My Wicked Virgin

Page 43

“Something like that.”
His hands came up, sliding across her breasts before he gently held her throat, the move possessive.
Behind her, he grew tense, and the thick line of his erection pressed into her back.
The little hairs on her arms stood up as an electrical charge seemed to sizzle through her. She became conscious of the smell of leather, of his cologne, and of the feeling of him behind her. So much strength in his hands—he could snap her neck, if he wanted. Instead of feeling uncomfortable or threatened, she melted into his body. She knew he’d never hurt her. That she was safe.
“Are you ready to play with me, beloved?”
“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes going half-lidded with pleasure as his grip tightened above her collar.
“Yes what?”
“Yes, Master.”
He sucked in a harsh breath, his chest lifting behind her. “Say it again.”
“Yes, Master.”
His voice was as rough as stone as he said, “I have waited so fucking long to hear you say that.”
Whatever her response might have been was cut off as he turned her so he could capture her lips in an enslaving kiss. The soft, warm brush of his lips parted as their tongues stroked together, their bodies pressed tight. Her nipples tingled as they rubbed against his chest, and she ran her hands over the muscles of his back.
Lifting her without breaking the kiss, he took a few steps before setting her down again.
“Lift your arms.”
She did as he asked, the drag of her dress over her sensitive skin making her shiver.
When she stood clad only in her gold garter belt, thigh highs, and heels before him, she shifted nervously.
A raised table made of black leather next to them revealed a familiar sex toy. The toy itself wasn’t very scary looking—a simple hump of black leather about a foot and a half high. It was called a Sybian, and she’d seen submissives lose their minds while straddling that innocent hump of leather. The device was like the Rolls Royce of vibrators, strong enough to send a woman into convulsions of pleasure, painful and arousing to watch. There were a few in the various bars of Club Wicked, and Sunny had gotten hot and bothered more than once as she watched a Dom reduce his submissive to a weeping pile of ecstasy atop the toy.
Hawk moved closer then began to stroke her skin with a deliciously light touch. Little prickles of awareness seemed to spread within her, and she found herself mesmerized by his touch. When she looked up, she found he studied her, gauging her every reaction. It was incredibly erotic to be the focus of so much masculine energy.
“I know you know what this little toy is,” he said with a heart stopping smile. “You practically cream your panties every time someone uses it in the Ravishing bar.”
“I do not,” she said, but she blushed.
He gave her ass a hard slap, the burn making her jump. “Don’t lie to me, not in here.”
His hands briefly tightened on her before he regained control of himself. “Climb up.”
With Hawk’s help, it didn’t take long until she straddled the Sybian, her pussy already wet as she slid over the raised rubber nubs. A variety of attachments could be used on the Sybian, but it looked like Hawk intended to start out with the gentlest one. She looked up as he climbed onto the table then reached for something from the ceiling.
Bracing her hands on the Sybian, Sunny looked up and swallowed hard as a chain clinked when Hawk lowered a restraint device from the large metal bar overhead.
“What’s that?”
“Just something to make sure you can’t escape.”
Her pulse gave a little thrum. “Okay…”
Moving behind her, he said, “Cross your arms comfortably in front of you.”
She did as he’d ordered, then watched as he wrapped what looked like a very long black silk scarf over her shoulders and arms, wrapping the end around her neck in a halter before tying it. The tight fabric left her breasts exposed. Giving a wiggle she found it had a little stretch to it, but not much. After giving a few experimental struggles, she watched Hawk squint slightly at the lights in the ceiling behind him.
“Too tight?”
“No, it’s fine.” She licked her lips and gave him a sassy smile. “Master.”
Standing next to her, he hooked loops on the ends of the fabric up to a pair of thick chains hanging from the ceiling.
He jumped off the table with a growl, and she shifted, a little uncomfortable now that he wasn’t by her side.
He pulled a large remote control off the shelf next to them and turned the dial while watching her intently.
The low, powerful hum between her legs startled a gasp out of her, and she leaned forward slightly, testing her bonds. They held her easily, and the rumble against her clit was heavenly. Now she understood why all those women loved this machine. It was fucking awesome.