Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 193

Lack of Concentration

Tears kept rolling down from the corners of my eyes. I sat there and hugged my knees, whimpering

“Honey.” Cinder squatted down, opened her arms to hug me, and patted my back gently like coaxing a
baby, asking, “What happened?”

Her face looked anxious, and her eyes turned red.

Leaning in her arms, I sobbed out what had happened during the past two days, feeling like recalling a

After hearing my words, Cinder frowned and couldn’t help cursing, “Vincent is a despicable and
shameless villain. He used your sympathy to get you!”

I didn’t even have the strength to scold Vincent now. I was too stupid, so I had fallen into his trap. After
reviewing this matter, I fully realized how wrong I was. Coincidentally, I had agreed to a fake marriage
with Vincent shortly after rejecting Aaron’s marriage proposal.

When Aaron had been preventing me from coming back to New York in every possible way, I had
resolutely taken the plane back without telling him. He had called me countless times. If I had
answered one of them and made things clear, things would not have become so bad.

But I had taken his affection for me as a weapon and acted willfully. And now, this weapon had pierced
into my heart too.

After scolding Vincent for a long time, Cinder patted me on the shoulder and said softly, “Aaron might
be deliberately provoking you in a fit of anger. Everyone can see how he likes you. So, he will never
dump you. Don’t think nonsense.”

Cinder’s comfort gave me a little more confidence. But what Aaron had said to me today made me
have no courage to go to meet him. I was not sure if he still liked me, but I knew I had broken his heart.

Yesterday, he had told me because he wanted to apologize to me that he had flown to Las Vegas. At
the thought of this, I felt so sad that I couldn’t breathe. He was such a proud man but had bowed his
head time and time when I made trouble out of nothing. And now, I had made him badly heartbroken.

Would he forgive me? If it were in the past, I would have said yes with certainty. But now, I was not

I leaned in Cinder’s arms and let the tears flow down my cheek, saying, “If I could turn back time, I
would not do this to him again.”

It was not until losing him that I realized how tolerant he had been toward

Cinder stroked my hair and said, “He will forgive you when he calms down. Don’t be so sad.”

This matter gave me a headache, and I wanted to get completely drunk. So, I grabbed her arm and
said, “I want to drink.”

She nodded, “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

Then, I drank until I had a blackout and didn’t even know I had gotten home.

But Cinder’s comfort made me regain a hint of confidence. At first, my guilty conscience and fear had
made me lose my mind. After I calmed down, I realized Aaron could hardly find another fiancée within
such a short time.

Then, I tried to contact him every day by sending messages to or calling him. I had ignored all his
messages before. And now, I tasted the bitter feeling of being ignored too.

I wanted to go to his house to meet him. But since seeing his “fiancée” opening the door that day, I had
felt afraid. And I could not pluck up the courage to go there again.

Fortunately, my workload at school became heavy. So, I returned to the laboratory to continue my
research. I thought doing the experiment could temporarily make me forget about the problem between
Aaron and me. But I had overestimated my willpower.

After breaking up with him, I even lost the patience and concentration to do experiments which were
the basic requirements for researchers. In the quiet office, my thoughts always wandered for no
reason. Only then did I realize that life without Aaron was so suffering.

I was living like a walking dead and did not know what to do in the future without him. As time passed, I
became increasingly sure I could not afford to lose him. I must get him back.

As long as I had time, I could not help taking out my phone to see if he had replied to my messages.
Unfortunately, he had never responded.

The only thing making me feel glad now was that he had not blocked me yet. I sought pleasure in
sorrow, telling myself maybe this was the best result.


When I was in a trance during an experiment, Nick suddenly snatched the test tube from my left hand
and the mobile phone from my right one. Coming back to my senses, I subconsciously looked at him.

“You use the wrong reagents!”

He put the test tube and mobile phone aside and seriously asked, “What’s the matter with you? Why
can’t you concentrate on the experiment?”

While speaking, he frowned, but his eyes were full of concern.

I stiffly forced a smile. Looking at the mobile phone on the desk, I couldn’t help wondering what if Aaron
sent me a message now. I knew I was having a pile dream, but I could not prevent myself from having
such a fantasy.

Nick held my shoulders and said with a gloomy face, “Olive, look at you! You are like a walking dead.”

While speaking, he picked up a mirror and held it in front of my face.

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