My Wicked Virgin

Page 41

They were ushered into a small side room where they checked in their coats.
Hawk removed his first, revealing his soft black leather pants and bare chest. Normally he wore a vest, but it seemed his mood was a little more…savage. As they’d started on their drive here, the tension between them had sharpened. Become more primal. They’d barely talked, instead listening to Nine Inch Nails and holding hands while Hawk drove.
He strode forward, his muscled body flexing like pure porn as he stopped before her in the small room. The pretty attendant behind Hawk discreetly hung up his jacket on an enormous rack while trying to steal glances of the much sought after Master. Sunny’s attention was drawn off the attendant and back to Hawk when he ran his finger over the collar of her coat.
“Take off your coat, beloved.”
Oh, his voice was honeyed sin, all delicious and promising such wanton pleasures. When he talked to her in his ‘Dom’ voice, her whole body went shivery.
Slipping down the arms of her coat, his breath caught as he got a load of her outfit.
She’d chosen a transparent gold flapper dress. Hints and glimpses of her naked body showed without really giving anything away. Well, naked except for a gold latex garter belt that held up a pair of gold fishnet thigh highs. Paired with the short skirt, the outfit made her legs seem to go on forever. Normally, she’d wear some type of lingerie beneath the dress, but she loved the delicious thrill she got knowing she was bare and that it drove Hawk crazy.
Even if he wasn’t looking at her like he wanted to devour her, she could have read his need in the way he gripped her jacket so hard, his knuckles turned white.
Her pierced nipples stiffened further, the tension building in the air between them until she breathed heavy.
“Beautiful,” he murmured, “and all mine.”
“All yours,” she whispered, lifting her red lips to his for a kiss.
Normally, she’d wear a mask, but she’d opted to show her face to the world tonight. She was proud to be on Hawk’s arm, proud because everyone would know this magnificent man and Master was all hers. As long as she focused on him, she could pretend everything was okay. She could forget that, in a few days, she might never feel this delicious fire again.
Be stuck in a broken body forever.
“Hey.” Hawk closed the distance between them and took her into his arms. “Are you okay?”
Clearing her throat, she hugged him back. “Yeah, I’m okay.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” She gently moved out of his arms and smiled up at him. “I’m fine.”
After Hawk passed Sunny’s jacket to the wide eyed attendant, he turned and held his hand out. “Come on. Everyone is waiting for us in the Jade room.”
Hawk guided her through the foyer, returning people’s greetings but not stopping.
“Where’s the fire?” she laughed as she practically ran after him.
“I didn’t realize how see-through that dress was,” he growled.
Afraid he might be angry with her for showing so much skin, even if it was mostly hidden behind gold beads, she said, “I’m sorry, is it too revealing?”
“What?” He glanced over his shoulder then groaned with a pained look. “No, you look amazing. So amazing my dick is hard as a rock and, with as tight as these pants are, it’s pinching like a motherfucker. I need to get somewhere so I can rearrange.”
That made her laugh. Then she laughed even harder when he ducked around a corner and adjusted himself with a groan of relief. She was still giggling as they entered the exotic Jade Bar.
Dimly lit with lots of artistic green lights illuminating the walls, it lived up to its name. A carved mahogany wood bar embellished with oriental motifs sat against one wall. Above it, a massive piece of jade carved to look like waves practically glowed in the dim lighting. Large, circular booths lined the other three walls, each with its own bondage table in the center. Well, it could also be used as a regular table, but the D-rings lining the booths invited visitors to secure a delicious little subby to the hard surface.
As usual, Club Wicked was crowded, and they made their way through the mass of people. In the center of the room, a large circular stage made of ebony wood sat currently empty. An X-frame cross and a spanking horse both covered in creamy white leather glowed green in the stage lights. Soft, hypnotic techno music thumped through the air, and Sunny smiled a greeting to the staring people they passed.
While she knew that finally getting together with Hawk would be a big deal to their friends, she hadn’t anticipated how big of a deal it would be to the rest of the club.
Her musings were interrupted by a trio of female voices all screaming her name in unison.