My Wicked Virgin

Page 37

“Watch,” he growled. “Watch us.”
She nodded, not looking away as he placed the tip of his erection against her entrance. The moment the first inch of him entered her body, they both groaned in unison. Her pulse thundered in her ears, and her pussy grew hotter and wetter, easily spreading for him as he started to sink deep. When she’d said she’d had plenty of experience with sex toys inside of her, even her biggest dildo wasn’t as wide as he was. There was a sting as he sank deeper, a stretch that added a burning spice to her arousal.
The sight, the feeling became too much for her and she collapsed on her back as she moaned. “Hawk.”
He didn’t respond, only grunted as he finally sank all the way inside, his soft testicles resting against her bottom. Gripping her legs behind her knees, he lifted them up so her legs hung over his arms. This position somehow increased his depth until she was absolutely full of Hawk. Passion flooded her as she squeezed down with her internal muscles, loving having him inside of her. The musk of their combined passion filled the air, and she gasped as he began to move with deep, slow strokes.
“Too good,” he groaned. “Fuck, your pussy is too fucking good.”
He released her legs and leaned down so they were chest to chest, their bodies moving together as she lifted her hips into his. Licking and biting his neck, she wrapped her legs around him, needing to get as close as possible. The position put delicious friction on her clit, so she moaned as he bit and sucked on her neck in return. Shivers of electric desire raced down her spine with each bite, and she gasped as his teeth clamped down on her shoulder.
Working her hips against him, their pace sped up, and he slipped his hands beneath her buttocks to hold her to him. Then he did this move that had her seeing stars, his cock plunging in and out. The pleasure inside of her built and built, the flutters of her orgasm filling her belly before exploding outwards as she climaxed. Her orgasm was off the charts good, the world slipping away until she was only aware of Hawk and the bright, burning connection between them.
“I love you,” he gasped as he stiffened, then he ground himself into her with a deep grunt.
Her own fading climax still rode through her in gentle waves as he came, shivering and moaning in her arms.
When he finally collapsed on top of her, she didn’t release him. Instead, she held him as close as possible, their bodies heaving as they panted. Warm, soothing tingles trembled through her limbs. She let her head fall back to the bed, each breath a miracle.
“I’m so glad I waited for you,” she whispered.
He didn’t respond, hugging her tight and rolling them onto their side as he pulled out of her. His hair streamed around them in a tangled mess, and she laughed as they moved so he could free it from around them. She felt an unusual sensation between her legs, then realized it was his cum leaking out of her.
Making a sour face, she tried to reach for his discarded towel at the foot of the bed. “Ewww, you’re dripping out of me.”
Laughing softly, he leaned down to grab the towel, his world class ass just begging for her touch.
When she gave his perfect bubble butt a light slap, he turned on her with a playful growl.
“Hey, now, I do the spanking in this relationship.”
She spread her legs for him as he cleaned her, his clearly admiring gaze letting her know he found her beautiful. Personally, she thought she resembled a skeleton more than a woman right then, but Hawk didn’t seem to care. Even if she doubted his expression, she couldn’t argue with the fact that his dick was once again getting hard. And what a nice dick it is.
“See something you like?” he teased after he’d cleaned them both.
Not even trying to be modest, she nodded. “Oh yeah. I am your number one fan.”
He pounced on her, holding her arms above her head as he smiled. “Well, then, it’s your lucky day.”
Chapter 10
Hawk couldn’t keep his eyes off her as they ate.
Despite having her three times, and probably fucking her raw, he dick still throbbed with the need to be inside of her perfect pussy.
Sunny, oblivious to his staring, watched the news as they shared a late lunch consisting of BLT sandwiches and her favorite brand of chips. While she’d slept earlier, he had his chef stock up on all her favorite foods. Hawk normally ate very healthy, but Sunny needed all the calories she could get. It hurt his heart to see how painfully thin she’d become, and he cursed himself for not really noticing. For fucks sake, she barely wore any clothing at Club Wicked, but he’d somehow missed how pronounced her ribs had become. How her hipbones stuck out at sharp angles.