Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 170

The scene surrounding me was so unbelievably dreamy that I felt a bit disoriented.

I looked across the path and met Aaron’s blue eyes. The edges of his eyes were wrinkled in a smile,
with his gaze filled to the brim with his love for me. My breathing stopped and my mind started racing
like crazy. What was he about to do?

He wore a suit with leather shoes. The path in front of me was covered with flower petals, and I was
wearing equally elegant attire… was this an elaborate marriage proposal?

Looking back, Aaron talked about our future together every now and then, dreaming about what it
would be like. My heartbeat sped up. I almost wanted to run away.

But I couldn’t get my legs to move. I could only stand there, totally helpless, as Aaron took confident
strides toward me.

As Aaron approached, I could see his expression clearer. I saw his tight lips curled in a smile, but I
could see a hint of fear in his eyes at the thought of being rejected.

I instinctively took a step back.

My heart was beating as loud as a drum. I knew that Aaron wanted a future with me, but I was worried
that I wouldn’t be able to give him everything he wanted.

I just wanted a happy relationship with him-I didn’t want a marriage. That would feel like walking into a

The reason I was so scared of marriage was my parents. My parents were rude, antisocial people, and
seemed to hate everyone else. They hit a rough patch in their marriage when I was born. I was
dropped off at a boarding school when I was three, and I could count on two hands the number of times
I’d seen them

Dividing into pages how

growing up.

I wasn’t used to the warmth and happiness of a family, so I had no idea how to be a good wife.

I had visited Vincent’s house before. He came from a large, loving family with doting parents, which
was the complete opposite of my family. From then on, I fantasized about being part of a close and
lively family, but that didn’t mean I could create that family on my


I was afraid of marriage. My childhood, with all its pain and shadows, would stay with me for the rest of
my life. I didn’t feel like I could handle marriage.

“Olive.” Aaron had reached me. He stood in front of me, gazing at me tenderly. That tenderness just
made me feel even more scared.

I wanted to run away. I pursed my lips as I looked at Aaron with confusion. I tried to form words, but all
that came out was a small squeak.

I chanted frantically in the back of my mind, don’t say it, don’t say


I didn’t want there to be any resentment between us, but I knew that if he said what he planned to say,
a rift would open up.

But Aaron was deaf to the prayer in my heart. As I stared at him in complete panic, he got down on one

He straightened his back, handed me the beautiful bouquet of roses, and took a ring out of his coat
pocket. He held my right hand in his. “Olive. I know this is a bit sudden, and I’m sure this whole thing
looks really impulsive to you, but I’ve been planning this for a very long time. I was so excited and
nervous and scared

all last night thinking about this. You know I love you, but what I haven’t made clear enough is that I
love only you, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.” He took a deep breath, “Olive, will you
marry me? Will you make a family with me?”

His eyes were full of passion, but I could sense his nervousness from his slightly trembling hands. My
body instantly tensed up, and my mind couldn’t form a response.

Frankly, I never dreamed of my future with Aaron, and the thought of him proposing today never
crossed my mind.

When I met his happy and expectant gaze, I just wanted to leave. I couldn’t give him what he wanted. I
clenched my fists and my knuckles turned stark white.

Aaron’s eyes traced me from bottom to top, looking over me from my clenched fists to my conflicted

His confident smile fell, and his eyes, which has always shined a brilliant bright blue, clouded over with

I saw his finger, which held the ring aloft, sink as if it suddenly lost its strength. Then, he lifted it up
again expectantly.

I just stood there, my heart pounding.

He was still waiting for my answer. I hesitated, not knowing how to say no. I was too afraid to even look
him in the eye. “Aaron, I…”

Aaron sensed something was wrong, and he hurriedly interrupted me. “It’s alright babe, I know this
whole thing was sudden. Did I scare you?”

I knew that he didn’t want to feel the sting of rejection, but I also knew it was best to be honest with him
before everything went off the rails.

‘Aaron, I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I’m ready to marry you right now. I…” I looked up, and as soon as
my eyes met Aaron’s crestfallen gaze, I couldn’t say another word.

I pinched myself and averted my gaze. “I’m sorry.”

The atmosphere was heavy for a moment. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to completely

Aaron tried his best to keep a steady tone. “Olive, honestly, I was so scared that you would reject me.
I’ve played all the possible outcomes out in my mind, and I knew there was a chance you would say no,
but I don’t think it’s a problem. We still have plenty of time to figure things out; I want to find the best
way to make each other happy and comfortable together. Would you prefer it if we get engaged first
and wait for you to feel ready before we get married? Would you be with me then?”

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