My Wicked Virgin

Page 12

It was a pain in the ass to deal with, but totally worth it when he heard Sunny yell, “Oh my God, you wore your hair down for me!”
Turning, he found Sunny skip-walking across the baggage claim area, looking like a breath of fresh air despite the late hour.
Dressed in a white coat with black piping and a pair of purple crushed velvet pants, she was as always a contradiction of eclectic styles that worked. Well, it worked on her. Sunny was so beautiful, she could wear anything and make it look good. She’d grown her hair a little longer than usual, and it spiraled around her head in wavy curls pinned back with sparkling black bobby pins. Although she wore no makeup, she didn’t need it. Her long, thick natural lashes outlined her big doe eyes perfectly, and her rosebud lips were a natural pink that women paid tons of money to try and replicate.
As she threw her arms around him, he took a deep inhalation, wondering what kind of perfume she’d smell like today.
Incense, flowers…happiness.
She was a self-admitted perfume whore, and she collected perfume the way some women collected shoes. While some women had a signature scent, Sunny liked to match her perfume to her mood using a system only she understood. Regardless of what she wore, he found her smell to be intoxicating. It went right from his nose to his cock, making that randy part of his anatomy twitch with need.
As he buried his face in her neck, he wondered if she’d worn one of the bottles he’d sent her last week. They’d been filming in a small town up in the Rocky Mountains with a quaint main street that sold mostly handmade goods. He found a cool soap and perfume shop there, and he’d grabbed about a dozen different types of scents he thought she might like.
“What are you wearing?” he growled against her skin, enjoying her shiver.
“Clothes,” she said in a breathy, but still snippy, voice.
Pressing his lips to her ear, he whispered, “I meant your perfume. You smell like flowers and something smoky and exotic.”
“Oh!” She pushed back from his arms, her cheeks an adorable pink as she smiled. “It’s one of the lotions you sent me. I think it was called Dreams. Do you like it?”
“I love it.” With a loud clink, the conveyer belt started up, and he took Sunny’s carry-on bag from her as they walked to the luggage carousel. “How was your flight?”
“Good. I fell asleep for most of it.”
“That should help with the time zone difference.”
As they waited for her luggage to appear, Sunny openly stared at him.
“I love it when you wear your hair down,” she said in a low, almost sultry voice before she cleared her throat with another flush. “I mean, it’s so pretty. And it looks so soft.”
“You can pet me.” He grinned. “When we don’t have an audience.”
Pursing her lips in a grimace, Sunny deliberately turned her back on the women snapping pictures of them on their cell phones. “Right. Hey, there’s one of my pieces of luggage!”
When she proudly hauled the suitcase off the side and he got a good look at it, he burst out laughing.
“What the actual fuck…” He wiped away a tear, laughing so hard he could barely speak. “Is that?”
“What?” Sunny tried to pout, but she was giggling too hard. “You don’t like it?”
Somehow, she’d gotten a decal to cover her suitcase—Hawk, from an old movie, giving the camera a steamy look that embarrassed the fuck out of him. Not only that, but in the corner below his picture was a tiny, beaming cartoon image of Sunny holding up a sign that read, ‘Hawk’s #1 Fan.’ She teasingly called herself that since she’d appeared in a tabloid with him captioned only as ‘Hawk and a devoted fan.’
“That’s it,” he mock-growled as she grabbed her other suitcase, this one a plain purple—thank God. “I am going to tan your ass good for this.”
“Promises, promises.” Sunny giggled as they exited out into the cool evening. “Whooo, chilly!”
“My driver’s right here.”
“Fancy,” Sunny said underneath her breath as they strolled up on the limo.
“They provided me with a car and driver. I would’ve rather rented a Jeep and gone off-roading, but the insurance company for the movie kind of frowns on that.”
They both waited until her unique luggage was put away by the chuckling driver before climbing in the backseat. A partition separated them from the driver, and Hawk let out a sigh once their doors were closed. It was quiet inside the vehicle, and they both turned to face each other. The seat beneath him vibrated slightly as the limo rolled into motion. There, in the darkness shattered by passing streetlights, he felt himself relax for the first time in weeks. His body and mind whole once more.