My Wicked Virgin

Page 35

“Wow, how long did I sleep?”
“Ten hours,” he set his phone down then stroked her cheek. “You needed it.”
Closing her eyes, she absorbed his touch.
“You have no idea. Between work and school, I’ve been burning my candle at both ends.” Her throat grew tight, but she fought back her tears. “I guess I don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore.”
He gripped her chin firmly enough that it caught her attention. “Wrong. You do need to worry about that ‘stuff’ because it is your life, and you’ll be returning to it. I’ve contacted your school, and they’re more than happy to assist you in any way they can. Your life isn’t over, do you understand? It’s just beginning.”
Her lip wobbled, and she had to blink rapidly, but she managed to keep her composure. “Okay.” Hawk returned to caressing her face, and she released a soft sigh of pleasure. “Can we talk about serious stuff after I’ve had some food?”
“Of course,” he murmured. “Anything for you.”
When his fingers swept down the side of her neck, a little shiver crept down her spine. Her neck had always been sensitive, but never like this. It was as if every inch of her body turned into an erogenous zone because he was around. All her worries, everything, faded into the background, and she was able to live in the moment. For someone haunted by both her future and her past, it was a priceless gift.
She reached up and traced the letters of her name across his hard pectoral muscle, the black ink against his bronzed skin incredibly beautiful to her. Hell, his whole body was a work of art. Tracing her finger over slightly, she played with the gold hoop piercing the small, dark nub of his nipple. Right away he let out a soft, masculine growl that made her core contract. The diamond ring on her finger glittered like star fire as she slowly touched him.
Her attention dropped lower on his body, following the delicious lines of muscle on his hips. Despite his general lack of body hair, a thin trail of black hair started beneath his belly button and disappeared behind the towel. How many times had she fantasized about touching him there, of following that path down to his dick?
She could see the outline of his length and, the more she stared, the more it began to rise and press against the fabric.
“Sunny,” Hawk growled as she leaned closer. “If you don’t stop touching me, I won’t be able to stop myself. I’ve wanted you for too long. I’m ravenous for you.”
“What if…” she breathed as she leaned closer to his skin, her sights set on a bead of water slowly, oh so slowly gliding down his stomach. “I don’t want you to stop?”
He visibly shuddered as she drew close enough with her mouth that her breath hit his skin. “I don’t want to screw this up…I want to give you…give you…”
His voice dwindled into a tortured groan as she licked away the drop of water. “Give me what?” she asked, half drunk on her own seduction.
“Everything you ever wanted,” he growled. His hands fisted at his sides. “And you wanted to wait until you’re married.”
His words cut off in a choked sound as she licked her way down his stomach. “Your ring is on my finger. My name is on your heart. We don’t need a piece of paper or a ceremony. I love you, Hawk, and I’m done waiting. I’m ready to become yours in every way possible”
She intended to lick him again, but she found herself flung on her back as Hawk pounced on her. His lips crashed down onto hers, nipping and seducing her mouth until she opened for him. Pleasure coursed through her as their tongues met in a slick glide, the taste of him exploding through her senses. The heavy weight of his body felt so damn good on top of her. His damp hair fell forward, shrouding them as they kissed each other with a hunger that had been building for years.
A soft moan worked its way out of her throat as he ran his hands down her side, slipping beneath the fabric of her loose shirt and palming her waist. His skin seemed to burn against hers, so she returned the favor, sliding her hands over the thick muscles of his back. Electricity zapped through her as he began to kiss his way down her jaw and over the pulse of her neck. His lips were so talented, they felt impossibly good against her skin. As his mouth moved lower, his hand went higher until his long fingers cupped her small breast.
When his thumb brushed over her pierced nipple, she nearly came off the bed. While she thought she knew her body and its responses pretty well, having someone else touch her was a whole new experience. An electric spark of desire seemed to dart from her nipple right to her clit, and she groaned deep in her throat when he began to gently tug at the ring.