Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 188

Let’s end our relationship

At this point, someone held my waist and pulled me into his arms forcefully.

I subconsciously went to see how Aaron would react, but found he was smiling indifferently. Yet, the
knuckles of the hand holding the woman’s waist were slightly pale.

Vincent irrefutably dragged me into his arms, caressed my hair, and smiled gently at me, “Finished?
The wedding is not complete yet. Let’s go back now.”

After an indifferent glance at me, Aaron continued to chat with his female companion.

Why did the thing end up like this? He ignored me completely. His strange, cold look at me almost
made me stagger and fall.

Vincent held my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go, dear. It’s a little cold outside.”

Cold? I can’t feel it at all. I just stood there stiffly, watching Aaron and the woman beside him chatting
with a broad smile.

Vincent sighed softly and bent down to pick me up. I took a step back, refusing him to do something so
intimate. I shouted to Aaron, “Aaron, can we have a talk? I want to talk to you alone.”

He glanced at my face with his deep blue eyes, but then stopped looking. “Sorry, I’m busy.” Then he
took the woman’s hand, about to leave.

Watching his back moving away, I was so clear that if I didn’t stop him, maybe our relationship would
end forever.

I staggered after him. When I reached him, I held his arm firmly and looked at him imploringly, “I beg of
you! Let’s have a talk, okay?”

I thought I might cry because my eyelids were burning hot and Aaron was getting blurred in my eyes.
Through the blurred vision, I saw that Aaron

pursed his thin lips slightly and frowned a bit, but he didn’t sweep my hand away with his.

I held his arm firmly and took him to an open lawn.

Only then did he shake my hands off. He crossed his arms and observed the surrounding scenery
casually. “The scenery here is very good. I can see that Vincent has put some thought into this. No
wonder you were willing to marry him.”

“This is not true!” I almost broke down. Every word Aaron seemed to speak without intention was like a
needle driven deep into my heart.

I wanted to explain, but Aaron’s face was covered with mocking smiles. Also, his eyebrows were filled
with impatience, showing he didn’t want to hear a word from me.

But I didn’t want to give up like this. As long as I can clarify it to him, he will understand me, I thought.

Facing his mocking eyes, I had no time to put my words in order. Instead, I could only say drily, “Trust
me. What you saw is really not the truth. I don’t have any relationship with Vincent. I married him just to
help his mother.”

“Hah,” Aaron sneered, “do you think I’ll believe such an awkward answer so stupidly?”

I said helplessly, “I’m not lying to you…”

True, I left without informing Aaron because I was sure he would forgive me. Wh

I went to falsely get the marriage certificate with Vincent, I hesitated. But I thought that after I coaxed
him, Aaron wouldn’t be angry. I did think I was on the side of reason.

Being taken to the church to attend the wedding ceremony by Vincent was not my wish. But when I
saw his mother’s happy face, I agreed because I didn’t think anything would happen after I clarified this
to Aaron.

Time after time, I neglected Aaron and showed his feelings no respect. Now, when his ice-cold eyes
were on me, I finally realized how wrong I had been.

He put his index finger on my lips, asking me to keep quiet. “You don’t have to explain. Just now, I saw
how happily you smiled and how crisply you said ‘I do.””

“No wonder you didn’t want to accept my proposal. It turns out you’ve been hoping to marry Vincent.
You felt so much pain when you were with me, right?” He lifted my chin. When our eyes met, I couldn’t
see even a bit of love in his eyes.

My heart quickly sank, I felt so cold as if I had fallen into an ice cave. I mumbled unconsciously, again
and again, “This is not true. Trust me. He deceived me. Trust me. Aaron…”

“Olive, how could I trust you?” Aaron pressed my lips gently with his thumb. “You promised me that you
would never slip off the ring I gave you, but you’re now wearing a diamond ring another man gave you.”

He suddenly smacked his lips and smiled coldly, “I almost forgot something. This man is your husband.
Compared with him, I am nothing!”

“No, don’t talk like that. You’re the most important in my heart. Aaron, I know I was wrong. Please
forgive me. This attitude scares me a lot…” Regretful tears ran down my eyes. At this moment, I did

wish I had the superpower of putting the clock back, letting everything return to the past. Then I would
choose to stay with Aaron.

Aaron let go of my chin and looked at me deeply with ridicule, as if to show he didn’t believe a word of
mine. He took two steps back and coldly announced the verdict to me, “Olive, I misread you. Let’s end
our relationship. Don’t come to me anymore in the future.”

I heard every word he said, but didn’t know what he meant by that. I strode forward, stopped him, and
asked, “What did you say?”

“I mean we’re over. Don’t contact me anymore in the future!” Aaron bent slightly down with his blue
eyes approaching me and said word for word.

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