Bad Alien Boss (Royal Aliens 6)

Page 29

It’s nice to hear him come to my defense, even though I know he doesn’t really care so much about defending me as he does upholding the honor of the crown or whatever. Still, if I squint my ears and sort of pretend, I can imagine he cares about me and is chastising the chef on my behalf.
He emerges from the kitchens looking annoyed. That does not bode so well for me. I had hoped he’d work his temper out on the disgusting chef, but it seems there is plenty to go around.
He directs the question at me with hissed breath.
“Why not?”
“It’s like you want to be beaten,” he says, half to himself. He’s so close to the truth he’s basically tripping over it.
“That guy was an asshole, so I was an asshole back to him. That is how this works. You don’t get to call me vermin.”
“Very well,” Terrible relents, surprising me. “You are right. He was disrespectful, and you are part of the royal entourage now. I have berated him thoroughly, and will ensure that he is punished.”
“You will?” I’m shocked.
“I will. But you, Lucky, are going to start behaving yourself.”
I’m not, but still, it’s a nice idea.
“I know what you want,” he says.
“What do I want?”
“You want to be punished. You want to be taken. You want your pleasure and your pain, and human, you shall have both.”
He drags me to my dungeon, his hand wrapped in my hair. It is a humiliating way to be led, but what is even more shameful is the sheer excitement coursing through my veins as I feel him tugging at few thousand follicles all at once.
Spank me. Pull my hair. Fuck me.
That’s what I've been begging for without saying it, and he’s heard every word. We materialize through the wall of my personal dungeon and he wastes no time whatsoever in beginning the first phase of punishment.
He whips me. Hard. His palm comes down across my ass, and I yowl, predictably. Every time I go up against Terrible, I end up hurting. But this is a different kind of pain. This is a kind of pain I like, the pain that sinks in all deep and makes me warm and heats me right to my core. He’s giving me what I want. What I fucking need. He’s giving me the only thing that has ever passed for affection in my life.
He wants me to apologize. He wants me to submit. But that’s not going to happen. Not ever. Not because this doesn’t hurt, but because this is all I have.
“Why do you force this, human?”
“Because this is all you will give me.”
He heaves a sigh and his palm stops, settled on my burning ass.
“I can’t give you what you want, human. I am not human. I am not capable of that kind of affection. But I do not want to keep hurting you, either.”
“I’d rather you hurt me than didn’t do anything to me at all.”
“Lucky, you are a walking tragedy,” he muses softly. His fingertips trail down my heated ass. The ridges of his scales make my hot flesh tingle anew. I do enjoy this pain. Even if he loved me as much as Tyrant loves Tania, I would still want this.
“I want you,” he hisses beneath his breath, as if he is confessing something he doesn’t want himself to hear. “You are…”
He is on the verge of saying something I’ve wanted to hear my entire life, but I have the sinking feeling that it’s not going to come to anything. Maybe it is as he says, maybe he’s not capable of loving me. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m not lovable.
I am fuckable, though.
I am fuckable, and beatable, and usable.
I am made of sensitive flesh. I am tight crevices and liquid desire, and beneath his hands and mouth I unfurl. This isn’t the petty revenge I wanted. I wanted to taunt him, but instead I ended up the way I always end up, wrapped around the cock of the man I want to love me. The man who won’t love me, no matter how much I fall for him.
I feel him moving over me, spreading my legs. He leaves me face down to enter me in the same position he punished me. He pins me by the back of my neck, holding me in place even though I don’t need to be held. He knows on some level that this is what I need. I need punishment. I need to be dominated. And I need the redemption of orgasm.
His cock is thicker and larger than anything made for the human form, and the scales which sit so tight against his turgid flesh make my inner walls ripple when he surges in and out, a force of nature fucking me slowly at first and then with increasing urgency as he gives way to the beast inside him.