Bad Alien Boss (Royal Aliens 6)

Page 30

Then we are both nothing but animals. We writhe with one another and we spend our erotic energy on one another. We couple like a snake and a… whatever I am. I forget myself with him. I give him everything I am, and he takes it. He takes and he takes and he takes until there is nothing left.
* * *
“You're still going to pretend you don’t like me?” I am lying naked next to him, half curled in his arms. He remains beside me in the bed, and we both listen to the wings of the dragon outside, beating at the howling wind and rain.
“Like is an irrelevance, human. I know what we are. I know what you need.”
He slaps my ass with his open palm, and it feels like an intimacy, because it is. I almost don’t care what he says we are anymore. I know how I feel. I know he makes me feel safe. I know he might not ‘like’ me, but he’s looking after me more than anyone before him ever has. And he knows how to fuck me. I am awash in the most delicious after-currents of orgasm, so much so I don’t even question it when he pulls the covers up over the both of us.
I guess not letting me out of his sight means we’re sharing a bed. If this is his idea of not being intimate and not being with me, then I’m curious as to what it’s like when he is with someone.
We lie together in the thundering night, sleep creeping up over me little by little until I feel myself sliding into that temporary oblivion which claims me every evening.
I wake briefly in the night. We are wound in each other’s limbs. My head is on his chest, and his arm is around me, holding me close. His breath is slow and steady. I don’t dare move. I don’t want to break this spell of incredible warmth and comfort. He holds me as though I am precious, as if he is guarding me against the whole of the universe.
There is a little smile on my face as I slip back to sleep.
We can’t fuck all the time, even if that’s all I want to do whenever I see Terrible, which is all the time because he doesn’t trust me as far as I could throw him. He was serious about not letting me out of his sight. I can barely go to the bathroom without him barging in to see what is happening.
Now he insists I learn my new trade, whatever that is. For the moment, it is just following him around with a clipboard and a pen. He wants me to take notes, so I can study them later.
But I can’t concentrate. I keep looking at the breadth of his shoulders, and the powerful narrow set of his hips. I keep noticing the way he moves, and the way his eyes shine when he looks at me. Even his scales are sexy, and his cock remains a tantalizing mystery.
“Are you listening, Lucky!?”
“Sure. Don’t ever touch the purple things.”
“Don’t ever lick the green orbs,” he clarifies. “I know they look like apples, but they’re actually small animals who nest in the ducts of the ship and feast on the residues, which in turn keeps the ducts clean.”
“Okay, I won’t lick anything,” I say. “Unless you want me to lick something?”
I’m being so damn easy propositioning him this way, but dignity is for people who live somewhere that reputation matters. On this ship, it couldn’t matter less. Flirting with Terrible is fun. I know he won’t take me up on it. Every time I make a suggestive comment he growls and snarls and talks about whipping me.
“Lucky, if you don’t start behaving yourself, you will be very sore and very unsatisfied.”
“I bet you say that to all the ladies.”
I don’t say that to any of the ladies. She has no idea how irregular my feelings for her are. To be fair, she has no idea what my feelings are at all. I am on the verge of absolutely cracking in my resolve to keep our relationship nominally professional. I woke with her in my arms, her scent smeared all over my body. I woke happy, for the first time in I cannot say how long. I felt as though something I had been missing my entire life was suddenly there.
I have not considered taking a mate in a long time. My work with King Tyrant has always been so much more important than the notion of having a mate who would not be allowed on the ship anyway.
But this female is on the ship, and because of her rare humanity, her destiny is as tied to King Tyrant as mine is. It makes sense for us to pair up, in every way except for the fact that she is human, and I do not like humans. Or I didn’t like humans before I met her, and I still don't like the idea of liking one.