My Wicked Virgin

Page 36

“I need to see you,” Hawk growled, moving down further between her legs so his face was level with her chest.
Together they quickly removed her shirt, clumsy in their desire.
When the fabric was finally ripped over her head, she gasped at the sensation of Hawk’s lips wrapping around her left nipple.
The soft suck of his lips, the rasp of his tongue against her sensitive peak had her toes curling. She grasped handfuls of his hair, holding his head to her breast as he worked her into a squirming mass of need. Her body throbbed for him, the wet evidence of her desire soaking her panties. As he switched to her other breast, he used his free hand to slide down her belly before his long fingers slipped into her panties.
After pausing to stroke the curls covering her mound, he slipped his finger between the waxed lips of her sex and rubbed her entrance.
“Oh shit,” she gasped and tried to thrust herself onto his thick digits.
“Easy,” he murmured, pausing to gently bite and tug her nipple ring. “I don’t want to hurt you. I need to stretch you out since this is your first time.”
“No, you don’t,” she moaned like porn star but didn’t care one bit. “You may be my first real dick, but I’ve been using dildos and vibrators for years.”
He froze, then practically snarled, “In that case…”
Two of his fingers breeched her as his thumb found her clit, and she arched into his touch, pleasure zinging through her. The sensation of a real human being touching her down there was so much better than her own hands or any sex toy she’d ever used. When he hooked his fingers and began to work her g-spot, she thought she was going to die. Bright lights burst behind her closed eyelids as her orgasm built with an almost frightening speed. His thumb pressed down firmly on her clit, rapidly moving in a tight circle that had her toes curling.
Her body clamped down, every muscle tightening up before she threw her head back and screamed her release.
“That’s it,” Hawk peppered her face with kisses, “give me your pleasure. You feel so sweet wrapped around my fingers. I can’t wait to feel you around my cock.”
She couldn’t respond, could only toss her head back and forth as he continued to finger fuck her, the wet sounds of her pussy somehow both obscene and erotic.
“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Hawk’s voice seemed to go right to the core of her, connecting with her in a way that was almost magical. “I want you to come for me, my Sunshine. I want to see you cum for your Master.”
“Shit,” she hissed, his words affecting her like erotic lighting. “I’m cumming.”
He didn’t respond. Instead, he captured her lips in a wet, slippery kiss that only added to her intense release. Her inner muscles squeezed down on his fingers as she clenched her teeth. His hot, heavy dick lay against her thigh. As her bone melting orgasm left her, she ran her hands down his back, the muscles shifting and rolling beneath her touch like a giant cat. Reaching between them, she grasped his substantial girth, shuddering when he slowly withdrew his fingers from her body.
Bracing himself above her on his elbows, he gave her another soft kiss. His hips rocked as she worked his length. While she might not have a lot of firsthand experience with sex, she’d seen enough of it—both live and on video—to know what she was doing.
At least in theory.
When she’d imagined this moment in the past, she never realized how much it would turn her on to turn him on. It was like they had an open circuit between them, her arousal feeding his and vice versa.
And he was so hard it must hurt. She loved that he wanted her so badly, loved that she made him respond like this. A sense of power came from knowing she was his ultimate desire. That she was his beloved.
“Rub me against your clit,” he said as he pulled back from their kiss, looking between their bodies. “Get me wet.”
The simmering lust in her sex grew hotter while she did as he asked, the head of his wide shaft causing delicious sensations as she lifted her hips and used her hand to pleasure herself with his body.
“That’s it.” He gripped the base of his dick, taking over the movements. “Look how wet you’re getting me. Soaking my cock.”
She went up on her elbows and groaned at the sight of the dark, almost purple tone of his erection against her pale flesh. With her pubic hair trimmed into a little landing strip, she had a firsthand view of the obscene way his dick split her sex. And he was wet, shiny with her arousal like someone had coated his cock in oil.