My Wicked Virgin

Page 20

“Beloved, I promise you, it’s not what you think.”
“You took her to a private room, Hawk. You told me the only time you ever take women into private rooms is to fuck. You’ll beat the hell out of them in public, but you’ll only fuck in private.”
“It is not what you think,” he snapped, anger saturating his voice.
“Then what happened?!”
“I can’t tell you.”
“You motherfucker.” Her heart felt like it was stabbed with a thousand cuts, bleeding her life away. “I trusted you.”
“Susanna—” His anger was gone, a hint of panic in its place. “I did not break your trust, but I cannot tell you what happened between Goddess and myself. It’s not my place.”
“Not your place.” The laugh that burst out of her hurt as well, the emotional agony causing physical pain. “But it was your place to take her into a room, all alone. To spend time alone with a woman that tries to seduce you every time she sees you, and torments me. Well, congratulations, you fell for her shit just like she predicted you would.”
“It is not what you think.” He sounded agonized. “Please, you must believe me.”
“Whatever, Hawk. Don’t call me, because I won’t be calling you.”
The next night, a miserable Sunny opened her door to find Anya and Kira on the other side. Anya’s long blonde hair was back in a braid, with beads of water from the rain darkening the strands to a deep gold. Kira stood close behind her, her gaze filled with concern as she looked at Sunny.
Stepping forward, Anya grabbed Sunny’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze. “Are you okay?”
Feeling embarrassed that she’d sent out an emotion filled text to her friend, Sunny nodded. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to worry. I was just venting.”
“Nonsense.” Kira brushed back a wayward curl off Sunny’s forehead. “Anytime you need your girls, we’re here for you.”
To her embarrassment, her wayward emotions reared their head again and she teared up. “Thank you.”
“Come on,” Anya said, ushering them inside.
After hanging up their jackets, Sunny took in their outfits and groaned. Wearing a cute little flowy black dress and a gorgeous ruby pendant, Anya was clearly dolled up for a night on the town. Kira also wore a dress, but instead of black, hers was a deep brown that brought out her red hair. A diamond choker encircled her neck, her ‘going out’ collar, as Kira liked to call it. Kira was married to Lord Bryan, and they had an intense D&S relationship that bled over a little into their daily life. Bryan liked to see his wife wearing his stamp of ownership at all times, so Kira wore one of about a hundred different collars of various types daily, depending on the occasion.
Some people might find the constant wearing of a collar disturbing, or think Bryan was controlling his wife, but Sunny knew that Kira adored her collars. She loved being owned by Bryan, loved how he obsessed over her, how he wanted the world to know that she belonged to him. Sunny had often seen Kira fingering whatever collar or chain she wore with a dreamy smile on her face.
As the women slipped their high heels off, Sunny curled her own bare feet on the light wood floor. “Crap, I interrupted your evening, didn’t I?”
“It’s no big deal,” Kira said with a kind smile. “We’ve got a couple hours before the play starts. Now, what’s going on?”
Rubbing the back of her neck, she led them into her living room area. Bright orange and blue velvet curtains closed off the floor to ceiling windows that overlooked a charming tree-lined street, complimenting the pale, yellow walls. She’d decorated her apartment in modern, clean lines that always made her feel safe and welcome. Thanks to her job at Club Wicked, she’d been able to rent a modern, spacious apartment just blocks away from the university.
In a way, it was funny. When she had a piece of shit car that she prayed would run every time she turned it on, she’d lived a forty minute drive away. Now that she was the owner of a shiny deep green Mercedes sports sedan—a gift from Hawk for her last birthday—she could walk to class in ten minutes, less time than it would take to park.
She’d fought him on the car initially, but he’d persisted. They’d gone back and forth on the extravagant gift before she’d finally relented. Hawk had received the SUV as a perk for doing a commercial for Mercedes a few years back, so the luxury automobile was literally collecting dust in his garage. Her old car was in its death throes, and she had been looking into a new one. She just didn’t want Hawk to feel like she was using him. But that was her issue, not his and she was self-aware enough to realize it—just like she realized that Hawk needed to take care of her. By allowing him to give her the car, she’d given him a gift as well.