Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 168

Chapter 168

By the time I’d finished making love to Aaron, it was almost afternoon.

I was limp and exhausted, clinging to Aaron’s broad chest like a koala and

listening to his strong heartbeat as he carried me out of the bathroom.

As soon as we’d entered the bedroom again, I saw the smashed mirror on the

dresser. Aaron had already cleaned up the shattered pieces of glass on the

floor, but there was still a piece of the broken mirror that hadn’t fallen down.

The sight of it reminded me of Aaron’s strange behavior from earlier, and the

image of him knocking over the contents of the vanity played in my mind in slow

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motion. I pursed my lips and frowned slightly, looking at the distorted reflection

of my own worried face in the broken mirror.

The next second, a pair of large hands covered my eyes. Aaron’s deep voice

rang out in my ears, “Don’t look at that.”

Everything was dark, and all I could feel was his warm hands across my face.

Maybe my other senses were heightened in the darkness, because I thought I

could detect a hint of nervousness and tension in Aaron. My heart suddenly

melted into a puddle of goo.

I reached out and covered the backs of Aaron’s hands with my own, teasing,

“Okay, I won’t look, but we’ll probably have to go out and buy a new mirror later.”

Aaron put me on the vanity chair, grabbed the back of the chair vigorously, and

spun me around so my back was facing the mirror. Our eyes met, and I stared

at him.

After a long moment, Aaron coughed lightly. He took a hair dryer,

came over, and began to dry my hair. “Okay, we can go shopping together this


After my hair was dry, I got dressed and went to the city’s largest furniture store

with Aaron.

This furniture store was full of luxury brands, so I was sure we’d be able to find

a nice enough mirror here.

Aaron took me by the hand and inspected each mirror one by one, comparing

them to the design of the dresser in the villa.

As I walked around the brightly lit furniture store with Aaron, I kept inadvertently

glancing down at Aaron’s hand holding mine, and I felt like we were picking out

the furniture for our new home. I frowned at the thought of settling down with


“What’s wrong?” Aaron turned to me in surprise as I paused in the middle of the

aisle, distracted.

I didn’t want to tell Aaron what I was thinking, so I changed the subject. “Um, I

was looking at that dresser right there… I think it matches the decor of Eliott’s

house really well, right?”

Aaron looked in the direction I pointed, and his eyes lit up.

He took me by the shoulders and nodded enthusiastically in agreement. “You

have such great taste, baby. In the future, I’m definitely letting you pick out all

the furniture in our house.”

Hearing that, my heart sk*pped a beat. I felt strangely conflicted about the idea

of starting a family with Aaron, so I quickly changed the subject again.

After we had bought the new dresser and returned to the mansion, the sun had

already set.

By the time we’d arranged the mirror in our room, Eliott had ordered dinner for

all of us. After we ate, we all sat on the couch. talking, and Aaron apologized

very politely to Eliott. “Eliott, I’m very sorry for accidentally breaking the vanity

mirror in our room this morning.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a dresser.” Eliott held Cinder’s hand, smiled at her, and turned

back to Aaron. “And that Cornelio Cappellini dresser you bought is much better

for the house, anyway. I have to say, you have impressive taste.”

“Actually, Olive was the one who picked out the new dresser. I agree, I think it’s

perfect. She has a good eye,” Aaron said, giving me a warm smile. He’d never

hesitated to praise me in front of other people, but I couldn’t help but blush at

his compliment.

Eliott didn’t seem at all bothered about the broken mirror. He smiled back at

both of us, then smoothly changed the subject.

After Aaron and I returned to our room, I pushed open the glass door and

walked out onto the balcony. I looked up at the silhouette of the mountains

against the starry sky, once again amazed by the incredible scenery.

Aaron wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, put his head on my

shoulder, and said softly, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking… When are we going back to New York?” We probably wouldn’t

see such a clear sky again for a long time. The relaxing time I spent with Aaron

in Switzerland only made me realize how much I was going to miss this.

I knew Aaron wasn’t too happy with the itinerary I had arranged for our trip, and

I thought he might be itching to buy a ticket back to New York. But in response

to my question, Aaron thought for a while before saying, “I want to stay here for


I was a little surprised. “Really? You like Switzerland that much?”

“It’s not exactly Switzerland itself. Having you by my side is much better.” He

kissed my cheeks and forehead over and over again. “Baby, after spending all

this time with you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live without you.”

I was a little tickled by his kisses, and I laughed, brushing off the intimacy in his


Just then, Aaron nibbled my earlobe and said in a h*arse voice, “Baby, there’s

something else we might need to put on the agenda while we’re here.”

His tone was mysterious, and I couldn’t guess what he was talking about.


Aaron braced his arms on either side of me, trapping me between him and the

balcony railing. He cupped my face and kissed me hard on the lips. “It’s a


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