Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 206


“Surprise!” I heard Cinder’s voice when I opened the door.

Then I heard another familiar voice, “I knew she would have this reaction.”

“OMG! Am I dreaming? Why are you here?!” I was stunned!

Who could imagine that the two people who should be in New York and Boston now were standing in
front of me at this moment!

Cinder and Nick hugged me warmly with gifts in their hands. I got a kiss on each cheek.

“Congratulations on your new life!”

“I should have recorded your reaction.” Cinder walked over in the latest limited-edition manolo blahnik
high heels, took out her mobile phone. and took a group photo of the three of us. Then she walked right
past me into the house.

She looked around and couldn’t help shaking her head, “Dear Olive, I guessed that you must not have
finished packing, but such progress is beyond my expectation.”

I watched the two of them come to the living room as if they had returned to their own home, and it
instantly reminded me of three years ago.

Since breaking up with that man, I’d had a really bad time.

Cinder had once called an ambulance and I was sent to the hospital because of excessive drinking.
After the doctor performed a gastric lavage on me, she helped me to ask for leave from school.

When she came back, Nick was beside her.

Nick met Cinder at school and came to visit me after hearing about my situation. I’m still wondering
how the two of them formed such a deep friendship in such a short time.

Anyway, I’ve always been very grateful to these two good friends of mine.

If they hadn’t taken turns taking care of me at that time, I’m afraid it would have been difficult for me to
get over it after I broke up and I wouldn’t have successfully gotten a Ph.D. When I told them I wanted to
come here and start a new life, they were the ones I felt most guilty about.

God knows I wouldn’t want to leave them if I could!

Of course, soon God told me that apparently, our friendship was too good for me to worry about.

Cinder received a new order and flew around the world all the time. The time she spent in Manhattan
was not even as long as when she went to Switzerland to see her younger boyfriend. Nick also got an
offer from Harvard and he went to Boston with David.

Fortunately, distance did not affect our friendship

“Did you make an appointment to come here together?” I closed the door and walked towards them.

“Eliott lent me his private jet and I picked up Nick on the way,” Cinder said and put her handbag aside.

Nick walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Then I heard his scream from the kitchen,
“Olive, don’t tell me that the first thing you do when you arrive in Germany is to buy alcohol locally!”

“What? No!” I suddenly remembered that Charlotte had prepared some food for me before she left, and
quickly explained, “This must be prepared by my assistant Charlotte Charles. I have been unpacking
my luggage since I came back after completing the entry procedures.”

“Don’t be nervous. Olive is not the way she was three years ago. Bring it out. Today is indeed a day
worth celebrating.” Nick came out of the kitchen and took out three bottles of beer with labels printed in
German and some food.

Cinder whistled, “Authentic Bavarian white beer. I haven’t tasted it before.”

There were no beer mugs at home, so we had to open a bottle each, holding it high amidst the sound
of bubbling.

“Congratulations to Olive for successfully joining TWH!”

With the crisp sound of glass colliding, I raised my head and drank a big gulp of local German white
beer. When the thick liquid was poured into my throat, I found the taste smooth, not bitter, and the
aroma of wheat strong.

After a simple celebration, I thought of what Cinder had said just now, “I didn’t expect you and Eliott to
be together.”

From what I knew of Cinder, she treated Eliot differently than any of her ex-boyfriends. They had been
together for almost four years!

What was more, whenever we mentioned Eliott’s name now, there would be a proud and sweet
expression on her face!

“Well, I didn’t expect it either.”

Nick looked at her sideways, “Look at you. Are you still the career- oriented ambitious woman I know?”

“An ambitious woman is also entitled to enjoy love, buddy.”

“So does that mean that we’ll attend your wedding soon?” I asked half- jokingly and half emotionally.

Regarding plans, Cinder instinctively showed her side as a strong career woman.

She shrugged helplessly, “There is no such plan yet. As you have seen, I am very busy with work now.
I don’t spend much time with Eliott, let alone you two.”

“When it comes to the wedding, I’m afraid Nick will hold one first. After all, he is now almost with his
boyfriend day and night.”

Cinder quickly turned the topic to Nick and teased her, “How does it feel to date your mentor?”

“Not much. But the working environment at Harvard makes me painful and happy.”

Nick’s reaction made me and Cinder subconsciously look at each other. We all saw a hint of surprise in
each other’s eyes.

It was not how Nick should react. With his character, when there was a rare opportunity to show off his
relationship, he would show it off, instead of changing the subject calmly like he was doing now.

Something must have happened between him and David!

Cinder and I immediately sat on the sofa beside him, “Do you need to talk?”

Nick looked at me in surprise and then turned to look at Cinder. Realizing our attitude, he lay down on
his back unhappily, “Oh my sweethearts, you are so sensitive.”

Cinder said, “You know, you can always trust us.”

Nick said, “I know.”

He took another sip of beer and seemed to be thinking about what to say, “Actually, it’s nothing. Maybe
I just entered a strange environment and a new relationship at the same time. Maybe the time has

changed my heart.”

I deeply sympathized with Nick’s feelings.

“That’s true. Time can change a person a lot. It has changed me at least.”

Cinder nodded, “Indeed. Who would have thought that you would escape to Germany just for Aaron?”

When I heard her words, my heart suddenly ached. Cinder realized something as soon as she said that
name. She fell silent in embarrassment and gave Nick a nervous look.

However, as a professional ambitious woman with sophisticated social experience, she immediately
raised her voice to change the topic.

“No matter what, everything is the best arrangement that fate bestows upon us.” She raised the wine
bottle in her hand, “A toast to time.”

Nick was very cooperative, and also raised the bottle to touch hers, “A toast to time.”

I looked at my two friends who were waiting for me to join and pretended not to hear the name. I took a
deep breath to cheer myself up and raised my bottle as well, “A toast to time.”

When the cold liquid went down my throat into my stomach, I pretended not to notice the heartache
and even emptied my mind.

It was just that the more you want to suppress something, the more it will surface involuntarily.

I had to admit now that three years later, I still hadn’t gotten over him, Aaron Morris.

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