My Wicked Virgin

Page 42

More squeals erupted as a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette woman all threw their arms around her. They tore her away from Hawk as they bounced like overexcited puppies. Laughing, she stumbled against them, returning their hugs with a big smile.
Anya, Kira, and Lucia kept squealing as they dragged her over to a big booth where their respective husbands gave Hawk manly slaps on the back. He caught her eye as the women continued to hug her and admire her ring and collar, all talking over each other like excited chipmunks. Anya’s soft pink negligee showed off her massive breasts, while Kira wore a dark green corset that made her waist impossibly tiny. Lucia’s silky red dress, slit all the way to her hips on each side, displayed a lot of her golden skin.
Their various perfumes filled her senses as they hugged Sunny, and she closed her eyes, sinking into the moment. The love of good friends was just as precious to her as Hawk’s all-encompassing love, and she allowed herself to really experience the moment. With the threat of not having a future, the world around her took on a bittersweet quality that she savored. Dark thoughts tried to intrude, but she fought them off, instead focusing on the feel of the women’s soft skin and delicate perfumes as they held her close.
“Do you think I can have my fiancée back?” Hawk asked in a dry voice.
The women all giggled and practically shoved Sunny into his waiting arms.
“I can’t believe it!” Anya said as her husband Jesse pulled the bouncing woman down onto his lap. “I thought for sure you were going to wait until you graduated.”
Giving Sunny a mock pout, Kira sat next to her devilishly handsome husband Bryan who watched them with a rare smile. “I know. I totally just lost two grand.”
Hawk frowned at the other woman. “Don’t tell me you were in on that asinine pool?”
“Hey,” Kira said as she held her hands up, “It wasn’t like I was the only one.”
Hawk looked toward the ceiling but fought a smile. “Is there anyone who didn’t bet on when we’d get engaged?”
Everyone tried to look innocent, which made Sunny giggle.
Laughing, Sunny allowed Hawk to pull her down onto his lap. He sat at the edge of the booth, so his elbow was supported by the couch’s wide arm. The feel of all his delicious bare skin against her made goosebumps race over her arms as she leaned forward to place a kiss over the tattoo of her name on his chest.
“I can’t believe he was able to hide that tattoo from you for so long!” Anya said with a big smile.
“You knew about it?” Sunny asked her friend. “And you didn’t tell me?”
“Not my secret to tell.” Anya grinned back.
“Have you guys set a date yet?” Lucia asked as she leaned back into her tall, dark and handsome husband’s side.
“Saturday,” Hawk said.
Anya’s jaw dropped and she sat forward on Jesse’s lap. “This Saturday?”
Sunny jerked and stared at him. “Uh, what?”
“We’re getting married on Saturday,” Hawk said firmly.
Leaning forward, she hissed at him, “Don’t you think I should have some say in this?”
“You did, and you said yes.”
“Why you pompous, overbearing—”
Her words ended in a squeak as he stood up with her still grasped in his arms in a cradle hold. “Well, it was nice seeing everyone, but we have some business to attend to. Is the room ready?”
“Ready and waiting,” Isaac said with a smile. “Enjoy.”
Hoots and hollers from their friends followed them as Hawk carried a snarling Sunny out of the Jade Bar and into one of the side hallways. A thick black carpet dotted with red diamonds—which matched the glossy black walls—absorbed Hawk’s footfalls as he ignored her glare. She was so busy being mad at him that, at first, she didn’t even register that they’d arrived at their destination.
When she looked around, she swallowed hard. “Whoa.”
The room wasn’t huge, but every bit of space on the walls had been covered with a massive variety of floggers, whips, and sex toys. So. Many. Sex toys.
“Dildos, and floggers, and butt plugs, oh my,” she whispered, making Hawk burst out into laughter.
“I thought,” he whispered against her neck, pressing soft kisses that sent chills of desire through her. “I would spend tonight showing you how much fun it is to play with toys with another person instead of just by yourself.”
“Oh boy,” she whispered as she gawked at a butt plug shaped like a fist.
A big fist.
He must have noticed the direction of her gaze, because he laughed. “Don’t worry, we’ll stay in your comfort zone…ish.”
She looked over her shoulder at him as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Ish?”
“I like to play hard,” he whispered into her ear in a teasing voice.
“Go big or go home, right?”