Bad Alien Boss (Royal Aliens 6)

Page 40

I deserve this. I deserve every bit of stinging pain, and every lash of harsh discipline. More than deserve it, I want it. I love the way he sets my body on fire. I love how he makes me feel small, and soft, and vulnerable. I love submitting to him, the way it seems the entire universe submits to him. There is some freedom in this pain. I don’t have to keep fighting. I don’t have to worry about what he’s going to do to me, or how he feels, because every time that lash lands, I somehow just fucking know.
“Are you sorry, human?” He asks a pointless question.
“No! I’m not! I’ll never be sorry for trying to be with you! Even if you hated me!”
“I didn’t think so,” he says. “You are a most recalcitrant little thing. This lash does nothing. You need to be punished properly, don’t you. You need to feel that tight little hole of yours spread wide.”
My pussy clenches. I am so fucking wet. I am always wet when he is like this, a massive punitive force behind me, an ultimate authority against which I may rebel, but always lose.
I arch up, inviting him in, feeling the skin of my ass hot and tight as I move. I will be feeling the effects of this punishment for quite some time.
He lets out a growl of something like love and possession and intense desire and suddenly he is inside me so fucking deep I feel like my body isn’t my body anymore. It’s a pleasure appendage for him. I am a sleeve for his use, a flesh channel designed to warm his cock. He, in turn, is the center of my being. He is the core of my world. When he is inside me, I am not only filled. I am complete.
He fucks me with powerful, masterful, loving, intense strokes from behind and then pulls out and tosses me over onto my back to inspect my flushed form as he pushes back into me, filling me all over again. Terrible feels right inside me. I feel right around him. There is something greater than either of us at play here. A sense of destiny, perhaps, or just some carnal command from the very depths of the universe.
I look down and see where we are joined, his wet scales slicked with my juices. There is something lewd and beautiful about this joining of alien flesh.
“God, you are perfect,” he growls, smoothing his clawed hand down the length of my stomach. “Do you want a baby?”
“What!?” That’s not a question I can comprehend, let alone process at the very verge of climax, with a scaled alien cock surging and pulsing inside me.
He is fucking me again, lifting my legs up over his shoulders and plunging so deep inside me I can barely stand it. Is it possible to be fucked so hard and so much you stop existing entirely and just become a vessel of pleasure, curling toes and tingling hair follicles, a tight sheath belonging to the alien who owns you? If so, that is what is happening to me.
He asked me a question, I think. I can’t focus on what it was. I can’t focus on anything besides that big, plunging, dominating rod filling me over and over, every time he surges forward, he pushes me down against the bed and I feel a flash of heat emanating from my ass. He has turned me into a sore, wet, wailing conquest, overwhelmed on the very cellular level by his carnal prowess.
Amid a flurry of rough thrusts with my legs held firmly by strong alien hands, I come so fucking hard I stop hearing, stop seeing, stop dealing with any kind of data whatsoever besides the intense pleasure which is filling me, along with my alien lover’s seed.
In the seconds after I have finished, I lie on my back and I stare up at him and I ask the only question that is capable of occupying my mind right now that I am once again capable of rational thought.
“Did you just knock me up?”
“No.” He says that with such authority that I trust him, though previous history has taught me never to trust a guy who says he didn’t come inside you.
“No? You’ve come inside me. You’ve come inside me a lot. And not for the first time.”
I can feel his fluids leaking out of me, coating my pussy lips, running over my thighs, making a mess of the bedding.
“Our mating essence is separate from our copulatory fluids. You’re not knocked up, as you put it. I have kept that part safe,” he assures me.
“Okay. Good.”
I can’t help thinking about Tania, and how she is so uncomfortable, and so vulnerable, and so… well… fucking huge.
“Do you want a baby?” I throw the question back to him as he wraps me in his arms and holds me close.