Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 211

Nightlife in Munich

Ten minutes later, Charlotte took me to the door of her friend’s clothing store.

Along the way, all the shops on both sides of the road were completely dark. The road was very
deserted, and there were hardly any people in sight. So the only clothing store with lights on easily
stood out.

“Charlotte!” After pushing open the store door, I heard a scream from inside. Then someone rushed
over quickly and hugged Charlotte in front of me.

Charlotte smiled and quickly opened her arms, “Long time no see, Sofia.”

After a simple face-to-face kiss, Charlotte immediately introduced me to her friend who was the owner
of the clothing store, “This is Dr. Olive Woods, my boss in TWH. She just came from America.”

Then she looked at me, “Dr. Woods, this is Sofia Michael.”

Sofia reached out to me first, “Nice to meet you. And your hair color is really beautiful.”

I held her hand, “Thank you. It’s also nice to meet you. I hope it won’t cause you too much trouble at
this late hour.”

To be honest, Sofia’s dress was a bit beyond my expectation.

On our way here, Charlotte had told me that her friend was a native German. But the German lady
standing in front of me was not “German” at all.

She had three piercings in each ear, and her figure was very sexy. Especially at this moment, she was
wearing a tight sequined skirt that could be called revealing! This made her figure curve nowhere to


She had sexy brown long curls, charming long eyelashes, smoky makeup, and plump red lips, and half
of her breasts were exposéd…

I had to admit that she was the most un-German German I had ever seen!

“No, no, you’re here just in time.” Sofia’s English accent had distinctly German accent to it. Her English
obviously could only allow her to say some simple content.

Fortunately, we had Charlotte!

With the help of our good translator Charlotte, my suspicion was confirmed. Sofia was planning to go to
a nightclub for a while.

Charlotte asked me if I would mind taking Sofia with us, and of course, I had no problem.

But I looked at her, “So, is this how a girl should look like in Munich nightclubs?”

Charlotte nodded.

Okay, now I could understand why Charlotte had looked at my nightclub dress in that way.

She was right!

With the help of Charlotte and Sofia, I was recommended several outfits that were quite sexy and edgy.
In order not to waste time, I gritted, my teeth and completed the payment without hesitation.

In this way, I bought a few pieces of clothing that I had never tried before, including black silk fishnet
stockings, a slip dress with a deep V-cut and silver tassels, a backless Sheath dress with a leopard
print, etc.

When I changed into the slip dress with a deep V-cut and silver tassels that Charlotte and Sofia had
been raving about, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and my face was flushed.

Charlotte took several photos for me, and kept saying how beautiful I looked, “You will be the queen on
the dance floor tonight!”

Honestly, I didn’t care if I would be the queen on the dance floor. This was not my style.

But I thought about that phone call with Cinder and my determination. I needed a fresh start, didn’t I?

So I would get started by trying this new hot girl style.

For Charlotte’s sake, Sofia gave me a very nice discount. We got into Charlotte’s convertible and
headed to Munich.

Even though it was June, nighttime temperatures here were still in the mid-sixties. I put on a thin black
coat and sat in the passenger seat, and my heartbeat became faster as I got closer to the destination.

The slip dress I was wearing had a very deep V-cut! I could see my breasts just by looking down!

I didn’t have confidence, “Charlotte, are you sure it’s not too outrageous to dress like this?”

“Not at all. Believe me, this is the most common dress in Munich nightclubs. Just relax and enjoy.” As
she spoke, she suddenly lifted her chin and motioned me to look at the road ahead, “Look.”

I followed her gaze and looked over.

At this moment, our car had arrived near the old city, and we could already see a long queue ahead. At
the end of the line was the entrance to a nightclub.

I was completely stunned at this moment!

Charlotte had not exaggerated at all. Every girl who came to the nightclub was dressed extra sexy and

I even saw a lady with long green hair only wearing sexy bras!

“OMG!” I didn’t even know whether to be amazed by the nightclub culture here or to admire the lady’s
bravery in the cold.

Charlotte smiled at me, “Look, isn’t it completely different from Germany you knew?”

I nodded repeatedly.

“The stereotype of Germans is well-known around the world. Germans, especially young people, are
having more fun than Americans these days.” Charlotte turned the steering wheel, leading us into a
dark intersection, “In Germany, the more abstinent and stuffy people look, the greater the contrast. I
guess you won’t believe it. There are several well-known nightclubs in Berlin where you even have to
take off your clothes. I went there once when I was in college. To be honest, anyone with a little lack of
self-confidence would be afraid to go there.”

She seemed to suddenly think of something, and her tone became agitated, “Can you believe that
there were even people making love in public?”

I was stunned.

At this moment, Charlotte finally stopped, “Here we are.”

Sofia in the back had already started screaming excitedly. But I

looked around and felt confused.

I just remembered we had just passed the door of an industrial nightclub, and I hadn’t even had time to
see the name of the nightclub! But the place where the car stopped was very remote, and only loud
electronic music could be faintly heard in the distance.

Despite the many doubts in my heart, I unbuckled my seat belt and got out of the car.

Charlotte took her phone and sent a message. She looked at Sofia, said something, and then
translated it for me, “Wait a minute, my DJ friend, Tobi Wright, will be leading us through the back door

I realized what was going on and nodded.

As expected, after waiting for less than five minutes, a young man with yellow hair in an ordinary T-shirt
appeared. The tattoos on his arms could be seen when he was rolling up his sleeves. I guessed he
was in his early twenties and he looked very young and handsome.

Charlotte introduced me and the young man to each other immediately.

“Thank God I’ve met a beautiful new friend tonight.” Mr. Wright was very warm to me.

He hugged me before he took us into the nightclub through the back door, and stored our bags and
coats. But what I hadn’t expected was that this brand new nightclub experience was just beginning

As soon as we entered the arena, the scene inside shocked me! There were people everywhere I

I had never seen such a crowded nightclub!

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Chapter 211

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