My Wicked Virgin

Page 10

Her heart sank. “Do you think he’ll ever give it up?”
“Give what up? Being a Dom?”
“No, playing with other subs.”
“You mean being a service Top?”
“I don’t know, but I will say this—when he does collar a submissive, I think he’s one of those guys that’ll be all in. He’ll want to own her in every way, to give her everything she needs. Her trust, her love, that will be his drug of choice, because that’s what he’s doing up there.” Anya gestured to where Hawk gave the male submissive a rare smile and a one-armed hug. “He’s doing this out of love for David. Not a romantic love, but one of friendship.”
Sunny’s wrist vibrated, her watch telling her that her break was almost over. “I need to head back.”
Anya rose with her and followed her back into the service hallway, where both of them blinked beneath the bright lights. “Are you okay?”
“I am. I have a lot of stuff to think over, but now that I’ve finally watched Hawk do a session, I get it.”
Smiling, Anya gently nudged Sunny with her elbow. “Did you like it?”
Unable to hide her smile, she flushed as she nodded. “A little.”
“Girl, please, I love Master Jesse with all my heart and soul, but that was hoooooottttt. Master Hawk has an incredible body. Those tattoos, those nipple piercings. Meow.”
Their laughter was cut off when a snide, husky female voice said, “Are you talking about my man?”
Turning, Sunny practically snarled at the sight of Goddess, one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen and a complete bitch.
Tall, with long shiny dark hair, perfect golden skin, and impossibly green eyes, she made Sunny feel ugly by comparison. Dressed in silver lingerie and thigh high silver boots to match her mask, Goddess showed off the kind of body men went crazy for. And it was a well-known fact that she’d set her sights on Hawk. Though he’d displayed no sexual interest in return, he still chatted with Goddess regularly enough to irritate Sunny. Jealousy flared to life inside of her, and she gave Goddess a withering look.
“Your man? Have you been drinking again, Goddess? Hawk isn’t your anything. Now, run along. Your stank is polluting the hallway.”
“Uh, Sunny,” Anya whispered and tugged on her arm. “Let’s go.”
“No, fuck that—”
“Ladies,” came a man’s voice from behind Sunny and she immediately winced. “Are we having a problem here?”
Feeling about as big as a bug, Sunny turned around to face Mr. Florentine, the owner of Club Wicked. A distinguished man with a full head of silver hair flecked with black and sparkling eyes, he exuded the kind of confidence and control that could make kings and queens tremble in their boots. His stern look was more than enough to make Sunny wish she’d kept her big mouth shut. There was a strict code of conduct expected from the staff at Club Wicked and maintaining a professional working relationship with her co-workers was at the top.
To Sunny’s surprise, Goddess quickly said, “No, Mr. Florentine.”
He raised an eyebrow at Sunny, and she quickly parroted, “No, Mr. Florentine.”
“Anya,” he said, his voice much kinder than it had been a moment ago, “Your Master is waiting for you in the Hunter’s Lounge.”
The pretty blonde woman let out a peep that sounded like ‘Thank you, Sir’ then she scampered down the hallway, leaving Goddess and Sunny shifting beneath Mr. Florentine’s regard.
“Now, are you ladies sure there aren’t any issues we need to address?”
“No, Sir,” they both said at the same time.
“Then I trust you’re both on your way back to work?”
“Yes, Sir,” they both said in tandem again.
“Then, off you go. And, ladies, I suggest you both do your best to get along. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“As you are both aware, the waitlist for a position with Club Wicked is over a thousand applicants long. I would hate to lose either of you, but I won’t stand for petty drama. Especially over a situation as silly as this.”
“Yes, Sir,’ they both muttered.
“You are dismissed.”
Feeling like she had her proverbial tail tucked between her legs, Sunny quickly made her way back to the elevator that would take her down to the main floor. He was right, fighting over a guy—one who wasn’t even hers—was stupid, especially when it could screw up her job. With the extra credits she’d taken this semester, working at Wicked was the only job that would both support her and help pay for tuition. It wasn’t like the temp agency could pay her even a quarter of what she made an hour here.
While being a bartender wasn’t her dream job, the connections she was making at Club Wicked would help her out immensely in the corporate world. Belonging to Wicked, even just working there, allowed her to rub elbows with Washington D.C.’s elite. If she played her cards right, she’d have a great advantage over her fellow graduates in landing a good job. She couldn’t screw up. She had to let the crush she had on Hawk go. They were friends, nothing more than friends, and it had to stay that way.