My Wicked Virgin

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Laughing, she batted his hands away. “Stop!”
They wrestled around for a minute, but he was very aware of her fragile state and was careful not to hurt her. The feeling of her body against his as he pinned her down on the couch made his cock twitch and a growl of need ripped out of his throat. She wound her legs around his hips, her pelvis pressed into his. The heat between her legs seared him, and another snarling groan worked out of him as she gave a little rub. The long flowy blue skirt she’d worn had hitched up around her hips, and he closed his eyes, memorizing the feeling of her beneath him.
“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered. “And now I’ll only have you for a few days before everything could be taken away from me.”
His arousal left him as he curled them onto their side, wrapping her up in his arms. “Marry me and I will fill those days with a lifetime.”
She tucked her chin beneath his head and cuddled close. “What are you talking about?”
“I know we’ll have to be here for testing and other prep for the surgery, but if you let me, I will do everything I can to help you experience everything you’ve ever wanted to do in the time we have.”
“All I want to do is you.”
“Minx,” he laughed, but his dick began to harden again. “If you want my cock, you’ll have to make an honest man out of me.”
That made her giggle, and they shifted so she leaned up with one elbow on his chest, looking down at him with her gorgeous smile. “Is that how it is?”
“Yep. You want the milk, you gotta buy the cow.”
That set her off into another set of giggles. “Since you’re a guy, wouldn’t it be if you want the semen, you have to buy the bull?”
He made a sour face. “That’s just wrong.”
Her breath warmed his chest as she placed a kiss on his tattoo. “Well, since you love to wear those tight brown leather pants, I know you’re hung like a bull.”
“Woman, just answer the question. Will you marry me?”
Chapter 9
Sunny played with the strands of his midnight black hair that had escaped its braid, lending his normally stern face a softness that she adored. His tilted eyes bored into hers, the strength of his will and personality enrapturing her. After years of denying herself, she gave into the pleasure of touching his face, of tracing his lips with her fingertips, of memorizing the feeling of his smooth skin.
Overwhelmed didn’t even begin to describe how she felt.
It was both the happiest and one of the saddest days of her life.
Tears threatened again as she fought against them, her exhausted mind and body struggling to deal with the stress.
“Sunny,” Hawk took her hand in his, rubbing his thumb over her still vacant ring finger, “Please, please marry me. I’m begging you.”
“Hawk…” She shifted so she could cup his cheek, stroking down to his solid jaw. “I need to think about it.”
“Are you trying to tell me you’ve never considered marrying me? Never thought about becoming my wife?”
Her cheeks grew warm as she looked away and stared at the line of guitars without really seeing them. Of course she’d imagined marrying him. She wasn’t stupid, and she knew that after she graduated, he planned to ask her. At least, she’d hoped he would…but not like this. Not when her future looked so bleak. If she truly loved him, could she really subject him to a life in which she’d be a burden. Possibly a mindless vegetable?
“No, I can’t say I’ve never thought about it. But in my dreams, I wasn’t spending the rest of my life in a bed with you changing my diapers.”
He stood up, the muscles of his arms and chest flexing as he threw his hands into the air. “Don’t you get it? I love you. Unconditionally. Someday, in the distant future, we are going to grow old. Our bodies will age, our minds will falter, but even when we’re both wearing diapers and have nurses wiping away our drool, I will still love you. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Good times and bad, I want them all with you.”
“I…I don’t know what to say.”
“Say yes.”
Rubbing her face, she groaned. “Hawk, I’m tired. Can we please discuss this in the morning?”
He was silent long enough that she dropped her hands and looked up at him. His face had shut down into the cold, stern mask that he wore around the rest of the world. Seeing him like that hurt. She’d come to cherish the fact that she was the only person he looked at with any softness or warmth.
“Come on,” he said as he leaned down. He lifted her up from the couch into his arms. “I’m taking you to bed.”