My Wicked Virgin

Page 22

Seeing her mother brought so low had been like a knife to Sunny’s heart. She’d broken down and cried until she gave herself a headache.
Then, the girl she’d partnered with for a school project had totally flaked out on Sunny, leaving her with an enormous amount of work to do on her own to get a passing grade on their research study.
On top of all of that, she’d had a migraine for five days that would not go away no matter what she did.
Sometimes just breathing hurt.
If she hadn’t seen her mother’s mugshot earlier in the day, she might have been tempted to take one of the prescription painkillers.
Her outfit fit her dark mood—a black latex bodysuit that clung to her body from neck to ankle and a matching black latex mask that covered her upper face. Paired with a shiny black lipstick and thigh high kickass boots, she was dressed more like a Dom than a sub. The outfit was armor, a warning to keep away from her tonight. Hell, she should have probably called off work and stayed home to finish her project, but she never missed work.
But maybe tonight she should have.
It would have spared her the pain of watching Hawk and Goddess flirt.
The gorgeous woman looked especially slutty tonight, dressed in little more than a series of straps and bits of fabric.
Hawk sat with his friends Liam and Rory, two Doms from the club who specialized in training submissives. One black, one white, they were both incredibly handsome and their British and Scottish accents were panty dropping. Rumors claimed Goddess was training with them, but Sunny didn’t give the gossip any credit. Goddess was obviously trying to get into Hawk’s pants, and he didn’t seem to be discouraging her. When he looked at the stunning brunette, his smile was genuinely happy.
Jealousy burned inside of Sunny, twisting her heart and making her head pound even harder than before. As Goddess came back to the bar with a smug smile on her face, Sunny had to clench her hands into fists to keep from slapping her. She wanted to hurt Goddess, to give her the kind of pain Sunny experienced. Anger clouded her vision, and she purposely bumped Goddess’ tray on the bar with one of her own, making the other woman spill her drinks.
Giving Goddess a mocking smirk, she said, “Oh, sorry. My bad.”
“You bitch!” Goddess seethed, the spilled drinks dripping down her belly. “You did that on purpose!”
She got an evil satisfaction from seeing the tears filling the other woman’s eyes. “Clumsy me. You better stay away from Master Hawk if you don’t want any more accidents. You may have fooled Master Rory and Master Liam, but I know you’re just using them to get to Master Hawk. Your manipulation won’t work, and Master Liam and Master Rory will realize what you are—nothing but a used-up piece of trash. They’ll figure it out soon enough; then they’ll see that you’re nothing but a filthy whore and leave you. I’ll make sure of it.”
The pain on Goddess’ face fed some twisted part of herself that Sunny didn’t even know she had.
That sick part of her only wanted to hurt the other woman more. “That’s right, you’re nothing but a dirty slut. I can only hope you didn’t give Master Liam and Master Rory a STD.”
Goddess let out a scream then launched herself across the bar at Sunny, catching her by surprise.
They quickly fell down in a kicking, screaming, biting, and scratching ball of shrieks and curses. Sunny fought back against the other woman, determined to finally give that bitch what she deserved. Only she didn’t get much of a chance, because one minute she was trying to choke Goddess while the other woman pulled her hair, the next she was scooped up in a pair of strong arms, still flailing and screaming, blind with rage.
She tried to twist out of Hawk’s arms, but it was impossible. He had a hold on her like a python which only made her angrier. Her mind was almost incoherent with rage, and she fought him with everything she had.
They reached some room, and she suddenly found herself being restrained and gagged.
Screaming at the cloth shoved between her teeth, she tried to kick Hawk and Liam, who’d joined them. The big black Scotsman held her legs still while Hawk quickly bound her feet together with a pair of leather restraints. She almost managed to sock Liam in the jaw before they tied her hands as well. During all of it, she was having a full-on meltdown, screaming insults at them from behind her gag.
The world spun and suddenly she found herself sprawled over Hawk’s lap.
Sharp, stinging, the first crack of his hand spanking her ass only seemed to fuel her fury. He’d always warned her that if she got in a physical fight with Goddess he’d tie her up and spank her. She’d thought he was kidding. Evidently not. She struggled and cursed behind her gag, her tears flowing freely. Then, the strangest thing happened. As he spanked her, she began to slowly calm, a sudden exhaustion turning her limbs to lead as she went limp on his lap.