and Aaron swiftly swam to the edge of the pool.

Eliott had already started warming up. Aaron did a few stretches as well. When they seemed ready, I
opened a stopwatch on my phone and counted them down. “Three… two… one… go!”

The two of them instantly dove into the water. They looked like sharks, swimming as fast as they
possibly could.

It was just a fun little race, but I got a bit nervous when I noticed how fast Aaron was swimming.

Cinder wasn’t nervous at all. She smiled as she walked along, and when she reached me, she knelt
down to ask me, “Who do you think will win?”

“Aaron,” I said without hesitation. I knew that he would never lose a competition.

They swam at nearly the same speed, but Aaron was just barely ahead of Eliott.

Cinder laughed at my answer. “You really don’t know Eliott, do you? He’ll make a final push, and then
he’ll win! Just you wait and see…”

One lap… two laps… three laps…

By the time they reached the final lap, Aaron was still slightly ahead.

The smile on Cinder’s face vanished when she saw how close they were to the end. She shot up and
cheered, “Go, honey! You can do it!”

Ten meters, five meters, three meters…

As they were nearing the finish line, Aaron was still barely ahead of Eliott.

I stood up and ran to the finish line, ready to give him a big hug as soon as he was done. As far as I
was concerned, he had already won.

But then, something unexpected happened.

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