My Wicked Virgin

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Chapter 5
Six months later
Sitting down in the break room after a long shift, Sunny placed her feet in Matt’s lap and thanked God for the gift of submissives with a foot fetish. Her head had been pounding all night, the headache starting at the base of her skull then spreading out until she was nearly sick from the pain. Thankfully, a couple Tylenol had taken the edge off, and Matt’s foot rub was helping even more. In an effort to please his Mistress, he’d taken a flew classes on massage and pressure points, including where to press to lessen a headache. She let out a sigh of relief as the throbbing dulled to just background noise, a constant discomfort instead of stabbing pain.
Over the last few months, the headaches had been slowly growing in number and strength. It had taken her six weeks to get an appointment with her doctor, and he’d chalked it up to stress, then scolded her for taking so many classes. He didn’t understand why she was trying to get through school as fast as humanly possible, and he had told her to lighten her course load then prescribed some painkillers for her stress migraines. She’d ignored him on both counts. The end was almost in sight, the proverbial brass ring just kissing her fingertips, and she wasn’t going to give up now.
And she was never, ever touching a pain pill.
Not after what she’d seen opioids do to her mother. Secretly, Sunny was afraid that whatever made her mother so easily addicted would be part of her own genetic makeup. That one day she would wake up craving a pain pill and have none available. She’d nursed her mother through opioid withdrawals before, and it was not a pretty or pleasant thing.
Though, sometimes, when the pain was so bad it hurt to move, she’d considered taking a pill.
Just one.
In an effort to distract herself, she said, “Your hands are magic. Truly.”
“Thank you. I live to serve.”
Matt smiled up from beneath the fringe of his dark, curly hair. He was a super sweet submissive who enjoyed taking care of others and making people happy. In his late twenties, he seemed like an odd match for his stern, forty-year-old Mistress and wife, Dr. Amanda Muller, but the love between them was undeniable. Sunny let out a sight that was part relief from the pain, partly in envy over Matt’s obvious happiness with his life.
They were in the servant’s salon, basically a breakroom for the staff on the second floor of the club. It was supposed to be for employees only, but there were a lot of people who used to work at Club Wicked at one point or another who ended up leaving the job for various reasons and became members instead. Matt, before he hooked up with his Mistress, was a bartender like Sunny. Soon after he’d married his Mistress, he quit working to be a full-time stay-at-home dad to their twin sons. Some people might find that odd, but Matt was perfectly happy to have his neurosurgeon wife continue the work she loved while he did what he’d always wanted—raise a family.
A little pang of envy went through her as she asked, “How are the twins doing?”
His broad shoulders slumped, but his dark eyes sparkled with happiness. “They’re driving me insane. They’re only five, but they’re video game junkies. I blame their mother.”
Laughing softly, Sunny arched her back and stretched out.
“Um, don’t take this the wrong way,” Matt said in a soft voice. “But girl, you need to eat more. Come over to the house next week for dinner, so I can feed you properly.”
“I’m eating. I’ve just been busy.”
“Being busy is no excuse for not taking care of yourself.”
“I know, I know.”
Hawk had commented on how skinny she was getting as well, but she’d brushed him off. Her appetite just wasn’t what it used to be thanks to her headaches, and she was too busy to eat like a normal person. Usually it was whatever she could grab and choke down on her way out the door. It wasn’t like she was starving herself; she just wasn’t hungry. Plus, nothing had appealed to her lately, and she’d been battling nausea on and off. It seemed like every other week she had the stomach flu.
Not wanting to talk about her weight, she switched subjects. “So where is your Mistress tonight?”
A hot flush hit his cheeks as he looked down. “She’s setting up a surprise with Lord Bryan for me.”
Sunny let out a whistle. “Lord Bryan the legendary sadist? Wow, she’s pulling out the big guns. I didn’t know you were such a masochist.”
He gave an uncomfortable shrug, the flush traveling down his neck. “Mistress says I’ve had a rough week, and that I deserve a little something extra. Plus, we haven’t been able to visit the club for almost a month. I’ve missed this place and need a good release.”