Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 180

: Don’t Even Think About Leaving Me For The Rest of Y.

The receptionist checked us in as quickly as possible, and after getting our room card, Aaron carried
me straight up to the couple’s suite on the thirty-first floor.

When I arrived at the suite, I was greeted by the most blatantly erotic room I had ever seen. It was
dimly lit by candles, with s*xy lingerie laid out across the plush velvet furniture. Not only that, but there
was also a set of handcuffs and whips on the end table!

I was a little put off by all this, but Aaron looked like a kid in a candy store.

He set me down on the bed, walked over, and started to play with the handcuffs. Watching him, I felt
my heart pounding like a drum in my chest, but I pretended to be calm.

But when Aaron picked up the handcuffs and walked toward me, I couldn’t play it cool any longer.

“What are you going to do?” Alarm bells blared in my mind, and as Aaron stepped closer to me, I
scooted backward until I bumped into the headboard, with no more room to back up.

Aaron leaned over me, bent down, grabbed my hand, and snapped the cool handcuffs around my wrist.

Aaron was smiling, but there was no warmth in his eyes as he said, “Olive, let’s try something new.”

He had a devious look on his face, and my heart pounded in response. I knew without a doubt that
Aaron was up to no good.

He got down on one knee beside the bed and started to strip my clothes off.

He didn’t say a word as he focused on stripping me, but beneath Aaron’s heated gaze, I felt like I was
already naked.

I wasn’t quite comfortable with this version of Aaron. I leaned back, trying to resist. “Aaron, don’t do

“What are you hiding from?” Aaron frowned and put his hands around my waist, his warm fingers
stroking my bare skin. “You don’t want me to touch you because you’re going to see Vincent soon, is
that it?”

Why was he so fixated on Vincent? I was a little annoyed by it at this point. “Aaron, can you stop being
unreasonable? Vincent and I are over, I’ve told you that before.”

Was he still questioning my relationship with Vincent, even after all this time?

If there was really a chance of me getting back together with Vincent, I would never have taken things
this far with Aaron, and I definitely wouldn’t have promised him to wear this engagement ring!

“Then don’t go back!” Aaron’s eyes were heavy on me as he snaked his arms around my waist and
pulled me into his embrace.

I was starting to think I’d never be able to get through to Aaron. I had no intention of speaking to
Vincent when I went back, but no matter how I explained it, Aaron refused to believe me!

His attitude was getting on my nerves. I frowned and pushed him away as hard as I could, then
struggled to get up from the bed and tugged at the handcuffs around my wrists. “Let me go.”

Aaron looked straight into my eyes, and I returned his stare without flinching, refusing to back down.
“Stop messing around, Aaron. I’m sick of your games.”

Aaron didn’t answer me. After a long time, he bowed his head and unlocked the handcuffs.

Once the restraints were gone, I rubbed my wrists and immediately got out of bed. Staying with Aaron
would only put us both in a bad mood, so it was better for me to leave.

I straightened out my rumpled clothes and walked toward the door.

Aaron’s face twitched, and he jumped off the bed in one swift motion, grabbing me in a hug before I
could open the door. “Olive, you still want to leave me?”

“Yes! I don’t want to be around you right now!” I was so angry, I hardly knew what I was saying, but I
could see Aaron flinch as every word struck him like a dagger through the heart.

“You don’t like me anymore?” His hands tightened around my


I wanted to say yes, but all the color had drained from Aaron’s face, and his tension and fear were
obvious from his expression. In the end, I pursed my lips and kept quiet.

Aaron suddenly lowered his head and kissed me. His lips were fierce and eager on mine, so forceful
that I was powerless to resist.

Weren’t we supposed to be fighting? Aaron’s kiss caught me off guard, and I wasn’t in the mood to kiss
him right now. My tongue tangled with his, trying to gain control of the kiss, but Aaron refused to give
even an inch. I was so angry, I bit his lip hard and pushed him away with all my strength.

“Aaron, that’s enough!”

Aaron took a step backward as I pushed him, hitting his back against the door. Blood dripped from the
place where I’d bitten his lip. He slowly raised his hand to his mouth as if in a trance, and his

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thumb came away bright red with a smear of blood. He raised his eyes and looked at me. His blue eyes
inspected me closely, and paired with the red on his lips, he looked extremely charming and alluring.

He smiled playfully, but his eyes were full of loneliness and pain. He reached down and pulled off his
shirt, revealing his sturdy, powerful chest. His bright red lips parted and he said, “Olive, you forced me
to do this.”

Seeing his movements, I was overcome by panic. I turned to run, but the room was so big, and Aaron
was standing between me and the door. Before I could take a single step, Aaron had already picked
me up and thrown me on the bed.

The mattress was soft and I didn’t feel any pain, but I was still a little dizzy. The next moment, I felt the
familiar cold metallic sensation around my wrists.

I looked up to find that Aaron had handcuffed one of my hands to the bed. I was enraged, but helpless
to do anything about it. “Aaron, let me go!”

“No.” Aaron shook his head slowly, and started to pull my pants down my legs with a feverish glint in
his eyes. “Olive, you brought this on yourself. In this life, you will never leave me.”

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