Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 200

I Fled

The place where Aaron’s hand touched was numb. But my heart gradually sank. Did Aaron think that
was why I came to him?

“Why are you looking at me like this? Am I wrong?” Aaron was still smiling, but there was no warmth in
his blue eyes, and the words he said were even colder and more ruthless, “Vincent can’t satisfy you, or
have you become addicted to cheating for excitement?”

I took a deep breath, held back the tears that were about to fall, and asked him seriously, “Is it really
what you think of me?”

“Or what? What else should I think of you?” Aaron chuckled as if he had heard a very funny joke,
“Aren't you just such a woman?”

I hadn’t expected that I turned out to be such an unbearable woman in Aaron's heart.

All the courage I had mustered up today was shattered at this moment.

Tears rolled down the corners of my eyes. I stubbornly straightened my back and looked up at Aaron,
“Do you have to say that about me?”

Could it be that I was a despicable woman in his heart?

Seeing my tears fall, Aaron narrowed his eyes and suddenly tightened his grip on my shoulder.

Two seconds later, he shrugged slightly, “Okay, I was wrong.”

His apology was so perfunctory. At least, I didn't feel his sincerity at all. However, when Aaron reached
out to wipe my tears, I seemed to see his distress in a trance.

When his warm fingers touched my cheeks, I felt so sad that I burst into tears.

Aaron suddenly picked me up and strode towards the sofa. He let me sit on his lap, took out a
handkerchief, and wiped the corners of my eyes.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but tears kept flowing down my face.

“Did Vincent bully you?” Aaron asked me suddenly.

I felt the weight of his grip on my arm, and I suddenly had an illusion that if I said yes, Aaron would
probably go after Vincent. But, after returning from Las Vegas, I never met Vincent again. I had been
living in a mess every day, and I didn’t have time to think about Vincent at all. I shook my head, “No,

We hadn't met at all.

“That's right.” He looked very understanding, “You and he are newlyweds, a happy and loving couple.
Where did he get the time to bully you?”

Why was he always stubbornly trying to tie me and Vincent together? I had nothing to do with Vincent! I
wanted to explain, but Aaron suddenly asked me, “Are you done crying?”

I froze for a moment. But before I could react, Aaron suddenly pinched my waist and brought his
handsome face closer to me.

His face was still as good-looking as ever, and it was handsome enough to fascinate me at a glance.
Staring at his blue eyes, I subconsciously grabbed the hem of his clothes tightly.

Like a wolf, Aaron didn't even blink his eyes.

He looked closely at me, slowly pressed me down on the sofa, stretched out his hand to hold my arm,
and lowered his head to my lips.

“Aaron...” I called his name nervously, aware of what he wanted to do. But it seemed I couldn't push
him away, or rather, subconsciously I didn’t want to push him away.

He lowered his head, licked my lips with his tongue, and put his other hand under the hem of my skirt.

“Huh?” Aaron narrowed his eyes slightly as if admiring the look of fascination on my face.

Dividing into pages nor I couldn’t help but want to reach out to hug his waist, but I suddenly saw the
purple hickeys on his neck again! I froze as if I was struck by lightning.

I pushed him away violently, sat up, and straightened my clothes.

“What's wrong?” Aaron didn’t react. He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked me.

I tried my best to smooth the folds on my skirt, and asked him seriously, “Aaron, tell me, what is your
relationship with that woman just now?”

Aaron leaned on the sofa, smiling wickedly, “Didn't I tell you a long time ago? She is my fiancée.”

I clenched my fists suddenly, and said in a somewhat awkward tone, “What about me? To you, what
am I?”

“What do you think you should be?” Aaron smiled and pulled me into his arms again, and wanted to
bow his head to kiss me again.

When I thought of his lips kissing another woman just now, I somehow felt disgusted. I turned my head
and struggled to withdraw from his arms, “She is your fiancée. Why do you still kiss me?”

“Didn't you take the initiative yourself?” Aaron looked confused, and his hand slid down from my chest,
“You deliberately came to me dressed like this. Aren't you trying to seduce me? Since you showed up
at my door, why wouldn't I turn you down?”

While talking, he leaned over and tried to kiss me again.

As for me, at this moment, I only felt that my hair stood on end. It turned out that in Aaron’s heart, I was
a cheap woman at his door, and I was so despicable!

I couldn't bear it anymore. I pushed him away, slapped him, and ran out quickly. I was wrong. I
shouldn't have come to see Aaron today. As Daisy had said, I would regret the decision I made. But at
this moment, besides regret, what I was feeling more was despair.

This was the last time I had swallowed my pride to make peace with him. And from today on, I would
have no reason to go to see him anymore, because my pride would not allow me to make mistakes
again and again.

Now I realized that there was no future between us.

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