My Wicked Virgin

Page 18

Club Wicked was an escape from the ordinary, a portal into another world. A kinder, gentler, more loving place. Yes, when people thought of BDSM, the first words that popped into their head weren’t usually kind and gentle, but it was. The BDSM community itself was one of the most accepting she’d ever run into. It didn’t matter what you looked like, what god you worshiped, or where you were from—if you were a good person, you’d be welcomed with open arms.
She’d certainly been embraced into their fold. In the two years she’d worked here, she’d made true, deep friendships with both her co-workers and the club members. The thought of no longer working there made her sad. Then again, she knew Hawk would get her a lifetime membership the moment she agreed to be his. If she was being honest with herself, she couldn’t wait to explore everything Club Wicked had to offer with her Master.
A shiver started in the pit of her belly and radiated down between her legs. Hawk had kept true to his word—he’d given her the time she needed to accomplish her goals, but after that night in Colorado, things had changed between them. He stepped up his flirting game big time, and she swore he’d spent the last few months slowly seducing her. Little looks here, little touches there, all designed to tempt and tantalize. And soon…soon he’d come for her.
The thought both exhilarated and terrified her.
Though everyone at Club Wicked knew Hawk had staked his claim on Sunny, no one knew why they were waiting to make it official. Her friends had asked, but she demurred that it was between her and Hawk. She was fiercely protective of his trust, especially after watching his sister violate it repeatedly. Hawk was an intensely private man, probably as a result of Liberty selling anything and everything she knew about him to the media long ago. And when she’d ran out of the truth, she sold outrageous lies.
Thinking of Liberty, Hawk’s sister, always made Sunny angry, and she was too tired for that shit right now.
If she wasn’t so committed to graduation, she’d have jumped him right there at the bar tonight, PDA be damned.
He’d been wearing his usual brown leather pants and vest, but he’d been hitting the gym harder than usual lately, and it showed. His six pack was out of control, and the v of his hips had driven her to distraction. She’d messed up an order watching him walk across the bar toward her. The heat in his eyes, the determination in his prowling stride, the way he’d been so focused on her…Lord almighty, that man as going to ruin her.
Which meant he was totally hands off for eight more weeks. If she gave into her desires, if they got together before she finished school, she would never finish school. Hawk would become the center of her universe, and she’d be lost in him. Hell, he already dominated her life, and the way he called her his beloved…it sent goosebumps racing down her arms in the best of ways.
“Matt!” came a happy squeal from nearby. “I haven’t seen you in forever.”
Their friend Scarlett joined them. While almost annoyingly perky and positive, she was also sweet as pie. Scarlett used to work out at the Club Wicked in LA. She’d transferred to go to graduate school a few months ago to their location, and went to the same college as Sunny. In many ways, she reminded Sunny of the quintessential California girl, all big blue eyes and bright blonde hair with a great tan and killer body. She was almost unfairly cute. But she was funny, kind, and a hard worker, so she was okay in Sunny’s books.
Stretching out with a yawn, Scarlett then collapsed into the wide, deep brown leather chair near the couch Sunny sprawled out on. “I am exhausted. Sheesh. I think I might stay at Wicked tonight.”
“Well…” Sunny gave her friend a smile. “If you didn’t keep using your break time to play with a certain Master, you wouldn’t be so tired.”
“Ugh, I know!” Scarlett gave a dirty little smirk. “But I can’t resist him, or his ten-inch dick.”
“Ten inches?” Matt said, “Who?”
“I don’t kiss and tell,” Scarlett replied with a smug smile.
“It’s Master Damien,” Sunny said as Matt ran his knuckles up the arch of her foot. “I saw him pounding away at you in the Spiderweb Bar.”
Matt and Sunny laughed while Scarlett groaned and hid her face in her hands. “Argh, I didn’t know you were working that bar. I mean, it’s a sex bar and you’re….”
“A virgin,” Sunny said dryly.
“Right, I don’t want to offend you. I’m so embarrassed.”
“Sex doesn’t offend me, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You were two adults having a consensual, good time together. I’m not going to judge you for that.”