My Wicked Virgin

Page 6

Raising his eyebrows, he reached out and read the tag—Property of Duke.
“Duke finally managed to talk you into wearing his collar?”
Jenna beamed at him, her joy making her eyes sparkle. “Yes, Sir.”
“Well, then.” He dropped the tag and leaned forward over the bar on his elbows as he smiled at her. “Looks like you got yourself a Master, little one.”
“I sure did.” She squealed and gave a little clap.
“I’m happy for you. Duke’s a good guy.”
“He really is,” she said in a dreamy voice. “I love him so much.”
Movement came from the back of the bar, and he kept checking for Sunny to come out.
“Who are you looking for?” Jenna asked as he sat back on his stool, angling for a better view of the worker’s entrance.
“A friend of mine is starting bartending here tonight.”
“Are you talking about that gorgeous supermodel with the spiky black hair and perfect body? The one with the bee stung lips?”
He frowned. “I guess so. Sunny? Tall, pale girl with spiky black hair. I wouldn’t know about her body, since she always wears baggy clothes around me.”
“Really? If I had a build like hers, I’d wear a catsuit every day. Does she like girls?”
He frowned at Jenna, an unexpected feeling of jealousy tugging at him. “I don’t know.”
Giving him a cute little growl, she said, “Well, if you find out, please let me know. My Master would love to watch us play together.”
Once again, the ugly feeling of jealousy nipped at his stomach. “Right.”
“Oh, shit!” Jenna suddenly moaned. “There she is. She’s sooooo hot. I have a total girl crush on her.”
He turned around, following her line of sight and nearly swallowed his tongue.
Standing with Dillan, one of the gay male bartenders that worked for Wicked, Sunny nervously glanced around the room from beneath the golden lace half mask she wore.
He stared as if really seeing her for the first time.
Beneath the layers of goth makeup she liked to wear, she’d hidden a gorgeous face. Well, half a gorgeous face. A lacy gold mask decorated with tiny jeweled red roses covered her upper face from her eyebrows to her cheekbones. It hid her identity, as intended, but it also highlighted how narrow her chin was. That seemed like an odd thing to find attractive, but he was suddenly discovering all kinds of new things about Sunny that grabbed him by the balls.
Like her breasts—full, perky, and unencumbered by any kind of bra. Her shimmering gold dress was cut super short, almost showing her pert ass cheeks as she followed Dillan in their direction. A slit up the side ended just below her breasts, giving everyone a good look at stunning legs that could have graced a runway.
Jenna was right, Sunny had kept an amazing body hidden beneath her flowy clothes. Hawk knew she walked on average five miles a day, but she also ate enormous amounts of food, not that he said a word about it. Before his sister had started her eventual decline into drug addiction, she’d been anorexic, so Hawk would never shame any woman about food. That didn’t mean he didn’t give Sunny some side eye when she’d eat most of the appetizer, a giant dinner, followed by desert. Then, an hour later, she’d be wanting ice cream.
Since she always wore billowy, floaty, baggy clothes, he’d just assumed her body was curvy.
Well, she did have curves, but they were subtle. Just a flare to her slender hip, the tiniest hint of a belly bump, and her perky little peach shaped ass.
Coming to a stop before them, Dillan dipped into a low bow before he held his arm out toward Sunny. “Master Hawk, I believe you know this lovely creature.”
“Yeah, I know her.” Even to his own ears, his voice sounded as rough as two boulders grinding together.
A little pinch on his arm had him jerking his attention to Jenna.
“Introduce us,” she whispered out of the side of her mouth, lust practically vibrating through her every syllable.
He gave the sub a stern look but, brat that she was, Jenna merely fluttered her lashes at him.
Ignoring her, he turned his attention back to Sunny. He couldn’t help but devour her with his gaze.
Fire snapped in her eyes, and he perversely loved the heat of her anger as she switched her attention between him and Jenna.
“You look beautiful,” he said, his voice still lower than normal.
“Thanks.” She fidgeted with her dress. “One of the girls loaned me this outfit. I didn’t know the, uh, dress code.”
Giving Dillan and Jenna a glance he said, “I’m going to steal your trainee for a moment, Dillan.”
He hesitated. “Uh, Master Hawk, there are still a lot of things we need to go over, Sir. No disrespect intended.”
Sunny frowned at the handsome young man, but Hawk nodded. “I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t get you in trouble. I just want to talk to Sunny for a moment. We’ll stay right here.”