My Wicked Virgin

Page 19

“Wow,” Scarlett said, a hot blush still coloring her cheeks, “You’re pretty liberal for a virgin.”
Matt chuckled while Sunny shook her head. “Look, just because I’m choosing to wait to have sex until I find the right guy doesn’t mean I’m a prude. It just means I think sharing my body with someone should mean something.”
“Okay, now I’m feeling dirty—and not in a good way,” Scarlett muttered.
“No, no. Please don’t feel bad. I’m not slut-shaming or anything like that. Trust me, I’m the biggest perv virgin in the world. Hell, I’m not even ‘technically’ a virgin. I have a dildo and vibrator collection that would keep an abbey full of nun’s satisfied.”
“Then why wait?”
“Personal reasons.”
Sunny looked down at her hands, tempted to just spit out the truth. A few close friends knew about her situation growing up, and her mother, but not most people. When they looked at Sunny, they saw a happy, cheerful woman who didn’t have a care in the world. A bright student who worked hard and always had a smile. Few knew how fucked up her background was, or how her mother kept haunting her like a drug addicted ghost.
“I’m sorry,” Scarlett quickly said. “I didn’t mean to intrude.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it. In this place I’m kind of a unicorn, you know? People are curious.”
“Soooo,” Matt drawled as he worked on a knot near her heel. “What’s this I hear about Goddess and Master Hawk having a session last month?”
She’d been so relaxed that she’d closed her eyes, but his words had her sitting up with a snap.
He paused, looking up from where he sat rubbing her foot. “Uh, nothing.”
“Don’t nothing me, what was that about Hawk?”
He swallowed hard, and his voice came out high pitched as he said, “I must have heard wrong.”
Jerking her foot out of his grasp, she leaned forward. “Are you telling me that there is a rumor Hawk and Goddess had a session?”
Licking his lips nervously, he wiped his hands on a small towel next to him. “No, not at all.”
“Matt,” she growled. “What did you hear?”
“Just that Master Hawk and Goddess had a scene together in private, and Mistress Onyx joined them. But it’s just a rumor. We all know Master Hawk doesn’t do private sessions anymore.”
“I haven’t heard anything,” Scarlett said in a tense voice as she wearily eyed Sunny. “Honest. It’s probably just a rumor. You know how much people gossip.”
“Right,” she slipped her feet into her flip flops and grabbed her phone. “Excuse me.”
“Shit.” Matt stood as if to stop her. “Please don’t tell Hawk that I said anything. He’s friends with my Mistress, and I will get in big trouble for causing problems between you. I didn’t—I thought things were cool between you. And you both insist you’re nothing more than friends…I didn’t think…shit.”
“Don’t worry.” She dodged him easily, moving to a section of the club she knew would be deserted at 4 am. “I won’t say where I heard it.”
His voice trailed off as she practically ran through the room, her heart slamming against her ribs.
No, it couldn’t be true. Yet…as much as she hated Goddess, Sunny had to admit the other woman was amazingly beautiful. The kind of female who could have any man she set her sights on.
And it was no secret she’d wanted Hawk.
But when Sunny brought it up, he’d told her that Goddess was just a friend and he only had eyes for Sunny. She’d seen submissives literally throw themselves at Hawk’s feet, but he’d turned them all down. At least for sex. He still topped a few submissives, but there was no sex involved. She didn’t have to just take his word for it. Since all the scenes were done in public, she knew there was no fooling around. More than once, she’d watched him give a submissive what she or he needed but couldn’t find elsewhere. Sometimes it was pain, sometimes it was humiliation, sometimes it was sensory deprivation. Each submissive had a different need, yet Hawk fulfilled them all.
He said that since she was saving herself for him, he’d save himself for her.
Quickly dialing his number, she slipped into an empty storage room. The scent of orange-based cleaners hung heavy in the air. Flicking on the light, she leaned against a rack full of paper towels as the phone rang.
When Hawk picked up, his voice was thick and still full of sleep. “Are you okay? Are you having another migraine? Need me to drive you home?”
“Did you do a scene with Goddess?”
Her heart ached because he didn’t immediately deny it.
“Well?” her voice cracked as she fought back tears. “Did you?”
“I did, but—”
“How could you?” she nearly wailed. “You promised!”
“We didn’t have sex.”
“But you know I hate her, and you know I can’t stand her. You know I hate how she flirts with you.”