My Wicked Virgin

Page 9

Nothing like being suddenly blind and falling on your ass, maybe taking a member or two down with you.
After giving her eyes a few seconds, Sunny opened the door leading into the bar and immediately scanned the area.
A long glass and chrome bar stretched out along the far wall, decorated with small, elevated platforms on either end. Go-go dancers writhed on the small stages, a scantily clad male on one side, an equally scantily clad female on the other. The bass thumped as dance music poured from hidden speakers, and the strobe light flashed overhead in time with the music. The atmosphere of this bar was full of energy and the dance floor was filled with couples grinding together.
She was pretty sure some of them were actually having sex, but it was hard to tell with all the flashing lights.
Her breath caught in her throat as she easily spotted Hawk.
With his vest off.
Bare chested, flogging a…man.
“Hawk’s bi?” she gasped.
Anya pressed into her side, the scent of the other woman’s vanilla perfume filling the air between them. “No, why do you ask?”
“Um, he’s flogging a dude.”
“Yeah? And?”
“He’s doing a scene with a guy.”
“That doesn’t make him gay.”
Moving over to the side, trying to keep to the shadows and out of Hawk’s line of sight, Sunny frowned. “But they’re doing a scene together.”
“Not all scenes are sexual,” Anya explained in a patient voice. “Didn’t I tell you Master Hawk was a service Dom?”
“He gets off on being needed.”
“I don’t understand.”
Anya led them over to an empty table, partially hidden behind a large black pillar that had chains hanging from it. “Look, I don’t know Master Hawk super well or anything, but he seems like the kind of guy who likes to make people feel good. To make them happy. To take care of them. Not in a submissive way, but in a dominant one. Sheesh, this is so hard to put into words, especially to a BDSM virgin.”
“Hey!” Sunny poked her friend. “I’ve worked here for a while now. I’m hardly a BDSM virgin.”
“Sorry, but it’s true. Until you’ve actually done a scene, it’s impossible to really understand the rush that you get from an intense session. And I’m not talking about just the sexual aspect. When they call it a power exchange, they aren’t kidding. While I’m usually drained after a good session with Master Jesse, he gets energized. Not to say he doesn’t get tired like any man after a really good orgasm, but something about our play gives him a high like no other. He calls it his Top space. Says it’s addicting.”
Sunny watched as Hawk began to do an elaborate flogging pattern on the man, each strike bringing a response from the heavily muscled male submissive. They must have been going at it for a while, because sweat dripped down Hawk’s chiseled back. Her body clenched with need. He was just so virile, so in control. Every once in a while, she caught a glimpse of his face and was startled by his look of intense concentration. She found it unbelievably sexy. The shifting lights seemed to love his bone structure, making his cheekbones appear sharp enough to cut glass and highlighting his surprisingly firm lips.
A small crowd had gathered around to watch him work.
“Do you know who the sub is?”
Anya nodded. “David. He broke up with his Mistress a few months ago because she moved.”
A little ember of jealousy flickered in Sunny’s belly, mixing with the desire she tried to ignore. “Does he…like Hawk?”
“No, at least not that way. Master Hawk has a reputation of being someone who is safe. A submissive can seek him out without worrying about the session turning sexual.”
“But why would you want someone to hurt you without any pleasure?”
Anya rested her chin on her hand, the small bits of glitter on her mask flashing as she tilted her head slightly. “Once again, it’s one of those things that you have to experience. Some people are just wired differently, I guess. Their needs and desires fall outside the accepted norm. For them, getting flogged, for example, is a release. It gets the endorphins going, messes with their head, lets them get outside of themselves and let go. Subspace is addictive, and every submissive has a different way of getting there—a different code that’ll take them to Happyville.”
Sunny couldn’t help but laugh, even as her gaze locked on Hawk. He rubbed the man’s back down with a towel while he spoke into his ear. “Happyville, huh?”
Anya nodded. “Subspace is amazing. I mean, I know it’s different for everyone, but for me it just takes all my stress, all my worries, and makes them disappear. For however long Jesse keeps me there, I’m existing only in the moment, utterly absorbed in him.”
“That sounds amazing.”
“It is, which is why I said it’s addictive.” She lifted her chin in Hawk’s direction. “You begin to crave the release, which is fine when you have a regular Master or Mistress to fulfill your needs, but when you’re alone and still craving that feeling without a partner, it can be rough. That’s where service Tops like Master Hawk come in. They like to give the submissives what they need, and in return it fulfills their own desires.”