Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 182

Escape from Aaron

Aaron grabbed my hand against his chest and pulled my waist forward so that I was straddling him. “I
guess I didn’t exhaust you enough earlier if you still have the energy to think about things like that.”

His erect c*ck rested against my tender p*ssy and he slightly raised his hips,plunging it deep inside me.

“Aaron… mmm…: I bit my bottom lip and stifled a grunt as he continued to thrust into me.

Aaron held my hips and stared at me with an expressionless face. If it weren’t for the splashing in the
tub, no one looking at us would be able to guess what

Aaron was doing to me right now.

He reached out and brushed a lock of my wet hair behind my ear, his eyes dark and heavy. “Olive,
don’t you want to stay by my side? Why do you have to see him?”

As he spoke, he shoved upwards again.

His paranoia about me seeing Vincent bothered me. I met his annoyed gaze and tried to suppress the
displeasure in my heart as I explained once more, “I’ll come back right after I go to see his mother…”

“You’re stalling!” Aaron lowered his head and bit down hard on my left breast, leaving a dark red mark.

I couldn’t help but scream, and I instantly shouted at Aaron. “Aaron, you’re too much sometimes!
You’re going to make me hate you!”

I don’t know which word stirred him, but his eyes suddenly became cold and dangerous as he pressed
me further into the water. I could only barely hold onto his neck to keep my face above the water, but
this position felt even more intimate.

Dividing into pages now

His jaw tensed, he lifted my leg around his waist, and he once again thrust into me. Hard.

The lewd sounds of splashing filled the bathroom.

Aaron lowered his head so he was next to my ear, gave it a nip, and said in a deep voice, “Olive, you’re
mine. I won’t let anyone take you away from me. You don’t want to escape.”

The room was dark and Aaron was breathing deeply next to me, already asleep.

I listened to my own heartbeat as I struggled to fall asleep.

Aaron stubbornly believed that I was going to see Vincent, no matter how much

I explained. He just kept saying I was twisting the truth. He even restrained me and teased me. His
attitude made me lose patience as I tried to explain the situation to him.

Aaron couldn’t keep me shut in here forever.

I made sure Aaron was asleep before gingerly getting out of bed. I grabbed my phone and walked to
the foyer to look for the handcuff keys on the counter. It took me a while to find the key in the trash.

I unlocked the handcuffs, changed my clothes, stole one last glance at the sleeping Aaron, and left the

When I left the hotel, the night was in full swing.

It was a chilly night in Bern. The cold wind blew right through my sweater and directly into my heart. I
wrapped my coat tighter around me and hailed a cab to head to the airport.

When I got there, I called Vincent.

“Olive.” His helpless, bitter voice was slightly distorted by the call. “I thought you’d never call me again.”

I didn’t call Vincent just to chat, so I got straight to the point and said, “Which hospital is your mom in?”

Vincent was silent for a couple of seconds, as if he considered hanging up.

Instead, he dropped that lost tone and spoke seriously. “We’re in Las Vegas. What time are you
arriving? I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

“I’ll let you know when I get there.” I didn’t want to talk to Vincent any longer, so

I hung up the phone without giving him a chance to reply. I was a bit confused. Why would Vincent’s
mother go all the way to Las Vegas for treatment instead of choosing a hospital in New York?

A bit of suspicion flashed through my mind, but I was so exhausted from my argument with Aaron that I
didn’t think too much about it.

After I bought a ticket for the latest flight to Las Vegas, I figured that Aaron would call me when I woke
up so I turned off my phone. I only turned it back on once I had arrived in Las Vegas.

Tons of messages from Aaron immediately popped up on my screen. I didn’t know exactly how many
he sent, but my phone constantly buzzed.

Looking at the messages, I could tell how bad Aaron felt after he realized I left.

He was asking for it! I tried to explain it to him, but he refused to listen and imprisoned me. When I
thought about what he did to me, I teared up.

So I didn’t message Aaron back. I already decided to visit Vincent’s mother, and talking to Aaron
wouldn’t change that. It would be better for us both to calm down first. I’d talk with him after visiting
Vincent’s mother.

I felt my phone ring, and I noticed Vincent was calling, so I picked up.

“Olive, I’m at the airport entrance. Did you get off the plane?” I was a bit surprised at Vincent’s words.
How did he know that I was here?

Maybe I had known him for so long that he knew what course of action I would take. I suppressed my
amazement and headed to the doors of the airport.

Right after I stepped out of the doors, I spotted Vincent. He was wearing a long, black trench coat. He
leaned against his car door and waved at me. His outfit and attitude reminded me of when I first started
dating him. But as soon as I came back to my senses, I was filled with disgust.

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