My Wicked Virgin

Page 13

“I missed you,” Sunny said with a smile.
He reached out and took her slender, chilly fingers in his own. “I missed you, too.”
“So, what’s the plan?”
“We’re going back to the hotel, then we’re going to have drinks with some of the cast and crew at the hotel bar. There’s some people I want you to meet.”
“Really? Will Carmen Sierra be there?”
Hawk hesitated, “Maybe. Not sure.”
“I love her so much! She played such a kick ass fighter in those dragon movies. Isn’t she one of the stars of the film you’re working on?”
“Ah…” He cleared his throat, not wanting her caught unaware but needing to warn her anyway. “Carmen and I dated many years ago. She’s recently divorced and has been hinting pretty hard she wouldn’t mind another go. I turned her down, and she doesn’t take rejection very well.”
“Oh,” Sunny said, looking out the window as Denver passed by.
“She may not be particularly friendly toward you because she’s jealous of you.”
Sunny gave him an incredulous look. “She’s jealous of me?”
“Yeah. You’re all I talk about.”
“Oh,” she said again, but this time the sound was more like a happy sigh. “Well, I mean you could have dated her. If you wanted to.”
“There’s only one woman I want to date, but she’s not ready for me.”
Looking down to where he’d taken her hand, she rubbed her thumb over his scarred knuckles. “Do you think she’ll ever be ready?”
“Susanna,” he said. His use of her real name drew her instant attention. “You have less than one year left to pretend that the only thing between us is friendship. One year until you graduate college. Once you’ve achieved your goals…I’m coming for you, beloved.”
They’d been tap-dancing around this moment for years, but he was done waiting. During their time apart, he’d realized she was it—she was the one for him. If she needed time to finish school before things got real between them, so be it. He cared about her enough to put her needs before his own selfish desires. Sunny put so much pressure on herself to do the best she could in school, to get the top grades in all her classes, that she truly didn’t have room in her life for a relationship. And Hawk knew that, once they got together, he would likely have her moved in, with both a collar and a ring on her finger, as soon as humanly possible.
His need for her was that great.
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sunny blustered as she pulled her hand away to fiddle with the buttons of her jacket.
Resting his hand over her fidgeting ones, he brushed his nose along hers, his whole body invested in that small, simple touch. “You are mine, Susanna. I know that’s hard for you to wrap your head around, but you need to get used to the idea of us. We are going to happen.”
Their lips were inches apart as she whispered almost desperately, “I have to finish school.”
“I know you do, and I care about you enough to only want what’s best for you. I care about you enough to hold myself back, even though everything inside of me urges me to claim you. I’ll continue to be your best friend and I’ll wait as patiently as I can.” He fisted his hands at his side as she rubbed her nose along his. “Now I need you to sit over on the other side of the limo like a good girl before I take what I want, consequences be damned.”
For an endless moment she hesitated, then she got up and sat on the opposite side of the limo from him. “What makes you think I want you? Either now or a year from now?”
“Spread your legs.”
“What?” Sunny gave him a wide-eyed look.
“I won’t touch you, but I need you to spread your legs for me.”
“Please, Sunny. Do this for me.” Lowering his voice, he injected a little bit of dominance into his tone, wanting to see how she reacted. “Spread your legs.”
Her breath hitched in her chest, and she gave him an unsure, vulnerable look that made his cock throb.
Then she did what he’d ordered.
Kneeling down onto the floorboards, he moved in on her, holding her gaze the entire time. The shadows of passing lights danced over her features, showing him how her eyes sparkled with lust, the way her breath came out in hot little pants. Moving slowly, he dipped his head between her spread legs.
She tried to clench them together right away, but he held her slender legs open with his hands. “Be still.”
Hawk used his commanding Master voice on her again, and it worked like a dream. Right away, she obeyed him. Her lids lowered as an expression of pure lust rolled over her face. Sunny was at once an inexperienced virgin and a very dirty, kinky girl. She liked to watch, a lot, and he’d liked observing her while she indulged her voyeuristic side. He’d mentally cataloged what turned her on, what turned her off, and what always caught her attention.