My Wicked Virgin

Page 32

“It’s only nine,” she said with a muffled yawn.
“You’ve had a long, long day. Let me take care of you. Please.”
The strain in his voice let her know that he needed this from her, so she placed her hand over the tattoo of her name and nodded. “Okay.”
They reached his bedroom, and he placed her on the edge of the bed before going around and turning on the bedside lights.
Sitting back on the mattress, she let out a small sigh. She loved his room. It had been one of the first ones she’d helped him decorate, and she felt so at home there. The style was a mishmash of western meets English manor. A weird combination to be sure, but it worked. Heavy leather chairs faced a big fireplace across the room from the bed, and a massive oil painting of the Grand Canyon stretched over the fireplace. A Navajo blanket done in shades of red, black, and blue separated the seating and sleeping area and went perfectly with the massive wrought iron bed. Instead of scroll work, the pieces of metal had been sculpted to resemble antlers. The walls were done in a rich, deep green and the plaid comforter on the bed was made out of a rich velvet that felt amazing.
Kneeling before her, Hawk tapped her leg. “Foot, please.”
The mattress was one of those uber thick, super high affairs standing nearly three feet off the floor. She felt like a princess as he slipped off first one shoe, then the other. After opening the drawer next to the bed, he took out a bottle of lotion and began to massage her feet. It felt absolutely heavenly, and she flopped on her back with her arms spread and her eyes closed.
“I’ll give you ten years to stop that,” she murmured as he dug his thumb into her heel.
“Just think,” he said in a soft voice that rubbed over her body. “You could have this every day for the rest of your life.”
“You’re not going to give up, are you?”
“Nope,” he said, popping the ‘p’ in a way that made her smile. “I’m going to prove to you that you can’t live without me. I’m going to show you what it will be like to be my woman. How I’m going to take care of you.”
“So I can expect daily foot rubs?”
“Among other delights…” His hands began to wander up her legs and she tensed. “Relax, beloved. Let me give you pleasure.”
“Hawk…” Her body began to tingle, butterflies dancing in her belly as his firm, calloused fingers glided up the inside of her thigh beneath her long flowy skirt.
“Relax,” he repeated. “Trust me.”
“I do.”
Keeping her eyes closed, she parted her thighs slightly, her breath coming out in a hiss as he began to massage her thigh muscles. The sensation at once soothed and aroused her, the muscles relaxing as the mountain of stress pressing her down began to slowly ease. He wasn’t touching her in an explicitly sexual way, but her body responded as if he was. A low, throbbing pleasure began to build in her core and her nipples grew hard and tingly. A flush seemed to start at her toes and work its way up, making her stretch as he rubbed her legs.
When he lifted her skirt, she started to sit up, but he easily used one hand on her belly to push her back. “Relax.”
“It’s hard to relax when I know you’re staring at my panties.”
“They are cute,” he said in a warm, rich purr. “I like the little purple bows.”
“Sunny,” he said back, mimicking her whine. “You said you’d let me take care of you.”
“I didn’t know that meant having your face in my pussy.”
He let out a low growl a moment before he gripped her thighs, spreading her wide before he did just what she’d said—he put his face right against her pussy.
The warmth of his breath through the cloth had her gasping, and when he began to move his lips over her panty covered folds, she couldn’t help but reach down and grasp his head. The feeling of his lips on her was exquisite, and he began to bite the swollen folds of her labia. Her sex ached, and she let out another gasp as his tongue began to play along the edges of her panties.
“Oh God.” She moaned and gripped his head harder. “More.”
His answering growl against her sensitive flesh had her tossing her head to the side. Using his finger, he pulled her panties to the side, exposing her pussy to him.
“You are so fucking beautiful,” he said in a voice that she could only describe as reverent. “And wet.”
The first stroke of his tongue against her bare flesh sent rockets of pleasure zinging through her nervous system.
“Shit,” she gasped as he licked again. “Oh shit.”