My Wicked Virgin

Page 23

Hawk’s voice cut through her weakening protests as he gave her sore bottom a hard slap. “I’ll forgive you for just about anything, beloved, but harming another out of misplaced jealousy is beyond my limit.” He lowered his voice as he rested his hand on her burning bottom. “Susanna, you’re better than this. I’m disappointed in you.”
Her anger switched to grief and shame, her emotions rocketing all over the place. His words, and the gentle reprimand in them, cut her to the quick. Him being disappointed in her hurt like nothing else.
Moving her off his lap, Hawk set her on a thick burgundy rug, and she tried to curl into herself as best she could with her hands and feet bound. Goddess lay next to her, also crying her heart out with a bright red ass from being spanked. The men moved to stand around them, each with their arms crossed. Their stern expressions made Sunny feel about two inches tall.
“What is wrong with you?” Hawk finally asked, his frustration and hurt clear in his deep voice. “You can’t keep doing this, beloved.”
Master Rory said something to Goddess, but she was too busy trying to apologize through her ball gag to listen.
Sunny swallowed hard after her gag was removed and looked up with tears stinging her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Hawk.”
His gaze was stern as he said, “It’s not me you need to apologize to. I heard what you said, and you couldn’t be more wrong. You know you’re the only woman I love.”
“Then why did you go to her?” Sunny sobbed. “Why did you fuck her when you said you loved me?”
Hawk’s expression turned pained as he glanced over at Goddess, then back to Sunny. “You know I can’t discuss what happened between myself and Goddess. I promised what happened in that room would stay in that room, and I never break a promise, not even for you.”
Master Liam crouched next to Goddess and removed her ball gag before helping her onto the couch. “Lass, it’s up to you to tell her what happened. This animosity between you can’t continue, and it’s hurting Master Hawk.”
Hawk placed Sunny on the other side of the couch next to Goddess but didn’t untie her hands. “You need to listen, really listen, to what she has to say.”
She turned to Goddess and gave her a little nod. As the other woman told her story, Sunny began to feel sick with guilt. She’d been so, so wrong about Goddess.
Goddess hadn’t sought Hawk out because of lust. She’d been drawn to him because he bore a remarkable physical resemblance to a man who’d kidnapped, tortured, and raped her for months when she was a teenager. A guy who’d totally screwed with the young girl’s mind, tormenting her until she didn’t know what was real and what was fake. He’d really done a number on Goddess, conditioning her to be jealous, breaking the other woman mentally and physically. In Goddess’ mind, she’d thought that maybe if she relived some of those terrible memories with Hawk—who looked so much like her captor—it might somehow heal them. It was a twisted logic, but Sunny understood the other woman’s desperation to heal.
Except her session with Hawk hadn’t helped—instead, it triggered Goddess into a terrifying flashback.
Hawk, unaware that he was being used in such a manner, was more than a little thrown off when Goddess began to hysterically scream as soon as he’d bound her.
She had a mental breakdown. In Goddess’ mind, Hawk was her abductor, and she thought she was still trapped in the torture chamber in her kidnapper’s basement. It had taken Mr. Florentine, the owner of Club Wicked, and Mistress Onyx to talk her back to reality.
The haunted look in Goddess’ green eyes as she explained what happened to her tore at Sunny. Even worse was the look of helpless guilt and anger that turned Hawk’s gaze dark and stormy as he held Sunny close. Her heart ached as she realized she’d been a colossal bitch to both of them.
Sunny cupped Hawk’s cheek, then turned his face to hers. “I’m so sorry. If you’d just told me…but you couldn’t. You never break a promise.”
Her throat grew tight as he murmured, “No, beloved, I do not.”
Bearing the weight of the world on her soul, Sunny turned to the woman she’d wronged. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch to you. There is no excuse for it, but I was so jealous that you’d been with Hawk. It drove me crazy.”
Grasping Sunny’s hand, Goddess said, “I’m sorry as well. I shouldn’t have let you continue to believe that we’d had sex. I was jealous of you, too. The bastard that took me basically trained me to be like this. He’d tell me about the other women he fucked and manipulate me until I went crazy with anger. He got off on that, on mind fucking me. When I saw you with Master Hawk, saw how much he liked you, it made that fucking training kick in, even though I didn’t realize it at first.”